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Is sitting in the barracks Sancar saw Yang Wenguang appeared stopped the eastern governor could not help but frowned.

Sancar seems opposite DaSong barracks can have so three or five statue of heaven and man of the strong is the limit.
Over the years, he led a great army to conquer small and large countries, and at most he met four or five strong men of heaven and man.
From one time, Sancar regarded the strength of the DaSong army as four or five enemies of heaven and man. In response to this, Sancar fully deployed the national respect for heaven and man and the strong to be able to overwhelm the enemy and annihilate it in the future.
I think he fought in the Quartet, but it was just a small loss in Baghdad. After all, the last essence of the black food gathered in the capital Baghdad for nearly ten statues of the strong man and nature, and he became the first one in Sancar who failed to break through the city.
However, Sancar believes that in the future, he will be able to break through Baghdad and completely smash the black food into the dust of history
Thoughts are flying. Sancar looked at the governor of the west next to him and said, "Governor of the west, you should go to the king to see how many strong men and women are from the enemy in the east."
The governor of the west responded and immediately went out of the camp, and a few breaths appeared, but before he came, a figure stopped him like a ghost, and without saying anything, it was a punch.
The governor of the western region was startled, and he was able to dodge and gasp for air. Only then did he see clearly that it was a veteran who shot at himself.
Looking at the gray hair of Zhongshi Road, the governor of the west did not dare to have the slightest carelessness. The temperament of a generation of famous soldiers emitted by Zhongshi Road was too conspicuous
The governor of Sancar’s ruling party, the governor of the west, is definitely the kind of commander-in-chief involved in military and political affairs. Naturally, he can detect the good qualities of the teacher.
Is wrinkly to knit the brows, the governor of the west at the moment to see a few statue of heaven and man in the strong heart inexplicably gives birth to somewhat uneasy.
How can there be so many strong people in each other’s lives? Can the strong people just appear? It’s just an invading enemy, and the strength of heaven and man has reached more than five in the army alone.
You know, their army is only six statues of the strong man and nature. If there is another strong man in the other army, the result of World War I will not be optimistic.
Besides, even so, the governor of the western region had predicted that the best outcome of this time was that the other side would fight for both sides.
When these thoughts flashed through the governor’s mind, Sancar, the head of a country, was already surprised by the emergence of the doctrine of cultivating teachers.
Of course, it’s not because of ZhongShiDao, but because of ZhongShiDao DaSong. There have been five strong men in heaven and man. This is beyond his expectation. Sancar has always been calm. At the moment, he can’t help but suddenly get up and stare at the five strong men in heaven and man.
Take a deep breath and Sancar grind his teeth. "It seems that all the strong people in the other party have already appeared. I never thought that the strength of the other party would be so strong for five gods and men."
Because the eastern governor said earlier that fighting with him was the responsibility of the commander-in-chief of the first army in the Song Dynasty, Sancar would regard the seed cultivation road as Yue Fei referred to by the eastern governor when it appeared.
After all, Yue Fei’s same kind of teacher is a generation of handsome talents, and their temperament is very similar. It is normal for Sancar to treat two people as one person without a mouth.
Sancar’s first Wang Ting’s first army chief, Mr. O ‘Keefe, wore golden armor and held a gold-plated spear in his hand like a golden god of war. He caught and killed in the distance. Everyone’s eyes were full of eagerness. He said to Sancar, "Let me break the eye situation, king."
Sancar took a look at Mr. O ‘Keefe, a Wang Ting guard, and Raleigh, plus the first army chief, Mr. O ‘Keefe. It was his hand that controlled the force, and both his right and left hands were confidants
At the moment, including two governors, Luo Li is entangled in the other strong. If he doesn’t send O’ Keefe, Luo Li may really suffer.
Mind turning Sancar nodded at O ‘Keefe. "Don’t continue to fight. It is good to save Lowry and two governors."
Sancar is not prepared to fight a decisive battle at this time because his military forces have not yet finished. At the same time, Sancar is also secretly glad that fortunately, he listened to the advice of the governor of the east and did not start before, otherwise he would be defeated if he really started before.
O’ Keefe was never in a ShaQi. Yang Zaixing, Wu Song and others had noticed O’ Keefe when they walked out of the camp.
The generals beside Chu Yi saw another statue of heaven and man coming out of the army and couldn’t help rubbing their hands one by one.
Lu Junyi smoothed her beard and looked at the opposite way. "It seems that this Seljuk dynasty is somewhat powerful. A dynasty with the number of strong men and women directly reflects the strength of a dynasty. If we look at the experience of conquering all the time, the scattered people are often different from the number of strong men and women controlled by the court. It seems that this Seljuk dynasty has less than a dozen strong men and women, which is the strongest dynasty we have encountered since Tianzhu."
In those days, the attack on Tianzhu was only beheaded, and there were not more than a dozen statues of the Heaven and Man. Today, there are nearly ten statues of the Heaven and Man-level Buddhist strong army.
Among the generals, except Deng Yuanjue and Lu Da, a dozen monks are very eye-catching. It was when they attacked Tianzhu in the past that they chose to submit to the Buddhist strong.
Because Chu Yi didn’t destroy the Buddhism orthodoxy, these strong Buddhists were very well-advised and consciously chose Chu Yi’s loyalty in exchange for Buddhism DaSong students.
After listening to Lu Junyi’s evaluation of Chu Yi, he nodded slightly. Seljuk Dynasty could not decline if it didn’t have some strength. Black food tore so large pieces of flesh and blood to nourish itself.