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Although there were no small casualties in helping Yang Ye’s army to repair Shi, after a few minutes of fighting, the ground was already covered with blood and fog, and the bodies overlapped to help Yang Ye’s rebel army, which had fought hard for the Lord Sihao’s army to repair Shi.

"Is this a sin?" Red devil looked at a tragic scene of war and sighed lightly.
"It’s inevitable that it’s fate if you don’t practice red." Mrs. Yang Lao whispered, "Sihao has driven out the holy family, destroyed the ghost family and the evil family, oppressed our bone family, and Xia Zu and the poultry family, together with the protoss family, are threatening and become a thorn in his side. For example, a Lord like the protoss three owls will never rule for long."
Red refined leisurely nodded "SiHao not protoss, he represents himself"
"Come on! Come on at night! " Baby helps Mrs. Yang, but her heart is full of glory in the battlefield.
Mrs. Yang Lao ignored the little fist waving and excited the baby, but still looked at the red devil and said softly, "Does the red devil face help the red Bi resist and block the Si Hao Xiu Shi?" Revenge for the ghost family? "
Red devil zheng and then gently nodded and smiled "yes, they are helping themselves …"
"Is it themselves? If the domain is in such a mess, how can we manage the number we control?" Mrs. Yang Lao said softly, "You should know, right? We are in charge of those people who control our domain, and the domain owners and practitioners are called gods! "
"Yes, I know," Chi Lian nodded and sighed gently. "What a great name God is, but how ugly and dirty God is, and how well God can address a group of gods like this."
"But in the eyes of human beings, we gods also have a large part to fight for, don’t we?" Mrs. Yang Lao said and raised her hand and pointed to the battlefield. "Those people have created a new domain, and a new domain will be born after this battle."
"New domain?" Red refined eyes some free "vaguely a long time ago, I once heard hidden blade said such a thing"
"It is a new god in the new domain!" Mrs. Yang Lao nodded firmly. "We exchange everything for these."
Red devil hesitated for a moment and suddenly turned his head to look at the red light shining and roaring not far behind him. Yang night and Sihao were still in a duel.
"Cordate telosma, you said to the new gods in the new domain," Chi Lian said lightly, "and all this depends on all his hopes."
Yang night intensely staring at the Lord sihao looked at him with a face of ecstasy and anger escalated again.
That’s true. Yang Ye can’t find a reason for himself to restore the state that he just got divine power. At this moment, when God can completely blend with ghosts, his anger is normal, and there is no longer that kind of faint sadness in his heart, not even calm anger. It is the normal anger and fury of a person with hatred in his heart.
However, repeated accidents and changes have made Yang Ye’s strength rise continuously, and at the same time, he has doubts, and he doesn’t know much about his current strength and can’t completely control it.
Yang Ye knows that he can deal with the Lord Sihao now. Perhaps it is fate or red trials that have made him grow up like this, but in this situation, he does what he has to do alone.
Yang night knows that he can’t have a mistake. Once he loses, everyone will lose their lives behind him. After all, they are not normal now, and everyone is injured, including the protoss.
At a young age, I said that I was saddled with the revenge of killing my father, and there was another race whose hatred was terrible. At a big age, I said that I was saddled with the lives of all the people behind me, much like red trials and floating life. They said that I was saddled with a mission of creating a new realm of hope.
A slight deviation, red refining and Mrs. Yang Lao will die, Lan Yao will die, Nan Rong Huan and the scorching sun will die, and family, love and friendship will all be gone.
As you can imagine, this is a huge pressure, and it has already removed ethnic hatred.
Now when the Lord SiHaoZhong laugh wildly Shouting Yang night also quickly turned to look at.
He was in a trance when he saw tens of thousands of people coming out through the door. He wondered if he really wanted to deal with all the races in the domain, to create a new domain or to destroy the whole domain.
What do I represent? Justice? True feelings? Hope?
In a trance, Yang Ye’s eyes drifted away faintly.
Great pressure, Yang Ye’s mind is a little disordered.
Fortunately, at this time, not far away, Chilian noticed that Yang night was unusually flicker and a few steps came along.
By the end of the red devil, Yang night was constantly noted. Even Yang night was sent from the ghost heritage to the domain by her to find the ghost heritage of the Lord SiHaoChi. It is still not at ease to find Sihao to confront each other face to face. Everything is red devil. Find yourself a reason to come to the domain.
Since the death of Zang Blade, Chilian has already broken the idea of returning to the domain, hiding into a white domain. The Lord is guarding her and Zang Blade’s common ghost legacy. If there is no Yang Night or if it is not because he is a protoss and Sihao is his own brother, then Chilian may have completely given up everything.
For a while, she knelt down on her fault. She thought she was wrong. She was really wrong. She should never have been born in the domain from the beginning. If she didn’t come, nothing would have happened.
Then the hidden blade wouldn’t die. If the hidden blade didn’t die, she wouldn’t be reduced to such a sad place …
If there were no former friends like Fu Sheng, Hong Hua Dou Tai and Mrs. Yang Lao to help her, she would probably have broken the idea of revenge of the ghost family. After all, the enemies are of the same family and are related by blood.
Qian Chilian is a typical kind, soft-hearted, indecisive and weak woman.
It can be said that Sihao cruelly changed Chilian, and no one wants his love to become a tool for others. So should Chilian. After knowing everything, Sihao conspired to make Chilian completely disheartened and disloyal to Sihao and the protoss in the current domain.
But Chilian’s note on Yang Yee was out of concern, and Sihao completely broke her heart. So Chilian now has only one relative, Yang Yee, and she doesn’t want Yang Yee to have something even to sacrifice herself.
Besides, Yang Ye has got the two most powerful abilities, God and Ghost, and they have merged, but I don’t know how strong this ability will be. After all, Yang Ye was the first to merge God and Ghost, and there are bones and evil spirits in his body, and Jia Lan is also hiding. All this will create a powerful and terrible ghost family, and there is no bottom in his heart.
What she fears most is that such a powerful ability will confuse Yang Ye’s mind. After all, Yang Ye can’t fully grasp and know what limit he has reached when he falls to the ground.
Red devil is most afraid that Yang Ye controls this ability, but this ability controls Yang Ye, making this bone clan who was created by hatred become confused and mentally crazy, destroying all terrible guys!
Never, never!
The red refined eyes are almost never away from Yang night, and she must note at any time for fear of any mistake.
But just Yang night eyes slightly a trance red refined worry so the horse quickly walked to come over.
Fighting is the whole domain, and the whole universe is heavy. Who dares to take it lightly?
"What happened to the child?" Red refined light asked one hand has touched the Yang night back.
"Nothing." Yang night didn’t look back and already felt the temperature of the palm of his hand on his back. His heart throbbed and his mind became clearer for a moment.
"red dagger to kill sihao, that’s your mission!" The red refined sound is a little heavier. "Don’t think about the domain race here. You must know that the domain is definitely not another company!"
Yang night zheng twist a head to see the red refined see red refined eyes light firm sincere hesitated nodded his head.
"I’m white, but you all have injuries. You must be careful."
Red devil smiled. "You mean those domain races who are coming out through the door now? Hehe, the red domain is not Si Haotian, and many domain races are not necessarily Si Haoren! "
Just then, Zhong Sihao has stretched out his arms straight at the face, and a virtual space outside the hall gate is constantly converging with various ethnic groups to repair officials and shout.