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"Pope Pavilion, I have to tell you honestly that I have to know some secret knowledge."

"I will give you the title of honorary bishop one day, and you will be able to browse all the knowledge condensed in the knowledge temple."
"No, Pope, do you think I’ve made such great efforts to know the knowledge of all ethnic languages?"
"What do you mean?" Pope’s way
"I want to know the secret of the coin," said Lola.
The Pope frowned and smiled. "This is easy to handle. Although the wonderful functions of many coins are hidden, we already know about the first 700 coins."
Lola said, "I want to know that’s not it."
The Pope still kept smiling and nodded again and again. "I didn’t expect you to be so eager for truth and secrets, but it is worthy of the name as the honorary bishop of our temple of knowledge."
"The last three hundred and one coins were forged by four righteous gods, and many secrets were unknown to us. Unexpectedly, we were eager to know the secrets in these coins."
The Pope was gratified to say, "Exploring the secrets of knowledge, finding the origin of literature, and understanding the truth of the creation of the gods from coins can keep this curiosity. Sooner or later, I can remove the word honor from the front of your title."
Lola said indifferently, "You misunderstood the fact that I am not interested in these hundreds of coins."
Pope froze
He suddenly found himself a little unable to see through the little girl in front of him.
The Pope tentatively asked, "So … what do you mean …"
Lola whispered softly, "Pope Pavilion, I want to know the secret of the last three coins."
The Pope’s face closed with a smile, and his voice sounded a little dry. "The last three coins have all been forged. It may be difficult for you to trace them. The Holy See would like you to look for them together."
Lola said, "You are wrong. I don’t need the help of the Vatican to find it. I have a way to find those three coins."
She looked at the Pope and saw some fear in each other’s eyes.
"You probably guessed the Pope’s Pavilion. I know that," said Lola.
"What is it?" Asked the Pope.
"The ancient tree told me that it was a thing to bring the dead back to life and make everything go against the current, but it didn’t know the specific situation."
Pope Huo Ran got up and quickly said, "It’s getting late, Queen. Please go back."
Lola sat still and said slowly, "Ge, I remember that my donation hasn’t arrived yet, so you sent me away?"
The Pope said coldly, "The temple of knowledge doesn’t want you to donate it, and it will never reveal that taboo to anyone, including you."
He pulled the door. "Please don’t come to the temple of knowledge after our meeting is over!" "
Ilya worried that Lola walked to the front and quietly protected her.
"It’s okay, Ilya. Make way. I have something to say to the Pope’s Pavilion," said Lola.
She hit her satchel, took out a black box and gently put it on the coffee table.
"Please take a look at this," said Lola.
She will box a immediately again.
This instant the Pope saw a black phalanx lying quietly in the box.
Box instant-
A pale flame rose from the black phalanx and flew out of the box, floating like silk and fog for half a long time.
The Pope stared at the white flame and said, "My God …"
He answered the door involuntarily.
"Do you feel the Pope’s Pavilion?" Lola Qingdao
The Pope stared at the flame and gradually condensed a big cold sweat on his forehead.
"You devil," he murmured in a low voice.