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The jet rider also quickly retreated after sensing the change of Lu Bu.

It’s weird!
Lu Bu watched warily as the earth around him exuded a little green light like fireflies and slowly ran towards thousands of saints such as Qingze.
Elves and saints, who have gathered the forces of nature, are peaceful in all aspects. When their eyes are open, they are all glowing with green light, and there is even a light green protective light all over them.
In particular, the sacred land of each elf clan is longer and more vigorous!
Kizawa’s eyes are wide open, and his eyes are soaring, and the green mans bloom with miraculous brilliance!
The eyes of thousands of Elves and Saints with green light and murder are flying towards the jet riding legion.
"Jet riding array! Ready to fight! "
Lyu3 bu4 eyes a cold day painting ji straight to the heads of the Qing Zheyan.
The jet cavalry regiment then lined up to meet the sacred land of thousands of elves!
"Oh, I didn’t go to you, but you sent the door yourself!"
Qing Zheyan sneered at Lu Bu’s eyes, full of hatred!
It is this group of Chinese imperial army that has caused itself to be down and out!
If the Elves had successfully disturbed the sanctification of Emperor Yanhuang, nothing would have happened today!
Qing Zheyan regretted looking at Lu Bu’s eyes, but he became more and more cruel.
Tens of thousands of years ago, the strong were like clouds!
Qing Zheyan was once ranked as the 1000 th in the contemporary sacred land!
Qing Zheyan can win the leader’s duty not only because of his mind, but also because of Qing Zheyan’s ability to fight enemies at the same level!
"The old guy will also dare to brag about the dead! Come and die! "
Lyu3 bu4 cold before a day painting halberd hand red hare galloped toward the Qing Zheyan drove off.
【 Overlord Ji Method 】 The strength of the earth makes Qing Zheyan look cruel!
There’s a way in heaven. You don’t take the hell gate, you vote!
"Look at the holy head!"
Qing Zheyan’s sudden murder has flagrantly blocked Lu Bu’s overlord halberd method!
The collision of two kinds of earth forces caused the whole plane to be very unstable.
After the roar, the plane trembled violently!
Although the equipotential plane is stronger than the lower plane, it still can’t resist the strength of the two sacred places.
In an instant, the whole plane collapsed, and the ground collapsed.
Also ranked in order, the number of Chinese warriors and elves fell into pieces!
"I didn’t expect a younger generation to have such skills."
Kiyohiko was shocked.
Qing Zheyan did not join the ranks of casting forbidden arts because of his own strength and self-confidence and his special status.
I didn’t expect Lu Bu’s skill to be so good at a young age!
If this continues to grow, it will surely become my enemy!
"There are more severe! Fight again! "
Lyu3 bu4 sneer at a day painting halberd half drew a round foot red hare floating half toward the Qing Zheyan killed in the past.
Qing Zheyan saw Lyu3 bu4 kill and couldn’t help glancing at the situation.
At present, the Elves have nearly 50,000 realms, 5,000 quasi-sacred realms and 1,000 saints with 29 minutes left.
The scattered number of Terran sacred land still occupies a great advantage.
However, if the situation is scattered, one-on-one combat on the battlefield is very beneficial to the Elves.
If he can kill Lyu3 bu4, the battle will surely end the Elves’ victory.
Even the weakest elves can delay the war until half an hour later!
When the bodhi old zu comes out of this group of terrans, he must pay the price himself!
"Yellow-mouthed children don’t kill you!"
Make up your mind to kill Lü bnizumi Tetsuhiko. His face is solemn. He will no longer leave his hand. The two men will fight in vain. The heavens and the earth will shake and the sun and the moon will roar. The root method will capture the situation in two sacred places.
At the same time, the excessive movement of star field 793 also attracted the attention of the alien stars in star field 700.
When they saw Lu Bu and Qing Zheyan fighting, they all opened their mouths!
The war generals of the Chinese Empire can actually fight with Qing Zheyan!
Is this still the low-level ordinary human power?
911 Chapter 911 Qing Zheyan’s Choice