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"Good." He helped me to the side and the policeman nodded and walked out.


Li Wenbin followed the extended Lincoln in front of me, and I sat in the co-pilot stupefied. I thought about several possibilities, but I never thought that Zou Chen would lose his memory again, which was more thorough than the last one. Fate is really good at grasping people.
He forgot everything about me … It was cruel to me.
"That woman in Tong Tong seems to be in a position. Do you want someone to check it out?" Li Wenbin gave me an anxious look.
I looked out the window and wiped away the tears in my eyes. My eyes became condensed. "No matter who she is, I will expose her."
After that, I picked up my mobile phone and called Difan. After Zou Chen’s accident, Difan helped me a lot. His background is as good as Zou Chen’s and his contacts are wide. I think it will be faster to find someone.
Di Fan responded to my request without saying anything. He learned that Zou Chen had amnesia and persuaded people that it was okay. Fortunately, he could get it back slowly after losing his memory, so let me not worry.
Then I called Ruoxi and told her the news. After listening to it, she cried loudly and said that she was coming. I told her not to tell the master that his blood pressure was unstable recently, and it was not good to worry with him.
The car stopped in front of the Hilton Hotel. I watched Zou Chen help Kang Qina into the hotel. I looked at the tall figure. My heart ached. Now I am just a stranger in his eyes …
"ah!" As soon as I called the tip to lie in front of the windshield, I couldn’t help crying any more.
Li Wenbin patted me on the shoulder and gently pressed me. "Although he doesn’t remember anything, it’s lucky that people are fine anyway. He loves you so much … and he will definitely feel different about you. Maybe he will slowly remember you when he contacts for a while. Don’t be too sad."
I feel like a knife in my heart.
Not long after, two more cars arrived at the entrance of the hotel, one was Ruoxi and the other was Gu Pingjun. I didn’t want him to know about this, but he could break the lie about Kang.
In the lobby of the hotel, my mood calmed down a lot. Ruoxi sat next to me sobbing, Gu Pingjun was excited, and his eyes were red. He didn’t sit there and paced up and down to see me upset.
It took a long time to see Zou Chen, a man in black, coming out of the ladder.
Gu Pingjun saw him stunned. Zou Rexi cried and ran past. I got up from the sofa and didn’t move. Zou Rexi just ran to Zou Chen and was stopped by the man in black beside him. Zou Chen saw Zou Rexi’s eyes were more strange than strangers.
How has he lived these two years? He looks like a cold-blooded animal, and his eyes are as cold as a bone.
Zou Ruoxi kicked the man in black and ran to Zou Chen, shaking his arm with both hands and crying, "Brother … why don’t you recognize me?"
"I … I am your father" Gu Pingjun greeted him with a quiver.
Zou Chen glanced over Gu Pingjun and walked over. The pace was fast and powerful. The dark eyes in front of me stared at me. "Are you sure I am the one you are looking for?"
I looked at him and nodded.
"Then who are you to me?"
I didn’t expect him to ask such a direct question with his heart pounding and he didn’t know how to answer at the moment.
Who am I to him?
I opened my mouth to say … but Ruoxi interrupted me.
"Brother, how can you forget your sister-in-law?"
Zou Chen’s eyes have been locked in my face and his brow pressed, "I was married to you?"
I looked at him with consternation and shook my head lightly.
Zou Ruoxi replied again, "Although you are not married, you already have children."
Zou Chen frowned. "How can you have children if you are not married?" That tone, that look, it’s unbelief
I clenched my hands to make myself as calm as possible. "You always knew you weren’t Kang Cheng, didn’t you?"
Zou Chen watched my eyes grow deeper and deeper.
"Do you feel a little familiar with me?" I looked up at him gently and took a step closer to him.
"Cheng, come here." Kang Qina suddenly appeared behind us, and the bodyguards followed behind her and pushed two big suitcases.
Zou Chen my eyes did not move.
"Cheng, I feel bad. I want to go back to Nanning." Kang Qina called another one in the back.
Zou Chen turned to look back. My eyes looked at each other, and then I took my mobile phone out of my hand. I quickly dialed it out on my mobile phone according to a series of numbers. When I heard the phone ringing in his pocket, he pressed it and handed it back to me, then turned away.
"Chen … where are you going?"
"elder brother"
Gu Pingjun and Zou Rexi both chased after him.