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"Yes, this is hemostasis. Others can’t eat bitter. I can eat bitter and practice for more than ten years before I learned this technique. Don’t you think it’s quite good now? Sometimes, people have to eat more bitterness. One thing will always get you. Although medical care is very developed now, many times they have mastered life-saving things so that they won’t ask for help even if they are far away from the city. "Uncle Yun smiled at me and shook his head. The tone was full of educational flavor.

Ever since he knew my identity, maybe it was out of guilt for Grandpa Three that he always treated me as his own brother. Anything he said casually meant to teach me. I am very sorry about this, but at the same time, I am lucky that not everyone has this kind of treatment. Sometimes, being able to have an elder around to teach can save a lot of detours.
When I was a child, I was wise. My grandfather taught me not only the knowledge of my teacher, but also the truth of being a man. Later, when my grandfather couldn’t help me, I lived with my uncle, who never gave me any pressure. After all, he was my brother, and sometimes he didn’t manage me very well. Although I was sent to school, I was not a learner. What could I do but get into trouble?
It can be said that I learned more in those years when I lived with my third grandfather than in the last few years of school, and much more.
Hemostasis stopped the bleeding, but Uncle Yun’s face was still a little pale, although not as exaggerated as pale, but it did him a lot of damage.
"All right, now help me to have a rest. When these snakes are gone, it’s time for us to go. Come and see me every once in a while. They dare not come in here with my blood, but they dare to see the outside through this gap." Uncle Yun’s face became more ugly when he spoke, and I vaguely saw a little bruise on his face.
Back in the cave, Li Rong came quickly and helped Uncle Yun in the past. At the same time, he also gave Uncle Yun the only half bottle of water and handed it over.
Just now, Uncle Yun’s face was normal, but this blink of an eye turned out to be so ugly that I was puzzled and finally asked, "How? Uncle Yun, why is your face blue? It was so normal just now. What the hell happened? "
Li Rong and Li Hong felt something was wrong when they heard my words. "Yes, Uncle Shi, what’s wrong with you?" they asked. You’ve tried this technique before, but you never imagined it like today. What’s the matter with you? "
Uncle Yun gave me a hate look, which seemed to be very dissatisfied that I couldn’t say this question, and then smiled and shook his head and said, "It’s nothing. You don’t worry that I was bitten by a silver ring snake just now, but I have controlled the toxin. We should return it when the snake tide recedes."
Uncle Yun’s tone of voice is very relaxed, as if the snake is important and it is not himself, but we three listeners are scared. What kind of snake is a silver ring snake? These are the most poisonous snakes in our country. First, if you are bitten by such people, you can die in just a few hours if you can’t get treatment.
Even if Uncle Yun has some repairs, he can persist for a while, but Uncle Yun is still a person after all. He can’t be afraid of snake venom. We all felt that we have settled down just now. Now we must be patient and wait here for a while, and then we can go out after the snake tide recedes.
After listening to Uncle Yun’s words, I know that instead of being safe, we are becoming more and more dangerous. I don’t know how long Uncle Yun can last. Let’s give him three times as many as a normal person. Hold on for one day.
And with so many snake tides outside, can it all go away in one day? I don’t believe it myself, although I don’t know the reason for the snake tide yet, there are snakes everywhere, and their gathering place is just around the entrance of the cave
"Wait" thinking about thinking about my mind suddenly flashes didn’t hold back.
Just now, I also comforted Uncle Li Rong, who was distressed by the cloud, and looked at Uncle Li Hongyun with a silly look. At the same time, Uncle Li Hongyun turned around and looked at me in confusion.
"Uncle Yun, I don’t think this snake tide is so simple. I’ve never heard of it before. Even if there is one, it doesn’t seem to be in our country, does it?
And although few people live here, many tourists often pass by here. If there are so many snakes in this mountain, who dares to come?
It’s early summer. Snakes haven’t reached the craziest time, have they? And it’s raining today. Have you ever seen so many snakes gather when it rains? "
"I thought about it before I thought about it. Although I don’t know what all this is about, I think it should be in front of the golden strange snake that came out from here.
If I had known this would happen, I should have filled out the exploratory hole earlier, and I wouldn’t have fallen into this situation. One confusion was enough to ruin my life. I didn’t expect that I would have survived this time in peace for decades, but I would have fallen on this side. "Uncle Yun gave me a appreciative look and said his own thoughts. By the way, he also brought his own feelings after saying that.
Chapter 341 Antidote
"Martial Uncle, don’t say that. This time, we will be fine. The snake tide will definitely not gather here for too long. We will soon be able to go to town and the toxins in your body will be solved." Li Rong kept comforting Uncle Yun, but judging from her red eyes, his heart was not as optimistic as it seemed.
I also know that Li Rong is comforting Uncle Yun, and at the same time comforting himself and me. After Uncle Li Hongyun said his guess, we all know that the snake tide outside will not be withdrawn so easily, at least until these three days have passed, when the tomb returns to the bottom, or more likely, when the root of the snake tide will not follow the tomb, but will keep us trapped to death before retreating.
No matter which of these two conjectures is difficult for us now, although we normal people insist on not eating or drinking for three days, it is impossible for Uncle Yun’s snake venom root to give us this time. At most, one day, if we exceed this day, even a fairy can save Uncle Yun.
The more dangerous I am, the more calm I am. This may be a matter of practicing because of frequent dangers.
Now our situation can be said to be extremely dangerous. Uncle Yun can’t stand the slightest wait. It’s not a good thing to delay. We can’t sit here and wait, but we must find our own life.
