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Gu Qingshan eyed the pagoda.

This pagoda doesn’t seem to be armor.
There is also a line of indicators in the ares interface.
"Note that the pagoda is not armor."
Gu Qingshan nodded silently.
-even so, the pagoda is completely made of stones, which is a genus of all things.
Get a punch "all things out" this pagoda is certainly not good.
He was thinking when he suddenly heard a sound from a distance.
"Gu Daoyou also please stop quickly!"
Then several sounds came from everywhere.
"Gu Jianxian, please show leniency."
"Gu Daoyou must not destroy this tower!"
"Please be merciful!"
Amid all the confusion, I saw the leaders, patriarchs and grandfathers of big sects flying by and coming to the fairy tower.
Gu Qingshan pitfalls a closed fuels with a smile, "oh? It turned out that the heads of various families did not know how to stop me from handling this tower? "
A master bowed his hand to him and said, "Gu Daoyou, this tower contains several immortals, which can help the world’s practitioners make progress, but it can’t be destroyed."
Gu Qingshan nodded and smiled. "I also know that this tower is significant. It’s a pity that with it, those misbehaving generations have also gained strength and dared to persecute me in front of the Baihua Gate. This is too terrible."
Several big head spirit force intersection soon finished this matter together.
"Let’s jointly safeguard the status of Baihua Sect in the future. If there are any more hooligans, all factions will do their best to punish the villains."
Gu Qingshan thought for a moment and said, "It’s a good idea-but there are two small problems."
"What’s the problem?" An elder asked.
"First, Baihua Sect has been forced by so many people for some time before I returned. Why did you go then? Are you going to the theatre? " Gu Qingshan asked
All remained at the moment.
"Second, you haven’t settled before. Please settle first and then tell me about the future."
For a while, the heads of the group were inexplicably asked, "What do you mean by Gu Daoyou?"
Gu Qingshan pointed to the Fairy Pagoda and said, "You have so many brothers with long clans, and you have received such great benefits from the immortals of the Fairy Pagoda. Shouldn’t you pay them?"
"Pay everything. Pay enough and we’ll talk about the rest."
He said that all the big monks didn’t leave.
A little ice.
Everyone thinks that if this is the case, they have to pay to Baihua Sect before they can make Senta what else to mix?
A head hesitated. "It’s a little inappropriate for Mrs. Gu Daoyou to take the liberty to say that this is a matter for us in the mortal world, but we have to pay you."
Gu Qingshan was taken aback and said, "I asked you who got this pagoda?"
They alpha males again.
-It was in the process of the integration of Baihua Fairy into the world that this fairy tower was born.
"My master got this pagoda and went out in a hurry. As a result, you all lived in this pagoda-it looks like everyone is a yogi, and you just did it. But those young people who got the fairy pagoda got magic, but in turn bullied my brother-you turned a blind eye."
The heads were speechless.
However, an old elder angrily said, "Gu Daoyou sent monks, but unlike those young people, we have never coveted the benefits of Baihua Sect. You can’t knock over a boat with one hand."
Gu Qingshan sighed and shook his head. "This world was saved by me and my master in the past-you are all big monks. You should know what happened at the beginning, but now I live in trouble, and you are holding me in a hundred flowers, but you can’t see me …"