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On the other hand, I want to explain it again and again. Gustav was speechless by Nie Yun’s series of questions occupying the moral high ground. At the moment, he was at a loss when he protested against the surging Ranger.

What did I just say? I’m warning you to be careful what you say. Don’t talk nonsense … Why are you suddenly accused?
Can’t the key word "joke" … be said? ! What a joke!
Finally, I reacted that I was put in a Gustav and suddenly I was livid!
But what can he say now? Apologize to those soldiers who died? Wouldn’t that be a characterization of this matter? Go back and cut yourself alive!
So there is something fishy about insisting on this? That’s even more inappropriate! The investigator didn’t even realize that he jumped so quickly, and then he must be caught in the opposite fire! Maybe a person involved in the case will be detained for complicity in the excrement basin!
Gustav has some regrets at the moment, regrets that he shouldn’t have shown a tendency to this matter, and regrets that he despised this damn second generation.
This girl is a second-generation speaker!
It’s a waste of talent to put in the army. You should run for office!
Chapter three hundred and twenty-one Resisting arrest
Than humbled Gustav looked at the eyes and kept silent. Isabel suddenly became even more depressed. Both of these feather families are too insidious!
"Ahem! The situation here has been truthfully reported, such as who is behind the scenes and believes that the joint parliamentary review team will give you a satisfactory explanation after investigation! "
Gustav finally neither soft nor hard, and then gave Yun Nie a bold stare, which led to some awkwardness in closing the communication.
Isher stared at Yun Nie Gherardini. She didn’t believe that people taught by the kruse family knew the life and death of dozens of soldiers.
Then it is obvious that Yun Nie’s show is to put himself in the position of vulnerable groups and victims so as to take the initiative in the negotiations!
But being able to make Gustav feel embarrassed in a few words is really perfect and … Good acting!
"Ha ha! Kruse family is a talent! Interesting! " Isar made no secret of her appreciation of Arthas.
"I’m flattered by Isar Pavilion. It’s really because they deceive others so much that people can’t spit!"
"hmm!" Isar nodded to understand Arthas’ anger.
After all, it’s a young man who has been framed and chased all the way. It’s not normal to say that he has no temper.
In the face of "kindred", Isabel’s "Arthas" tone softened a little.
As soon as the solar event ferments, "Arthas" is destined to become a thorn in the side of the sea clan. Nie Yun is not confident that he can kill a feather clan with seven entries and seven exits by himself, but he must win the backing.
"Isar Pavilion, our warship is badly damaged and needs to be rested immediately. I wonder if you can arrange a maintenance dock for us? In addition, we don’t have much supplies. "Yun Nie frowned.
"Don’t worry about these things, I will arrange for you to follow our frigate to Taigang, the second planet, to rest and replenish, but the solar conflict has attracted the attention of the joint parliament, so you temporarily ban external communication until the inspection team arrives."
"We can’t arrange it, but … can we release the people’s network to our ship? We have been hunted for so long, and our departments are all nervous. They need some relaxation." Nie Yundao
"Hmm … but it’s not against the rules, but the information can’t get in and out and will be monitored by the wisdom brain!" Isar wanted to think, nodded and agreed to this request.
"Thank you!" Yun Nie nodded his thanks without moving, and it seemed that he had freely won a little insignificant entertainment benefits from his own department.
But all he needs is fireworks to celebrate!
What is it to venture undercover? In addition to delaying the massive invasion of the sun by binary stars, it is more important to learn all kinds of advanced technologies from binary stars!
How did Yun Nie become a nuclear fisherman? That’s right! Is the internet!
There is a golden house in the net, and there is a Yan Ruyu in the net … The net is a great treasure for Nie Yun! Even the value of double-star civil network is absolutely amazing!
"It’s just a matter of no thanks. I’m also a feather family after all." Isabel expressed her position and then the conversation turned
"I heard that Gustav has sent three reconnaissance ships to the sun …" Isabelle paused to stare at Yun Nie without Yun Nie’s face to see what was different.
"According to you, the sun has two enemy ships chasing after you, but until now they have not chased out the wormhole. You are the party. What do you think of this?"
Yun Nie frown wanted to think, "proxima centauri is different from the sun. Now that we have escaped here, the two enemy ships are absolutely afraid to chase them out, which is different from dying! In the other party will choose such as covering up the truth … This I also expected. "
Isabel didn’t see anything unusual from Yun Nie’s face and nodded. "Well! Ok, you can rest at ease. If there is anything, you can contact me directly! "
"drop!" Communication closure
Yun Nie quietly breathed a sigh of relief. It’s not a good fool, but it seems that the position of the Isar feather family is still quite firm. If you win it over, you should be a reliable ally
"Isar Pavilion looks very accommodating. I wonder what she would think of the captain." Catherine beside her seemed relieved.
"aye? Have a problem with me? What? " Yun Nie asked in surprise.
"ha? Captain, don’t you know? Assad Isar Pavilion is an important direct member of the political family Assad family, but the head of Assad family is the biggest competitor of Speaker kruse in this election! "
Katherine looks weird. Are you the kruse family or not? You don’t even know that?
"Uh …" Yun Nie some stupid.
Say that reliable allies suddenly become political enemies?
Yun Nie suddenly felt that he was looking for this identity, but it was a bit unreliable. A boss, a dog leg, a good woman in droves, casually flirting, and so on. He hasn’t seen the shadow yet. His political opponents have attracted a wave first …
There are only two commanders in proxima centauri, one is afraid of killing himself, and the other is in his heart … Even if he doesn’t do it himself, he will definitely be celebrated with champagne if he dies …
This is to mix the doubles rhythm! Can you still make people play happily? !
Why don’t you … make a strategic retreat and directly kill the two warships next to you and return to the sun?
Yun Nie sighed and lamented how difficult life was, and then got up and walked out with a murderous face.
"hey! Captain, where are you going? " Catherine startled way
"To write a report …" NieYun gave a head also don’t back.
Write a report? Catherine is at a loss.
Three hours later, a "report" led by Yun Nie has been placed in front of two commanders.
"what! It’s been attacked! ?” Gustav Huo looked incredible.
"It’s the commander’s pavilion. We were attacked by two warships just after crossing the wormhole. Two reconnaissance ships in the same company were destroyed by fire in less than a minute. They were lucky to be injured and returned to them … they are really dead hands!"
"Send the battle video!" Isar frown way
The light screen pops up three reconnaissance ships crossing the wormhole. After a short darkness, the picture suddenly comes into view. There are two identical sea warships. They are already in a state of excitation as soon as their first main guns are left and right.
A moment, two ships volley dozens of rays flying all over the sky …
The violent shaking of the picture seems to be a difficult turn to retreat during the attack, and soon there were huge explosions on both sides …
"Actually … damn it! How dare they! How dare they … "Gustav points is already in a state of rage.
The suspicion that one’s own warship actually attacked one’s own reconnaissance ship indicates that the mutiny of two warships in Arthas’ previous report was not groundless.