"We can’t wait, we have to go out for one day, otherwise it will be dangerous for Uncle Yun to be afraid. What do you think of Li Rong and Li Hong?" I asked the two men who were unaware of the dangerous situation.
Former Li Hong and Li Rong know that Uncle Yun has been poisoned, but it may be because Uncle Yun usually performs very well in front of them and never meets any danger, but they are not really worried at all.
It’s not hard to understand, not to mention Grandpa Three, that is, Master Brother Heiye gave me this feeling. No matter when I was with them, I never thought about their safety, because I thought they were omnipotent or enemies. It took me a long time to get rid of this feeling. I knew that Master Brother Heiye and I were human beings, but they were a little stronger than me in some ways. They were just very powerful in the face of death.
Li Hong and Li Rong are in the same state of mind as before. Although they know that Uncle Yun was bitten by a silver snake and poisoned, they think that this is not a problem. Uncle Yun can definitely solve it himself.
Uncle Yun’s eyes were full of blame because he didn’t want his younger generation to worry about himself, but now I have told the truth. Of course, he had no choice but to blame me in his eyes.
Sure enough, Li Hong and Li Rong are both my guess, so they don’t know that Uncle Yun is in a bad situation. After staring at me for a while, they turned their heads to confront Uncle Yun.
Maybe it’s because Uncle Yun knows that I’m worried about him, or maybe Uncle Yun knows that even if he doesn’t admit it, I will continue to tell the truth. Finally, he smiled and nodded at Li Hong and Li Rong.
Immediately, both Li Hong and Li Rong froze for a moment. After that, Li Rong’s eyes couldn’t stop dripping with tears, but she didn’t say a word.
And Leehom Lee’s performance is much worse. He squatted down with his hands on Uncle Yun’s shoulders and kept shaking with tears. "Uncle Lee, you can’t die. What shall we do if you die?" You have to live. If you die, there is no way for us. Even in Jiuquan, my mother will not forgive you. "
I was really angry at Li Hong’s words. At this time, he was not crying for his own safety, but for his own safety. If he were one of our teachers, I would definitely slap him immediately.
It is Li Rong who stares at him coldly after hearing these words from Li Hong. His eyes are full of hate and iron, and his hands are tightly squeezed into fists to see if he has the impulse to hit Li Hong.
I feel very comfortable when I see this scene. Although I can’t beat Li Hong myself, this Li Rong is ok.
But in the end, my wish didn’t come true. Uncle Yun saw Li Rong’s idea and grabbed Li Rong’s hands and said, "Rong Rong, I know you are a good boy. Don’t blame him. He didn’t mean to."
In this way, a family of three people cried for a long time and finally got quiet.
Uncle Yun pretended to be angry and said to me, "Look at this, it’s all your doing. If you hadn’t told Uncle Yun just now, my blood wouldn’t have flowed back so quickly. Now it’s good that you lost my life for almost an hour."
Uncle Yun didn’t tell a lie. An injured person was grabbed and shook wildly. This blood backflow is certain, and blood backflow is precisely the fastest way for toxins to spread. Li Hong just unconsciously let Uncle Yun spread more toxins, which further narrowed Uncle Yun’s life.
"Uncle Yun, it’s really biased for you to say so. I didn’t mean to make it difficult for you to tell the truth. I was trying to find a way to go out early to save you. It’s a social loss for you to die alone." Although I’m exaggerating, Uncle Yun is really such a person in my eyes.
Li Rong suddenly got up from the ground with a bright eye, grabbed my arm with both hands and asked excitedly, "Teacher younger brother, do you have any way to save Uncle Yun?" Please tell me if you have any idea? "
Former Li Rong has always said little, and I hardly said anything to her alone. Now she actually grabs me as a very good friend and asks me, which makes me a little moved, because she is uncle Yun, which can say that Li Rong is a very filial person.
On the other hand, Li Hong was very unbearable because he was jealous and no longer GuanYun Martial Uncle pulled back the hand that had held Uncle Yun’s hand. After Uncle Yun accidentally almost fell down, he took Li Rong away from me and looked at me angrily and asked, "What do you want? Don’t ShiShu poisoning now I’m afraid of you. "
Looking at his face, I really want to smoke two, but I really don’t want to do it in front of Uncle Yun. What time is this? Let’s not talk about saving him before. Even if we are safe, we should work together instead of being jealous here. Besides, Li Rong just said a word to me. Is it necessary for him to be so excited?
"You … you … you piss me off." Uncle Yun was so angry when he saw this sample of Lee Hom that his face became more ugly at the same time.
"ShiShu what’s wrong with you? You don’t want to scare me. "Li Rong shouted and went to hold Uncle Yun, who fell into a coma without a sigh of relief.
Just now, he glared at me. Li Hong fainted when he saw Uncle Yun, and let me go for a while. I ran over to check Uncle Yun.
I also came to see Uncle Yiyun, but I thought that if I went there, I would definitely confront Lee Hom again, and there would be no future.
Not far from here, I sat down and naturally took out a cigarette to smoke one.
I’ve been in charge of this box of cigarettes for several days, and I smoke very sparingly every day, because there is no department store here now. If this box of cigarettes runs out, I may run out of food.
When I hit the cigarette box, I found that there were two in it, so I refrained from preparing to cover the box and took it out to enjoy it when I couldn’t stand it.
"Wait, what is this?" At the moment I covered the box, I saw what seemed to be a tube in the cigarette case.
Quickly took it out and found that it was a glass bottle with a little finger thickness of two centimeters. There was a white liquid in this bottle.