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Because Tianyang is the information of the rank of God of War, it is natural that he and Cang Du were assigned to the same.
So Yang disbanded and followed Cang Du’s action the day after tomorrow, and soon he met the sublimator of its ares rank.
For example, Xie Miao, a guy who was beaten by Tianyang a few days ago, looked very unnatural when he saw a teenager, but he might get some warnings. He snorted and turned his back and didn’t come to Tianyang for trouble.
And Kun Lan, the arrogant guy with exaggerated hair dispersion and wolf breath, put up his middle finger as soon as he saw Tianyang.
I didn’t see it when it was sunny
There is also the mask man who fought against the deep diver in the abyss that day and didn’t die. He still wears the mask like an evil spirit, and his eyes are still cold after the mask.
"Cough!" It is not surprising that someone has a dry cough, but everyone can hear it clearly and his heart beats like a war drum because of this dry cough.
Including Tianyang field, more than a dozen people looked at him. This man was stared at by more than a dozen pairs of eyes, and it was in his early thirties.
Still young, with clear eyes and sunshine.
He patted his chest. "I’m the temporary conductor of your team. Please introduce yourself first. My name is Wang Ge, and I’m over."
After a brief introduction, Wang Ge-nan, who claimed to be Wang Ge-nan, made a snap of his fingers and said, "Today, we just want to protect the crispy skin behind us. Remember not to let those dark bastards have a chance to pass even if you die."
"Of course, you won’t have a chance to die unless I hang up first."
Lazy smile Wang Ge waved "then come with me"
At the end of the speech, a violent explosion came from the direction of the high wall. Tianyang looked up and looked at the high wall and blew up a ball of fire.
There is a black torrent rolling over the high wall. It is a rotten torrent. They are so ugly and disgusting.
Like lepers, the wanderers are no longer satisfied with low breathing and screaming. They roar wildly like crazy, scratch their twisted limbs at random, move with pathological steps, burst out like crazy snakes and fry worms.
This walking black plague is interspersed with crazy dogs, shooters, tree spirits and other crazy figures.
The dark people are like a cursed mucus. They are boiling, rolling and surging, and the battlefield spreads wildly and sweeps away towards the fortress army.
Everyone in the fortress army who relies on chariots or three-dimensional armed soldiers is nervous.
When receiving the "fire" command, the soldiers roared and raised their rifles, and the physical warheads or star beams were desperately directed at the area to roar with all kinds of Kuroshio fires.
In the Kuroshio, there was a splash of spray, and countless black people fell almost instantly.
Although there are many waves, they are still insignificant to the whole Kuroshio.
But at this time, three-dimensional armed forces and various armored fighting vehicles also joined the harvest ranks.
The magnetic track gun and the star heavy artillery are definitely the strongest notes in this battlefield movement. Every time they play, they mean that a large number of black people fall.
Continuous machine guns and high-speed guns are fast-paced marches in this movement. When these continuous notes rise, the black torrent shows signs of stagnation.
Combined missiles and diffusion guns are rhapsodies. They always release their enthusiasm in unexpected places, making it difficult for that black torrent to flow freely.
Elemental javelin throwing, snow storm, violent flame and star arrow rain are a symphony, which can resist the destruction posture and bring the blasphemies to the high wall to trial and push this famous war movement to a climax!
Just watching it for a short time, Tianyang has forgotten to breathe, and his blood is boiling and he can’t wait to go to the front to fight the enemy bravely.
"Don’t get too excited, boys."
In front of the commander Wang Ge, some lazy sounds made Tianyang and others excited a little less.
"Those dark bastards won’t just be beaten, and soon we will be able to see them. At that time, we need you to try your best to stay calm and save your strength."
It seems that in order to confirm Wang Ge’s words, the black and red spherical light bodies sprayed half from the high wall, and they crossed the parabola and fell to the fortress army array.
At this time, there was a huge star barrier, and the black and red balls fell to the barrier, which caused a series of explosions
Dozens of fireballs rose one after another, and the light flashed, then smashed and disappeared.
