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If he can bear this shame!

He clutched his fist and struggled to get up from the ground. Suddenly, his face twitched and he barely squeezed out a smile. "This younger brother doesn’t know who to apply for the identity jade card?"
Sun Gang hurriedly said, "I saw two peerless geniuses outside, so I wanted to ask the elders to handle the identity jade card because I saw that the master had been closed."
"Good talk, good talk"
Elder Xuan barely smiled. Suddenly, with a wave of his sleeve robe, he rushed out of the cold pool and two pieces of iron fell into his palm. He asked, "Dare you ask the names of those two men, Junior Brother?"
"One is Xiao Yu and the other is Yang Sancai"
Sun Gang said.
"Xiao Yuyang’s three talents"
Elder Xuan’s eyes flashed, and the two men’s names were engraved with jade cards and then handed over to Sun Gang.
Sun Gang took the jade brand and hurriedly said, "Thank you, Elder Xuan. Thank you."
He bowed down and left again and again.
Looking at the back of Sun Gang’s departure, Elder Xuan suddenly had a cold eye and clenched his fist with murderous look and whispered, "The killing thing should come here to amuse the old and hateful old man. The source power is limited by the bastard of the dead road flyover … The killing … But you come to amuse me. Although I can’t kill you, I can offer a reward for others to kill you, including you. Both of them will die and kill your family!"
His heart is filled with hatred than with fear.
Sun Gang walked out of the hall and was drenched in cold sweat.
The scene he experienced before was so strange that he would never forget it for a generation.
"Got it?"
Xiao Yuwei smiles to say
Chapter one thousand four hundred and ten I don’t know anyway?
Xiao Yu smiled like a breeze, and looked at Sun Gang with interest.
Sun Gang nodded, took a deep breath and said, "Got it."
He took out the identity jade card and handed it to Xiao Yu, the second population, and said, "Two teachers … younger brother, please come with me. I will take you to choose your residence."
He threw a streamer into the distance.
Xiao Yu two people took the jade brand nodded into a time immediately with the past.
As soon as they left Elder Xuan’s figure, they liked the cold eyes outside the gate, flashing terrible light, scanning the three people in a cold way. "I don’t know if I live or die, but if I dare to tease me, I will die!"
Xiao Yu, who was flying, suddenly looked back at the elder Xuan’s eyes and revealed a ray of banter. He smiled and withdrew his eyes and disappeared instantly.
Elder Xuan’s eye pupil shrinks, and the palm of his hand is clenched, and the murder is more prosperous.
He cursed in his heart.
Suddenly, when the palm of your hand was turned over, there was a jade card with a flashing light and mysterious runes. I went straight into the sound. "Liao Wenyuan, come and see me. I have a big deal for you!"
The jade brand light flashing will immediately swing out that information.
The elder Xuan walked back into the hall with a surly face.
Xiao Yu and Sun Gang flew all the way behind them, and soon they came to the depths of a huge mountain range, all of which were taller than the huge and majestic mountains, reaching the sky unfathomably.
From the top of the mountain, there are horrible rivers that rumble towards the erosion. The whole mountain looks covered with a mysterious white light and boundless fairy.
These huge mountains can be seen in rows of buildings, which are extremely magnificent. Fiona Fang occupies a huge area for several miles.
The building is filled with thick light energy fluctuations, and the pressure is rolling around, and some monks are practicing.
In addition, there are deep holes in these mountains, and the light flashing at the hole is full of mysterious arrays.
At first glance, I saw majestic mountains and caves filled with energy and breath, and there were thousands of them.
Sun Gang’s eyes flashing mouth explained, "The two teachers’ younger brothers saw the cave dwelling in the mountains without us. It’s weird to observe the rules of the cloud and ghost clan. They always advocate the strong. Big fists are big, but small fists are small. These cave dwelling in the mountains are really strong, so that those who are weak can live in the buildings. Some of them are even worse, and they can’t even wander farther away. They don’t even have a foothold. Don’t underestimate the mountains. These cave dwelling in the mountains are full of vitality. Rivers wash away and practice for seven days, which can be said to be a dream.
Sun Gang’s eyes sparkled and smiled disapprovingly. "To be honest, this mountain was lucky to get a abode of fairies and immortals. Although it is the top part, it is also several times faster than those in the building. I have benefited a lot in these years."
Xiao Yu eyes flashing suddenly chuckled.
Cloud ghosts are so disciplined that he has a feeling of knowing each other.
Think about it carefully. When he was weak, the Five Poisons Doctrine of the Universe was different. Whoever had a big fist was a big brother!
This cloud ghost Sect is exactly the same as the original ruling Sect!
Xiao Yu instantly revealed a smile.
Such door rules are like a duck to water for him, and he is worried that it is the kind of door rules that are strict, as if they were the best.
"Two younger brothers, please come with me."
Sun Gang laughed.
He flew to his residence, which was located at the top layer of a huge mountain with a height of more than ten meters. The white fog was full of strong vitality fluctuations.
However, when Sun Gang flew over, he couldn’t help but face Zheng and then his face changed greatly.
Because he found that there was an extra figure at the mouth of his cave, a man in a blue suit with his hands staring at his abode of fairies and immortals.
The large array outside the entrance of the abode of fairies and immortals has been broken!
"Not good!"
Sun Gang hurriedly flew over, his eyes flashing and filled with a cold light. "What are you doing with me, Zhou Jiao?"
The blue man looked back slightly and glanced at Sun Gang and laughed sarcastically. "Teacher Sun, you are back. I have come to collect your abode of fairies and immortals from today."
Sun Gang’s eyes widened, and he was surprised and angry, and his murderous look surged. "Who dares to take this old abode of fairies and immortals?"
Then Zhou Jiao ha ha a smiling face appeared with thick disdain and sneered, "Brother Sun, don’t you dare to go against Brother Simon’s meaning? Brother Simon has already given your abode of fairies and immortals to others. If you don’t want to make trouble, you’d better go and build a mansion honestly."
"He gave my abode of fairies and immortals to others? Who is it with what? Who dares to occupy my abode of fairies and immortals! "
Sun Gang surprised angry eyes, red mouth shouted.
"It’s me!"
The words sound just fell and a burly figure came out of the abode of fairies and immortals. The voice was deep and powerful. If Hong Zhong was more than two meters high and carrying a big sword, his face was dark and long, and his blood was thick and his eyes were shining.
Zhou Jiao smiled with great interest. "This is Brother Ximen, who brought the genius-level strong Lin Wu’s tomb from the outside on behalf of the teacher. Brother Ximen of Sun Gang can value your abode of fairies and immortals and give you face. Don’t be ignorant!"
The Lin Wu tomb a face of sneer at scanning the Sun Gang is also full of disdain.
"You …"
Sun Gang was so angry that her hair stood upright and her body trembled with anger.