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Yun Nie’s mechanical insect manufacturing method is a kind of advanced text "micro 3D printing technology", which is a subversive manufacturing method for the manufacturing industry.

Yun Nie can naturally do better than binary stars in terms of powerful micro-manufacturing capabilities and miniaturization of weapons.
After an in-depth analysis of the Sword Fairy Mecha, the Double Star Military Intelligence Analysis Department has reason to guess that this kind of Mecha is likely to be a self-developed cutting-edge weapon, so its silver whirlpool symbol is naturally the "emblem" of everything returning to a later time.
"What? How can these guys turn against us now when they have just negotiated with us? Aren’t they afraid to start a war again? Is it because we dare not start work? " Gustav wondered in his heart
Temporarily suppress this question because he thought of a more important problem.
"Did you find the source of the virus?" He asked.
Gustav is absolutely happy if he can find out the spy who has been causing him trouble at such a small cost!
"Er … many data records of Honeycomb were destroyed by viruses, which brought great difficulties to our anti-tracking …" The adjutant shouted.
Seeing Gustav’s face turned black, the adjutant quickly remedied, "But we found a rule of this virus!"
"oh? What law? "
"Our technicians found that this virus has strong concealment, except that it is easy to mutate and difficult to be found. More importantly, it is spread from the high limit to the low limit, so it can spread quickly and the method is found abnormal by the wisdom brain.
According to this rule, the source of the virus is definitely a senior officer with a very high limit! His legion level should be at least higher than that of Captain Hive!
If we want our anti-virus program to keep blasting this virus and keep searching according to the virus spreading law, we can finally lock the virus spreader! "
Have a very high-ranking officer?
Gustav’s eyes flashed suddenly. Did he finally show the fox’s tail?
Chapter four hundred and fifty-two War harassment
Gustav’s flagship was rear-ended to see if the damage could be towed to the rear Taigang dock with the hive for maintenance.
However, he did not care about his own ship and thought that he had caught the spy flaw. Gustav immediately organized technical forces to move all forces to the Honeycomb target to reverse track the virus and attack.
But then things went far beyond Gustav’s expectations …
"Report commander cabinet! Just now, our fleet was hacked again, and at the same time, a large-scale virus attack broke out in the Ministry. Dozens of warships have discovered bomb viruses one after another! " The adjutant hurriedly reported to Gustav
"What? ! Dozens of ships? " Gustav suddenly got a fright.
A rear-end collision almost paralyzed two warships. If dozens of warships had an accident at the same time, the commander himself would be streaking.
"What is the loss?" He asked quickly.
Wait until the surface of the warship loss report to adjutant suddenly look a bit odd.
"Er … on the whole, the loss is not great. After the rear-end collision of the Hive, we have immediately alerted everyone to the enemy’s invasion. At present, all attacks have been blocked outside the core firewall of Zhinao."
Gustav heard a sigh of relief, but the adjutant went on, "Although the core functional modules of the wisdom brain have not been invaded, the other party is very cunning to bypass our key protection areas and select some peripheral functional modules, which, er … caused some confusion …"
The Honeycomb code caught the binary star by surprise, but when the binary star was prepared, the two sides were completely hard-powered.
In the war, the red domain represented by the two major areas of dividend blue is invasion, including virus infiltration, compilation and decompilation, and so on, which is a well-known hacker field!
The blue domain is the opposite of firewall technology, antivirus software technology, tracking and anti-tracking vulnerability research, etc. This is the field of network security experts.
Code-named an intelligent life hacker who has just been born has unparalleled talent in the field of hacking.
If the two sides of the war are compared to martial arts experts, there are three factors to measure their force value: strength, moves and equipment!
Powerful and exquisite moves. If you add the heavenly sword Tu Longdao, it will be the first standard template in heaven.
The computing power of both sides is equivalent to the martial arts master’s "strength". The stronger the computing power, the stronger the strength will naturally be. After exceeding a certain level, you will be able to drop ten times!
In this respect, the large-scale supercomputing center on the moon is backed by huge mechanical worms, and the code name of computing resources has gone far beyond just the wisdom brain of the battle auxiliary ship.
The offensive and defensive skills of both sides can be compared with various martial arts "moves". Naturally, if you can find the defensive loopholes of the other side, you can kill them with one blow!
For the introduction of double-star coding, she has just upgraded the unified code. At the moment, it is like just getting a hundred years of skill. Although she is powerful, she is a little white after her moves. This is one of the reasons why Nie Yun wants to steal from the other side in the code war to enhance her hacking ability.
Wisdom brings learning ability, so that the code name can be flexible and flexible. Compared with the double-star wisdom brain, it can step by step and die. There is a world of difference between the two talents.
Intelligent life is born in the code, and the elves drive the code, just like eating and drinking water, which is an innate talent! The gap between the two sides will become wider and wider when we want to give the code some learning.
Of course, although the code potential is quite huge, after all, the experience of hackers in the double-star network is insufficient, so they were confronted with the KO code name and chose the same method as Xuzhu at that time, that is, long-range attack-throwing hidden weapons!
Double-star wisdom brain occupies the home court advantage and has a well-defended iron wall-firewall! But the code name also created a thunderous hidden weapons-"bomb virus"!
Firewall and virus are "equipment", a preset program to enhance one’s own combat capability.
The code-named hair virus also combines the ideas and technologies of artificial intelligence, giving the virus the most powerful late-stage ability … evolution!