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Xiu Xiu looked at the third brother and then at Ning Yuechan’s timid way of "Sister"

Ning Yuechan Dayue took Xiu Xiu’s hand and pulled out a small bag and pressed it in Xiu Xiu’s hand.
"This is a gift, sister. Take it."
"Spirit beast bag? What’s inside? " Gu Qingshan asked
Ning Yuechan said "Red-necked White Crane"
Xiu Xiu gently called a hug NingYueChan way "thank you, sister".
She didn’t do sex, but let Ning Yuechan like it.
Ning Yuechan took another small and exquisite bag and put it in Xiu Xiu’s hand.
"I’ll make it myself and you keep it," she said.
"It’s really nice." Xiu Xiu sniffed the bag and smiled. "It smells good."
Ning Yuechan took Xiu Xiu to introduce five beautiful women behind her to Gu Qingshan.
"Liu Qingyan, Wang Ningxiang, Dong Xue, Zhao Dan and Zhang Cuiwei are my good sisters"
Before several pool qi qi saluted Gu Qingshan.
"I’ve met my brother"
Several women looked at Gu Qingshan with bright eyes.
Saint can never take the initiative to talk to any male repairman like this and bring herself and others to come.
At present, the honor enjoyed by men is unique.
What’s good about him?
No, we need to take a good look
The female practitioners think so.
Gu Qingshan smiled and fuels, saying, "School sisters are good. Gu Qingshan’s Baihua Sect ranks third."
Female practitioners listened to secretly nod.
It’s also a good match for our teacher elder sister.
Gu Qingshan just pondered, "Please report a spirit root to your school sister."
You ladies are strange, but it’s a common thing, so you’re talking
Gu Qingshan picked out five jade slips from the bag after hearing a beat.
Ning Yuechan asked, "What are you doing?"
Gu Qingshan said, "My school sister has accepted your gift. As a senior, I can’t say nothing to your school sister."
Ning Yuechan smiled and said, "What are you going to give them?"
Gu Qingshan Road’s "Five Elements Mystery"
When these four words came out, they quietly noted that the monks here were crashing and moving.
That’s the five elements occult technique, but you can always practice it in Zongmen.
Even if you take it to the auction house, you can sell hundreds of millions of lingshi casually.
He just sent it?
So it’s a gift?
Hundred flowers live in a hundred flowers. Oh, my God, what kind of clan is this?
In the distance, the celestial pole Zongzhang teaches the original silent language, but at this moment, he chuckles and his mood suddenly becomes better.
Several of his mighty monks looked at each other and sighed secretly.
Who called himself Zongmen? There is no such peerless figure as Ning Yuechan.
Several female practitioners took the jade slips trembling, and one female practitioner screamed excitedly on the spot.
"It’s too expensive. You scared them." Ning Yuechan said lightly.
"It’s good that everyone is happy when they are all very general hermetic." Gu Qingshan said.
"Thank you, Senior Brother". Five women took a salute.
"You’re welcome, they are all our own" Gu Qingshan said.
One of our own? Ning Yuechan couldn’t help but ask, "Are you practicing sword now?"
When this sentence was asked, the depressed young monks were ecstatic at once.