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It lasted for three hours, and it was easy to be cloudy or sunny. Just now, a closer inspection found that this was a pseudo-growth, which seemed to increase. In fact, the aura was not compressed to a certain effect

If the original true qi is made into a whole with tiny particles, then the reiki absorbed later is also a particle, but it is not connected, so it will be white if there is a gap.
Later, although the Reiki was absorbed into the elixir, it was foreign goods after all, and it was only when it was easy to completely compress the Reiki into the original qi density that it was discovered that the original repair was not advanced, but it was a little bit scary.
The next day, ask Situxuan about the things in the then department and get a sample. It seems that the true qi has to be saved.
Wanted to think, wait for thirteen guards to finish building the mansion before telling them to be discouraged and lazy.
Yita absorbs all kinds of reiki from swarming, introduces reiki into the elixir, and then begins to compress the true qi step by step.
It’s a pity that this elixir can’t be limited to absorbing reiki. Everything has a saturation, compressed for a while, absorbed for a while, and then repeated.
After the event, continue to cross your legs and close your eyes to send a photo of the elixir of fire. If you have it, you will be attached to the external virtual environment of the elixir.
For another way, it’s easy to recognize, but you have to rely on foreign things. That’s all the changes in your body. Now everything is the foundation of the future Yuan God.
Unless you encounter an adventure by accident, it won’t work. All these things have to be found from the source, that is, then.
One is to send a photo, the other is to wait for the heat, and the third is to find something special after waiting for it, and to ensure that Dan is pure and not into the magic road.
Asked the Xuan Lao also didn’t get any essentials. Just put your mind aside. Yuan Shen doesn’t know when it will take shape yet.
Yi has a lot of plans to implement. If the mansion is completed, it will need a lot of loyal and reliable manpower. At present, thirteen guards have not yet borrowed a few people from Gong Yuetong Shen Changming to support the facade.
The fact that the five Yin ghosts can’t be delayed must be found, which is an urgent matter. Because of the balance of the five elements, I am a little afraid to send a lot of aura to the five internal organs when I practice at ordinary times, for fear that the five ghosts will not be able to get together in the future.
It’s the top secret method of fate that can increase the number of repairs and be between tangible disposal and the enemy’s benefits. If you really want to succeed, you can add five thugs to support it.
"It’s been a long time since I joined Yi Dong, Yi Xi, Nan Yi and Yi Bei, and I don’t know what happened. It’s been almost two years. A few months ago, I said I had a specific solution, but I haven’t found it yet."
"No, you can’t do this and wait for yourself to find a chance to touch."
Easy to make up your mind, where there is a will, there is a way. You must have the courage to look for a needle in a haystack. You can’t believe that you can’t find this ghost of Wuyin, or where did those ghosts and monsters come from?
The heart is not as good as the action. After cleaning up the floating pagoda and removing the array method, I walked outside the cave and saw a pile of herbs by the mouth of the cave, which was picked by five ghosts.
It’s easy to recall the five-ghost imperial sword and fly out of the hundred-magic mountain quickly, and then the forbidden export is scanned far and wide, and sure enough, it fluctuates rapidly there, which makes it invisible as a legal person.
"It happens that Tong elder sister sent such a little girl to spy on you! This girl is still a little tender. "
Yi smiled proudly. No matter where he went these days, people followed him secretly. At first, Yi also tried two times, smelling the special aroma, and my heart was white. Who else could Gong Yuetong be?
Yi not only didn’t get angry, but sent someone to follow him, but he was surprised and praised him.
After all, he often lives in other people’s abode of fairies and immortals, and he is still a man. She can be so defensive and praise him in vain.
Easy to withdraw the flying sword. Since I came to fix the truth, these two legs have been lazy. When I came to the secular world, I practiced hard and couldn’t send the flying skill. This time, I was looking for the ghost of Wuyin, and the flying skill on the ground was enough. After that, the royal sword flew over.
Looking at the Big Dipper, I took out a map and confirmed the direction. I tiptoed to my body like a phantom of the opera, and disappeared in the blink of an eye, leaving the scattered night wind to whirl there.
Easy to run for dozens of miles, took out two pieces of long-lost magic operators, and burned two golden lights into my legs. Suddenly, my legs were as light as flesh and blood, which was really comfortable.
Hoo hoo! The speed has increased several times sharply, and the scenery on both sides has retreated rapidly, whistling violently in the ear of the wind.
The night is more lively than the day. In this hundred miles, it is found that two people who are afraid of fighting are not as happy as they are yelling.
If a woman can still arouse a chivalrous heart, but a few men who dare to intervene there are simply asking for trouble when they delay.
If things don’t hang high, it’s easy to be different if words reveal something precious.
It’s easy to see all the way. It’s necessary to find the places where the yin qi sinks slightly only by looking at the mind. Generally, there are water and mountains, mass graves and graves of various sizes are also the main places where the yin qi sinks.
It’s really difficult for people to think about the fact that the five yin leaves the yin year and dies when the moon is cloudy. When they see children, they will observe the eyebrow breath. Generally, children born in the four yin have yin and resentment in their eyebrows.
When you are a few years old, you will be suspicious when you are not ready to die, otherwise you will not find it without exhaustion.
