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The shock of the sword once again revealed more mysteries.

After the screening of Shannv, those who came to fight have been ruled out, and some of them have strange skills.
Gu Qingshan looked at virtual carefully observe those techniques.
A certain moment
He saw an operation.
"All right, that’s it," he sighed.
"Male … this technique is very meaningful in the era of fire …" Shannv said.
"Who said it wasn’t?" Gu Qingshan quite agreed.
Those goblins-
Unexpectedly, the chaotic apostles in the era of arrival fire were also infected by their style and made such a technique.
But fortunately, there is such an incredible technique!
Gu Qingshan cheered, "The mountain girl delimits our action!"
The two swords sounded together to show that they were ready.
Gu Qingshan held the boundary in his right hand and pointed at the light and shadow all over the sky. "Let all the pictures go back to the moment when the angel just arrived."
All over the sky, the light and shadow quickly contracted, circulated and reunited into the mountain forest scene-
A stag appeared deep in the forest.
It bowed its head before the knights with graceful steps.
Its long horns are full of fruits, giving off a sacred shimmer.
The knights were stunned.
The stag gave a slight shake, all the fruits landed gently, and then quickly turned away and disappeared into the mountains.
Just then, Gu Qingshan waved the sword of the Six Realms and whispered, "Mountain girl!"
Wind and smoke rise
The sword is clear and clear-
The apostles’ fate is different!
See a dark blue light fluttering from the sword and quickly fall Gu Qingshan body.
"Go!" Guqingshan avenue
The dim light lingered and gradually flew out and spread towards the light and shadow ahead.
The whole piece of light and shadow is soaked by deep blue light to produce new changes.
a breath
Two interest rates
Three interest rates
The picture is decomposed and scattered, and the barren and lonely world is filled.
The religious world has once again appeared—
The difference is that this is an illusory shadow world!
Suddenly there are lines of fine print in the virtual space.
"You made fate separate."
"You got all the causes and effects of that period of history and established the illusory shadow world in turn."
Everything in the shadow world is real, and it won’t return to the dream until you finish this operation, and the bubble will disappear like a cloud.
Gu Qingshan swept away the delimiting Excalibur at a glance and waved the Six Realms Excalibur again.
"Mountain girl once again wind smoke" he sink a way.
"good!" Shannv should answer.
Suddenly the wind and smoke came back.
The sword emitted wisps of fire and condensed into countless crimson runes, which whirled around Gu Qingshan.
This art comes from the chaotic apostles who came in the fire age.
Being too close to goblins, his skills are different from those of his apostles.
His technique carries a kind of-
It’s that kind of-
French metaphor-
Strange, unreasonable and inexplicable forces
Counting the interest, all the runes disappeared into Gu Qingshan’s body, and a wonderful fluctuation made his body full of twisted fluctuations.
Gu Qingshan took a deep breath and stepped into the forest in the shadow world.
He thought for a breath, held out his hand and quickly wiped his body.
He saw a holy white robe covering the real ancient demon king armor and wearing it by him.
"Wait a minute!"
He went out and shouted at the knights.
The knights were about to reach for the fruit when he suddenly appeared.
"Who are you?" Asked the man wearing the crown.
Gu Qingshan didn’t answer is looked empty.
Line by line, fireflies stay there in small print.