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Gu Qingshan froze.
This time, it will be explained before Gu Qingshan continues to ask about the interface of Mars.
"Note that the so-called reset means that everything is reset and the fate of all things and beings has returned to a certain point in time."
Gu Qingshan understood.
But he still understands.
Lin was able to send Gu Qingshan and herself back to ancient times with the strength of three coins.
-I have never heard that all things and sentient beings have turned to the past.
"How can we do this?" Gu Qingshan asked.
"Fate erodes" replied the interface of God of War.
Gu Qingshan was a shock.
Fate erosion comes from parallel worlds devouring each other.
The weak parallel world is completely eroded by the powerful parallel world.
All beings in the weak world have to rewrite their fate along the established track of the strong world.
The creator in a powerful parallel world has long since died.
When the fate erosion happened, the creator really died.
-Who can move an entire parallel world to kill people?
Gu Qingshan took a breath and felt that his whole body was pricked up.
A few years later, it was Renee Doyle who launched the fate erosion!
What the hell is all this about?
Gu Qingshan feels that there is a kind of power to resist the law completely, and secretly and silently manages everything.
"Yes!" Zhanshen interface road
Gu Qingshan yanked off six evil faces and hid them.
He was on guard with a sword in his hand.
The world is dark.
Suddenly everything lights up again.
The scene around suddenly became clear.
Gu Qingshan heard someone shouting fiercely, "Rabbit cub, I will kill you!"
A long knife appeared in sight and cut it hard at his neck.
Sharp cold mountain to cut but issued a "when" a crunchy.
Gu Qingshan brandished a sword to hold a long knife.
"Hey? Not bad, it actually blocked my attack. "
The man was wearing a uniform, grinning, pulling back his long Dao and adding enough strength to cut it hard again.
an instant
He was suddenly hit hard and flew away from Gu Qingshan’s side.
A black halberd with a handle appeared in his original place without even touching a trace of blood.
"Don’t be distracted"
Curtain said
Gu Qingshan, look at him and look around.
Next to the river that runs through the whole world, a small boat lurches across the bank and two groups of strangers are fighting.
Atlee, Qiruo and Chigu are all cities.
I didn’t see Renee Doyle
….. Yes, I just entered this period at this time, and Renee Doyle has just been abducted.
Everything is back to the moment!
Gu Qingshan suddenly remembered what the huge body said.
"You see, we know that the fish has arrived in the swim, but we don’t know whether it has been replaced, whether it has been filled with something in its stomach or whether it is followed by fierce hunters."
Gu Qingshan a cold in my heart.
Now it is certain that something must be monitoring the fate of the curtain in the depths of this time.
Is it Renee Doyle?
….. no
If she can manipulate the parallel world and turn the three laws around, what "strongest man" will she have to look for again?
She’s already the best
Gu Qingshan’s mind flies and moves, but he doesn’t stop fighting together to kill the enemy.