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"But …" The woman whispered with her head down and fingered. "But have you considered Yingbao’s feelings?"

The man was stupefied and then finally woke up.
I was stunned by the joy of a woman’s sudden pregnancy, but now I feel a little difficult to come to my senses.
His real girlfriend will be his future wife Yingbao, but she is not the mother of this child.
And the key point is that Yingbao is not pregnant either.
In this way, this child is a problem for three people and even everyone.
Men have some headaches
But when you see a man thinking, a woman’s face shows a shallow smile.
No matter what the result is, men’s attitude makes women feel gratified.
She also knows that she is greedy.
Now I am also a fox who has been wrapped up.
What is there to talk about?
The woman snuggled up to the man’s arms and said softly, "Why don’t you say it?"
"Don’t say?"
"Well, it’s good for everyone not to talk," the woman said with a smile. "Anyway, the child doesn’t have to be named Fang."
"no! My child can’t have another surname! " Men seem a little overbearing.
"Oh, I’m going to let the child’s surname be Yang." The woman’s eyes sparkled with a kind of wisdom and said with a smile, "If anyone asks me, just say that I’m an only child in the Yang family and I’m going to let the child support my parents."
Looking at women, men haven’t spoken for a long time.
"Why are you looking at me like that?" Some women feel puzzled.
"I think you will argue," the man said softly with a sigh.
"So you won’t abandon me." The woman laughs very thieves.
Would have a man see through the woman smiled and said
The man shook his head with a wry smile after one leng.
He is soft to say well, hard to say bad, or soft to listen to.
If something is twisted with him, the result can be both sides.
For example, a few years ago, in retaliation for a director, he not only had no sympathy to kick the director’s privacy, but also directly caused the other party’s notoriety to be disliked like a rat crossing the street.
Tang Tang’s fifth-generation director turned out to be out of fashion.
All this is because the other side annoyed him.
Now, the woman’s retreat just hit the man’s weakness.
Although it is strange for a child to have a mother’s surname, it is normal for a woman to give an answer. Plus, when people are young, they can shirk a child’s father’s surname.
When was there a child …
Then god knows.
Women sacrifice a lot, which is almost a bet on their own names.
However, the reality is that women are right.
Even though I know that women are Boyi, there is no denying that men are still moved.
Sighed and held the woman firmly in her arms.
After a while, the man said firmly, "The child has your last name, but I will tell Yingbao about it."
"I have never kept it from her, and there is no need to keep it from her." The man’s voice is very light
Women have some bad feelings in their hearts.
Although I know that men can’t abandon their girlfriends, this feeling still makes women feel a little lost.
"Fool!" The man laughed and joked, "This is unbearable? Where is our’ self-blackmaster’ fox xiaomi? "
"How can this be the same …" The woman said unhappily. "This … this is my first child after all …"
"Then regenerate." The man looked calm and joked with a smile. "Anyway, you are still young and I can afford to have ten children."
"You … you just gave birth to eleven!" A woman’s face turns red, but it’s a lot better for a man to make such a joke.
"Hey, hey," the man smiled and kissed the woman’s face. He was about to speak when he heard a strange sound.
"Goo …"
Looking at the woman who shyly got into his arms and dared not look up, the man said seriously, "Haven’t you eaten yet?"
The woman nodded her head.
"You can’t be hungry now," the man got up and asked softly. "What do you want to eat?"
"I … I have no appetite," the woman said gloomily, clutching her belly.
Pregnancy reaction seems to come a little early.
"Then drink some porridge and eat nothing." The man said seriously.
Then went into the kitchen.
But soon the man came out with a face of nai.
The red-faced woman said awkwardly, "I don’t usually take pictures, and every family also eats takeout …"
"This can’t do! Tell you what, I’ll ask Yueyue to arrange things for you first, and then I’ll find a nutritionist to come to your body. If you don’t mend it well, it’s over. "
"Well …"
"I’ll buy ingredients and stew some chicken soup for you later."
"Good …" The woman should be a coy like a wronged kannika nimtragol.
Watching men have fun.
"Come and kiss me."
"Well … er-"After the conscious answer, the woman looked at the smiling man with a red face and gave him a white look, but she finally came to him on tiptoe shyly and his face was fragrant.
"You didn’t say you had to kiss." The woman looked at the man with a surprised expression and blinked cunningly.
"no! No way! Kissing is enough! " Men cheat
"I don’t care, I’m hungry anyway!" The woman turned around and her mouth slightly tilted to see that she was going back to the bedroom.
The man pulled the woman directly in the previous step, and then the woman screamed and kissed her on the lips!
This is a long and fast kiss!
Chapter 311
Kiss and finish
A woman has collapsed in a man’s arms and can’t lift her head.
"Bad guys!" The woman gave a white look JiaoChen man crossed and said.
"Ha ha" The man smiled and picked up the woman across her waist and carried her to the bed in the bedroom. This just kissed her forehead and said with a smile, "Take a rest first and I’ll go shopping."
"Well," the red-faced woman hid herself in bed and didn’t dare to look at him.
The man smiled and turned away.
Hearing the man’s voice outside the door, the woman emerged from the bed.
Then I don’t know what I was thinking. As soon as my face turned red, the whole person showed a pair of big eyes, and then I didn’t know what I was thinking, and I gave a shy exclamation.
Dinner is rice porridge and chicken soup.
Although she had a poor appetite, the woman who smelled the attractive fragrance ate a bowl of rice porridge and drank a bowl of chicken soup.
After dinner, the man went to wash the dishes, and the woman lay lazily on the sofa, looking sad and sad.