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Those three demon faces are not willing to be trapped in their desperate bondage, struggling and colliding, and these vitality ropes are green and dark.

At this rate, they will get out of trouble soon.
"Poof-"The vitality rope was hit, and the autumn moon was also hit hard, and one mouthful blood could not help spraying out.
Seeing that he had the advantage, the three hellhounds howled at the same time, as if they were triumphantly announcing their impending victory.
"knot!" Pale in autumn, Leng Mei picked up his right hand and went back. Yu Di immediately flew back to her hand when he stabbed the ground.
As Yu Di flew up the lines of vitality rope, the light immediately increased the intensity of binding and quickly twisted together
Poof! Poof! Poof!
Three demon faces were forcefully crushed into pieces by the vitality rope and turned into several dark red light particles to dissipate.
"Wow-"The vitality summoner was destroyed, and the three hellhounds were also strongly implicated. The body was blown hundreds of meters away by a powerful force.
Qiu Wan Moon’s own attack is bound to make these three hellhounds die for a while, but I didn’t expect them to stabilize their steps as soon as they landed and quickly rush toward Qiu Wan Moon again.
"Damn it!" Autumn Moon’s eyes flashed with cold light and waved Yu Di War Helhounds again!
In the autumn, Fang Yuhan led his fellow Lins soldiers and those demons to one place.
At this time, the battlefield is very chaotic, and it is difficult to distinguish the enemy by other methods except by clothes and eyes.
The Lins’ soldiers will shoot at the sight of the fighters who are not wearing the Lins’ gray.
Magic people also want people around them not to have red eyes, and they will not hesitate to chop with machetes.
Yue Qiuling also waved a sword in the fighting team to slay the magic man. Lin Yu didn’t want her to come, but she insisted on fighting.
Nai Lin Yu can get Yue Qiuling a set of sixth-order armor and a sixth-order sword for self-defense.
At this time, Yue Qiuling was waving the extremely sharp sword in her hand. Anyone who was cut by her sword to the enemy would be easily cut like tofu.
Yue Qiuling stabbed a magic man with a sword again, and the magic man’s blood immediately stained her whole body.
But Yue Qiuling didn’t mind her father’s death at all, and now her brother has disappeared, and she has vented all her resentment on these demons.
She wants to kill more demons and kill all demons to avenge her father!
Yue Qiuling just drew the sword from the magic man, and a dozen magic men immediately surrounded her and cut wildly at her with machetes.
Dangdang …
Yue Qiuling’s sword blocked the two magic men in front from attacking Yu Magic Man, and the machetes all cut off her body.
A golden light from YueQiuLing body close-fitting armor will these magic machetes are turned back.
"Good opportunity!" Yue Qiuling took this opportunity to sweep her body with a sword.
Sixth-order sword with vigour swing cut out more than a dozen magic man was immediately YueQiuLing sword cut into two parts!
Yue Qiuling finally caught the attention of the small and medium-sized leaders of the magic team after slaying dozens of magic people in one breath.
A small leader of Yuan Lingjing Magic Man rushed towards Yue Qiuling, and the point of machete in his hand was shiny and shiny. At first glance, he knew that it was a weapon processed by bone-eroding magic oil.
The terrible place of inferno is not only their strong physical strength, but also their unique forging method is a must in Cangyu mainland.
If the seventh armor hadn’t touched them, the bone-eating magic oil would have been finished
Yue Qiuling naturally knows that she can dodge when she sees this guy killing herself.
Brush-the magic man’s little leader was hidden by Yue Qiuling with a knife, and a red magic energy flew out from the blade and chopped the body of the Lins soldiers next to him.
"Ah-"The two Lins soldiers were immediately screamed when they were attacked by magic energy.
Their bodies were not only cut into two parts, but also corroded rapidly from the fracture for several seconds and became a pile of bones!
Yue Qiuling’s eyes show horror, whether it is cut by this magic knife or hit by his magic vitality, it will be over.
"Hey, hey, the Terran girl will take another knife from the uncle!" The magic man grinned with a machete in his hand and cut towards Yueqiuling again.
Yue Qiuling has great strength and strength, and the gap between her and the other side is too large. Besides, her armor and weapons can’t reach the enemy’s roots, so she can be chased and fled by this magic leader.
"death!" The magic man with a grimace of a grin slashed at Yue Qiuling, who had already escaped!
"I still haven’t …" YueQiuLing heart can’t help but burst of dim "Lin Yu farewell …"