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"I have a trick," said the cockroach. "Black cats hate sparrows the most. Let sparrows be close to you …"

"This matter will not be discussed any more." Lang Busy interrupted the cockroach’s bad idea. "We should pay attention to this business whether the sheep comes forward or not. It can be said that this business is the biggest one for us to form a pirate group."
Wu Xin took the words to the stern. "… dead girl pulled herself into the blacklist? In? "
Trailing Bai Wenle, "Why did you guess the cat’s tail?"
"Life is full of tragedies," Wu believes in Buddhism. "If you are in the center of thorns, you will not be hurt." If the heart moves, people will move and hurt the body, so they will realize that all kinds of pain in the world are taken from a certain classics … "
"I heard that it took 500 times to look back before I passed the world." Bai Wendao "was taken from the so-and-so sutra"
"You agree?"
"Of course, I don’t object to it. For example, when you are sleepy in winter, you have a cup of yesterday’s tea water around you, but there may be new tea water in the refrigerator. Cats are like tea water that you can reach, but you can drink it even though you don’t like it. Or would you like to get up and go to the refrigerator to see if there is tea before you bet on whether it is good or not?" Bai Wendao said, "You never know what women you will meet in the future and what women you will like." Bai Wen’s habit of staying in bed is clear from examples.
"That’s it?"
"Xiao Wu, what about you? You’ve been a monk for too long. If your dopted mother doesn’t worry about you, don’t worry that you haven’t had a woman because you haven’t been tempted." Bai Wendao "Why don’t we talk about it first? Give her a chance and give yourself a chance."
"Follow your heart, follow your fate, and be casual!" Wu Xin put his hands together and said, "Don’t worry, your mother will arrange a blind date and will flock in a year or two."
"That’s true," Bai Wen said with a wry smile. He went home for the New Year two years ago and had the good name of taking you to the New Year. "That can be determined through the line of the British and British guilds, but in this way we can get arrogant help."
"Aha, looking for disorderly dancing." Wu Xin’s eyes lit up. "This guy killed himself and didn’t want to help the Wolf clan get the sign of the king of the guild. I guess he will quarrel with the proud Lianyun because of this."
"Yes," Bai Wen suddenly said, "I have nothing to say. I’ll let Lang go to Lian."
Because all the members of the wave boat can go shopping in groups of two or three, Niue City is full of China people, but it is very comfortable to go shopping with foreigners. What is not comfortable? Squeeze more and you’ll know that if they stink, they will smell strong. The smell of perfume and cologne can make you dizzy.
Mei and Youer are a group of Wu Xin and Bai Wen, and a group of dragonflies are used to shopping alone. People publish all kinds of gossip to fight and call names … Game shopping is more fun than reality. If you are tired of shopping, you can hang up and be a hawker when you become a scarecrow.
In the channel, Youer Khan "is dizzy, and some people are selling it on the street. Every time the Chinese Love Group pays 100 gold, it can become a member of a guild. After completing two foundations, every member who introduces to join the club will be drawn into 2 gold, more introductions and more pumping. There are also ten revolving silver members, gold members and diamond members … Wow, you can earn 15 thousand gold in three months."
Selling and terrorist activities in the "Send them a Grenade" wave game are not cases of interference in the rules of the game.
"You …" In the dragonfly sigh, this friend has accepted several things over her age, and it doesn’t matter to accept them again.
So Yo-Yo blew them up. Soon Yo-Yo got tired of all the streets and sent love grenades. He was honored as Bomb Superman and became famous overseas! At the same time, the level of bomb manufacturing is changing with each passing day.
The most common auction in Niue is the auction of a lot of goods, which are dug up by the merchants at half price and can be doubled after ten days of auction. It’s still quite tempting for Wu Xin to have a whim. "Do you think that if the black beard’s lair is planed, will it lead the troops to rob Niue City?"
"…" Bai Wen one leng way "that’s really terrible"
"Is it so serious?"
"Of course, a lot of people here are trying to scrape together fifty gold to participate in the activities and dig up the treasure. After all, it is a few activities that have been carried out for most of them. They always want to go back, right? So I borrowed from the east and bought from the west to go back to China to sell. At this time, the black beard robbed their last hope. Isn’t it terrible? "
"Hard to say!" Bai Wen answered the words "Hello …"
Wu Xin saw that Bai Wen looked pale and hung up and asked "What’s the situation?"