But soon another barrier stood against the second wave of attacks on the other side of the high wall
Then the flying black and red beams joined the attack, and the mysterious shooters on the wall and battlefield also fought back.
But in the blink of an eye, three-dimensional armed forces and chariots were hit and exploded, and then the black torrent rushed into the fortress position
The soldiers at the forefront of the war are the first to bear the brunt.
A young soldier hasn’t reacted yet. Looking out of his helmet, he can see the color in his field of vision except black.
He shouted and shot, and he killed two wanderers, but as soon as he jumped out of the Kuroshio, the crazy dog easily threw him down.
Before the soldier got up, the crazy dog bit him on the shoulder, and then there was severe pain in his hands and feet. The soldier collapsed out of control after only one look.
A wanderer was lying on his limbs. They tore off their protection and chewed fresh flesh.
This young life disappeared like a candle in the wind in a blink of an eye in this dark battlefield.
The torrent is rolling forward and rushing forward. Although they are greatly reduced in the process, the number of black people who come from the battlefield when they enter the field of vision of Tianyang is still quite large
There is a gas field ahead to release Wang Ge’s body, which exudes the brilliance of stars and suddenly attracts the attention of a large number of black people.
He still hung a lazy smile and drew a short blade from each side of his waist. The short blade grain star infusion gradually lit up.
Two sharp weapons jump in the blue arc.
Wang Ge looked back and swept the young faces behind him. "Now you can work hard."
With a smile, he is about to crash into the Kuroshio, and Wang Ge leaps high with double blades and staggered several ferocious heads and flies half!
Chapter 142 Break the high wall
Wang Ge took the lead and aroused the blood of the sublimation people in the rear.
Take the lead. That’s what a commander should be! Tianyang pulled out the red moon combat knives, and the star aggregates poured into the blade and lit up a crimson light.
Some people long for leaning forward and have rushed towards the black people.
It’s the arrogant little Kun Lan with blue hair. His weapon is a pair of turning blades, which can be used to defend and kill the enemy.
This is an integrated weapon of attack and defense!
Kun Lanxing’s appearance showed that even two turning blades were dyed with silver glow. He plunged into a group of wanderers and screamed that his body was spinning like a top.
The two turning blades draw a silver ring, and the edge of the ring is very sharp. Once the limb or the will cage is touched by this ring, it will be cut.
Kun Lan turned around a few times and fell over a dozen wanderers.
He suddenly turned the blade and the blade body went forward, and the attack distance increased greatly.
"death! Die for me! Go to hell! " Arrogant and howling with a little crazy taste, Li Kun Blue greeted two crazy dogs.
Double-edged force pricks into the crazy dog’s head and then pulls it out, stabbing at the wandering person with a different arm.
After the double-edged sword went in and out for more than a dozen times, the wanderer’s cage was gray and escaped, and he fell to the ground and died without even a chance to fight back.
If the Kunlan attack is full of madness, then a famous soldier wearing a ghost mask can be calm and efficient
He moves flexibly and simply, and his slightly curved long and narrow combat knife is like a shock every time he moves.
Precisely chopping the cage of the dark people is just right, no more, no less, just enough to destroy the cage and then lock on a target
He moves softly but has a kind of tension.
Occasionally, he will put the combat knife into the sheath and then quickly pull the knife.
This attack mode has multiplied the power of the knife method, and the hard heads of those crazy dogs will be cut in half when the time comes.
Ghost-faced people are killing in the dark tide from the footsteps …
Its ares ranks also show their magical powers, where Tianyang saw Xie Miao.
This guy who threw himself into the safe zone underground doesn’t have this kind of preferential treatment now to get everything out of the closet.
Xie Miao Jian, but this sword is very strange. It has a heavy shape and obvious mechanical structure, and the hilt has a component similar to a pistol trigger.
The blades on both sides are covered with serrations, which makes Xie Miao always make the sword-dragging technique sharp when chopping, and those serrations further enlarge the opponent’s wound.