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However, for the mechanical worms who complain about working overtime 24 hours a day and can continuously upgrade their R&D investment, it is suspected that they have the unique advantage of "low production and high output" …

Mechanical worm "…" (╥ ╥)
Since there are foreseeable scientific and technological advantages in the future, it is necessary to plan ahead from now on and hit the global market!
Perhaps the current trade volume between the two sides is a drop in the bucket, but with the increasing scientific and technological advantages of Yun Nie, I believe that the trade deficit between the two sides will expand rapidly!
Experts on the double star side saw that most of the trade lists performed like treasures.
Relatively speaking, an "expert of the Ante Empire" will appear calm, and many of them will occasionally make low-level communication.
In fact, the old man and others got the binary star trade list from Nie Yun a day ago, and they knew all about the technology and things that were naturally valuable to China.
However, in the eyes of the binary negotiating team, it is suspected that there are not many things they are interested in in in the binary trade list …
"How do you get anything?" Arthas idled away and drank a glass of juice before asking the experts around him
"Well … quite a few of the trading options of science and technology are our overlapping mechanical science and technology, including our quantity and gravity science and technology tree, and the other party will not master much less than us.
The unknown science and technology body’ Youneng’ seems to be the characteristic science and technology of the other side, and it should also be that the other side’s weapon is superior to our key!
These technologies are the most valuable things for our culture, and we should try our best to buy them!
There are quite a few cheap weapons and equipment in the list of remnants, including this time, the other side should be in the battlefield standard mecha biological weapon hunters and high-precision and powerful artillery can be sold in the list.
The price of the other party’s energy crystal pricing method is much lower than the national average. I suggest purchasing some in small quantities and going back for research. "
Is in addition to fooling people "hidden energy" column technology, Yun Nie’s trade list is at most a variety of cheap weapons.
At present, most of Yun Nie’s own industries are cutting-edge products with high scientific and technological content, especially high-tech weapons and equipment of various leading times.
Give priority to the development of military industry and strengthen the overall military strength of the sun, which is also what Yun Nie can do to deal with the threat of double stars
However, such an industrial structure is somewhat out of date in relative peacetime.
With the current elimination capacity of the earth’s forces, even one-third of the production capacity can be digested by law.
Space battleship and the mainframe only need a lot of investment in personnel and logistics, which is not something that ordinary small forces can afford at present.
Besides, Sun ghost captain is the absolute order maker who wants ghost captain not to join the chaotic camp. Even the pirates in the universe have no soil, so there will be no place for these large weapons.
Therefore, after several orders from earth defense force and several major countries, the surplus output of weapons manufacturing plants can be digested by Yun Nie itself or sealed as a war.
However, the war ban on small and individual weapons and the military alliance of the Earth has limited market demand, and even more, Nie Yun has consciously controlled what irreparable tragedy the weapons and equipment sold to the Earth have caused to the fragile Earth …
After code statistics, the production capacity of newly-built military bases in the sun will usher in a round of explosion in the near future. If the demand is insufficient, the production capacity of these sophisticated weapons and equipment will soon become a wave of resources.
However, it is unrealistic that the hard strategy needs to be dismantled and reformed. Since the demand is insufficient, Yun Nie has set its sights on the overseas market
Woolf’s sudden invasion may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity …
Earth trade road … From arms dealers!
"In addition, there is another item in the other party’s list that is specially marked as’ special supplier’. Generally speaking, this strategic material root cannot be sold on a large scale …" The expert hesitated.
"What is it?" Arthas eyebrows a pick.
"… energy crystal!"
Chapter five hundred and twenty-two Charging technology
Energy crystal is a kind of extremely important or non-renewable strategic resource for Shuangxing Wen.
An ultra-high density energy medium, whose energy density far exceeds all known substances including nuclear fuel.
There is a physical explanation for this method, so some people speculate that there is a hidden saying in the energy crystal that Chinese science and technology are of great scientific research value
In addition, the output performance of ultra-high instantaneous energy can not only greatly increase the power of weapons, but also play an important role in miniaturization and endurance enhancement of weapons.
Its discovery and exploitation are to binary stars what the earth is to fossil fuels, which greatly accelerates the development of science and technology.
Increase the power of weapons, increase the exploration distance of interstellar fleet, shorten the sailing time, and the energy crystal has an irreplaceable catalyst for the development history of binary stars!
Because of the important strategy of Energy Crystal, Wengen would not trade such an important thing in large quantities.
Even if the trader is based on the energy crystal pricing method, it is impossible for both parties to settle a large number of energy crystals based on this value measurement method.
"Can you explain the meaning of’ special quotient’ of an energy crystal?" Arthas looked at the Black Deacon.
"Of course, according to the trading rules specified by our allies, this special way of selling energy crystals needs to be distinguished separately. If you want to buy energy crystals, then the only designated exchange goods …’ white crystals’!"
"White crystal? !” The experts behind Arthas couldn’t help exclaiming.
White crystal is not a rare cosmic mineral. On the contrary, it is a kind of Farley "waste" in the binary star text.
Because … it is the residue after the energy crystal is exhausted!
The ordinary energy crystal is a ruby-red transparent crystal. After the energy is gradually released, its color will gradually fade into a "white crystal".
People are surprised that it is not that the other party needs this kind of waste exchange condition, but that this condition contains some amazing information …
"Do you … have mastered the white crystal charging technology?" An expert can’t help but exclaimed
White crystal is a kind of waste for the binary star, because the binary star method will never be targeted at the Galilean but Ant Empire, which obviously has certain value.
The final answer to the strange move of exchanging white crystals with each other’s energy crystals has been vividly portrayed.
Yun Nie has mastered the white crystal charging technology!
And this ….. is also the finale of Nie Yun’s careful preparation!
Yun Nie’s research on energy crystal mainly focuses on making this high-density energy beneficial to military science and technology when it just discovered the residual ore of lunar energy crystal.
In the follow-up study, Yu Lao and others took the road of energy crystal research and development to the field of "art" …
Ahem! Of course, there is no denying that both sides have made great achievements and achieved certain scientific research results.
As it turns out, the super-high instantaneous output capability of energy crystal, mechanical worm, a powerful energy superconducting material, is simply a perfect match for the terrorist lethality of the mithril fleet, which was revealed in proxima centauri War!
The research of Lao et al. has also made gratifying progress. It is said that the fancy "energy crystal bomb" that can directionally and quantitatively spray energy shock waves has been issued by combining force field technology …
However, at the very most, Yun Nie’s interest in energy crystals was still in a small-scale stage for only one year. It was not until the recent war that Nie Yun turned his attention to this "non-recyclable garbage" because of the large amount of energy crystals that should be consumed.
The highest doubt about the value of white crystal is the repeated charging technology!
If this disposable pool can be turned into a rechargeable pool, the strategic value of energy crystal can be almost doubled as an inexhaustible conventional energy source!
However, judging from the information obtained by binary stars, they have made little progress in this technology.
The white crystals in the whole binary department have not found effective value yet, and some binary architects regard them as rare building materials.
Therefore, Nie Yun has little hope for the research base in this field.