"Dowa said that the black beard boat entered Niue waters" Bai Wen dialed the words.
"Why didn’t she give me a word?" At least hang out together.
"Do you know Russian?" In the vernacular, "English forum, Black Hu, Niue, let everyone run for their lives."
Wu Xin, the crow channel, said, "Black beard is coming. Let’s go to the bank to transfer funds quickly."
"No way?" When watching the waves, I was angry. "It will take another hour for the ship to be repaired."
"Transfer money first!" Players want money, not life.
Soon after the news, there was a riot in the street a few minutes later. Everyone shouted to the people on their respective ship channels that they would join Wu Xin. Seeing this, they were relieved and said, "Don’t worry."
"What do you mean?" Lang asked him if he was going to forcibly take the boat to his city for repair.
"Everyone is running towards the sea, and Niue is temporarily safe." Although Wuxin doesn’t understand love, it is very simple in business sense. When everyone goes to a busy shop, businesses in the remaining relatively remote areas can always make more money. This is the principle of not joining in the fun in business, and everyone wants to do things. This is the characteristic of agricultural products. This year, the price is very high, and everyone goes to plant it. As a result, the year after next, everyone loses. When the market is short, the price will come back.
The wave suddenly "is right, but everyone is ready to get together. It is hard to say whether Blackbeard is looking for revenge from us."
"A successful pirate can’t have personal vendetta," Wu Xin said. "I don’t think the target will be us."
Friend "Do you want to buy cotton at a 10% discount?"
The cockroach replied, "We can’t make much money just by buying our broken boat."
Wave nu "you find an unbreakable ship is one of the top ten famous bows in the world"
A man ran past Wu Xin and grabbed Wu Xin. "What’s the cat running for?"
"Haven’t you heard that Blackbeard is coming?"
"Yes, you just ran out and hit the muzzle of the black beard."
"That’s right!" Black cat think after jilt Wu Xin hand "who are you? Do I know you? "
"When we meet, we must have known each other. It’s good to be kind." Wu Xin called "The waves were beaten by Lao Wang, and the cat went bye-bye."
Bai Wen sighed, "Can you find some higher excuses?"
"It’s too high. I’m afraid she’ll believe it."
On this side of the waves, they said, "We are ready to go to Tonga."
Chapter 100 Colonization
The bilateral talks between Lang and Ao Zhanlian Dance went smoothly. Lang introduced that "Ao Zhanlian Dance had a face-to-face dispute with Ao Zhanlian Cloud for the first time because of this. Finally, Ao Zhanlian Cloud agreed to let some ships support themselves to obey Ao Zhanlian Cloud’s command, but others did not participate in this activity."
The cockroach chuckled, "If the wolf travels thousands of miles, it is absolutely not to do it if he knows that he is proud of the war dance."
"Because of this, the proud war dance is not clear. They plan to know that the target is indeed a temple in Tonga, but the proud war dance doesn’t know about the symbol of the king. He guessed that it might be an important thing outside the treasure."
"Enao’s war dance connects a wolf clan with me, but the information we know so far is limited." There are often’ undercover’ characters in rival gangs in ordinary online games. The big reason is the interest struggle, for example, the opponents in siege warfare arrange some cracks in rival guilds, and so on. Mean points also accept the privacy of a backbone, for example, a backbone child is mentally retarded and can’t speak at the age of 7, and a backbone is often called a loser by his wife. jane doe players change their equipment physically, and so on (these three situations appear in the early years of Xiami’s online games in Shumen).
"According to my analysis, the wolf traveled thousands of miles to find out that the king’s sign had fallen, and at least he had some clues. It is estimated that when he was afraid to make moves due to lack of strength, Proud Lianyun asked for help to pull Proud Lianyun to steal the boat." Bai Wendao "Proud Lianyun can’t prevent this trick no matter how sophisticated he is."
Wu Xin nodded thoughtfully. "This means that although you don’t cheat, you will turn a blind eye in the face of cheating people. So it seems that the situation is very beneficial to us, but now you are worried that wolves can’t take the temple for thousands of miles."
Yo-yo interrupted, "Heihu sank five ships 20 nautical miles away from us and he wasn’t a ship."