Every village crosses the village, meets the town, enters the city, and the spectators stop thousands of people from being busy, sweating on their foreheads and being distracted. Remember the boundary and avoid some monks’ caves.
But even so, I have encountered a lot of monks in the secular world. At this time, the other party’s spirit will extend to look at it and take it back when it is found that there is no malice
There are also monks who lock their minds and chase after each other. This is a kind of provocation. Personal exploration is a taboo in practice. It is easy to cut off each other’s minds and hide their bodies, but they are also careful.
In addition, because it is difficult to cut corners and run in dangerous places, it is found that many strange things are easy to get into the dry Kun bag one by one, and it is not a waste of work.
The fourth volume GanKun copulation Chapter two hundred and fifteen Chivalrous name gradually.
It’s easy to run around and search for more than a month, and I’ve made great progress with a dusty color method
Often, I meditate twice a night, and the river car handling method restores my lost mind.
People in the southwestern provinces of China have not been found after investigation, but there are countless sinister places they encounter or find, and they are uncomfortable when they walk nearby.
There are even some mountain spirits who ambush the roadside and attack the night-walking monks.
When I met Brother Xiucha, I jumped at him and ate the flesh as chicken, duck and fish.
These mountain spirits hide and hide in a very high way, which is faster and faster than it is easier to get caught in the road several times, which makes the face of the door and anger rise sharply. This is bad luck when it comes to mountain spirits.
However, they are not vegetarians, and they can quickly escape into the mountains, so that Yi can chase after them and dare not move the mysterious curtain. The danger is too great.
It often doesn’t work. It’s too slippery for Yi Ke Naishi. This southwest is full of mountains and mountains. If you drill in, you will disappear.
Later, Yi was able to kill and escape, and simply did not chase the waves. If you don’t talk about it, you won’t be able to get a good job, and you can’t move the curtain of the mysterious and muddy gods. Many famous schools in the southwest have discovered that it is a disaster.
Now this mysterious curtain has become a magic weapon like chicken ribs. It can’t be put into the dry bag and put into the second floor of the floating pagoda. The variables are too big. When I put it in that day, I came back late and saw that it had disappeared. It took a long time to find it. It was incredible.
It’s tempting to blend into the blood from time to time, and it’s uncomfortable to see living things like food at that time.
One day, it was easy to endure meditation and ignored it. The mysterious curtain actually sucked its own blood and quickly released it to feed many bodies and ghosts. The appetite is still growing.
More than 600 bodies have been accumulated in the dry Kun bag, except Zhai Yong, Qian Yuan’s body and several good bodies, which have been sucked clean and nutritious, even the bone marrow has not been spared.
This is still an emergency situation. It is easy to fly to the East China Sea or the South China Sea every three or five times to feed the Xuan Hun Shen Curtain and be careful not to be discovered.
If you eat the corpse together, it will spread into a blood fog, sucking all the creatures you meet into mummies and leaving a large body.
It’s easy to start by trying to burn it by fire, but I don’t know that there is no magic weapon in the sea, and it’s too much to consume qi, samadhi, and real fire doesn’t consume energy
Later, he started Xuan Yin’s precious charm, hiding behind him, holding a specially refined bottle to suck the corpse into the hose.
However, the breath released by the mysterious curtain of God is quite amazing, and often monks come to Yi, so they have to quickly collect it and run away.
This mysterious veil is full of all kinds of things that are good and evil, but it is easy to worry about. The only point is to hide the self-cultivation and the hidden method. It is a great thing to go there. It is often blocked by the perspective of others’ minds, which really scares many people.
Otherwise, it would be strange that so many powerful people can make friends with this refined and gasified realm of God.
To get to the point, it’s easy to find a ghost with five shades along the way, and to get rid of demons and demons. Generally, it’s close to fighting against the enemy, honing skills and saving many monks, and getting to know many fellow monks, both good and evil.
Later, I even went to some small monster nests to mop up a lot of gains. Occasionally, when I met my fellow travelers, I hurried along to say hello.
Over time, many people have been saved, and when they go back to the southwestern provinces, they will know such a person.
What makes people sigh is that they can’t repair the sword and fly, but they can’t stop running at night and see the road is uneven. They draw swords to help exorcise demons and ask for nothing in return, and they are praised by everyone, and their chivalrous fame is gradually rising and they are no longer unknown.
There are many famous brothers who have been saved. When they return home or in their master’s school, they often think of the savior to tell them.
However, the benefactor saved himself and left immediately after being told. The situation is unknown, and he can’t repay him if he wants to.
When the other party heard about the whereabouts, they hurried there with a thank-you gift, but they couldn’t find it disappointing. Every time they talked to their fellow travelers, they would fall into talks for a long time.
The terrain in southwest China is sinister and the mountains are continuous. One peak in Wan Li is higher than the other. Just looking at this scene, you can know that the environment is complex and I don’t know how many miraculous monks hide this boundary.
Yi also has the self-knowledge that when he meets some devil with exquisite skills, he will take a detour without touching the roots.
During this period, it is known that the major factions are down a peg or two, and they often sign up for the first time.
Will give a few minutes.
I don’t think it’s a big deal to kill so many monks of all factions in previous wars. Now it’s easy to cry.
It’s a pity that I’m down a peg or two, but everyone is yelling at me and killing me.