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There are also some middle-class people who come to save money, which is not as great as Wang Huanzhang’s great hope that this speculation in Hetao shares will make a windfall, and even the land can’t be counted, so it will be easy to fall to the point of pawning real estate and selling concubines, maids and daughters.

In the past, those rich men changed their Tsing Yi hats and came out from the back door. They didn’t know where to go. Those ladies helped them cry and walked down the street blindly with their families.
Others are even worse. They are sold by their own families at a relatively suitable price in exchange for debt reduction. Even if the first-born women want to be beautiful, they can’t escape this fate. There are still some outstanding women who refuse to sell at home, and they have lost their trace in a dark corner, including Wang Huanzhang’s granddaughter who was abducted in the boudoir for no reason. These gentry have also reported to the government in a progressive way.
The gentry who beat Luo Jiankui, the leader of Lian Qing Feng, made the company frantically collect debts and lend money to change the land contract. Even the amount of work in the yamen office has increased several times than usual, especially now these people know that the yamen is going to carry out a major rectification, and many old collectors are about to lose their jobs. Even this time, Hetao shareholders have to get up their spirits to avoid being hurt.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-two Destroy (2)
With the recovery of the court in Hetao, it is natural to involve the distribution of interests. Of course, after the recovery of the Hetao, it can be a military town for the time being. The civilian is not big, but the military commanders are good at leading troops to fight. The management of the administration is the warehouse, money, food, etc. After all, it is not convenient. At this time, it depends on these officials.
The more new military towns are built, the more loopholes there are in the management. Now these officials have thought of Hetao as a big treasury. I don’t know how much food is waiting for them to float, and there are not many ordnance waiting for them to steal and sell. What’s more, I heard that there are silver mines in Hetao, so I can retire with peace of mind if I can get a job for a few years. Naturally, these people should know who works hard.
My uncle won a complete victory in this game. He seems to be unable to get in the mouth, but everyone knows that if he doesn’t take the way of my uncle, then this position will be sure of his own fate. Therefore, since my uncle wants these people’s fields, he will let his uncle’s wish come true.
For several years, the complicated procedures have been quickly approved by the petty officials, and even these people didn’t expect their office efficiency to be so fast. Of course, many people cried outside the yamen and said that they didn’t sell the land themselves, but the officials made a mistake.
This answer is always a mistake? Impossible, right? If you don’t report it to the deployment envoy, it must be a temporary employment … No, I mean we can’t make a mistake. Please let the deployment envoy explain it to you, but it seems that our deployment envoy, Wang Lao Fangbo, is going to the south to see a doctor. We can’t say when he will come to the new deployment. You also know that the mutiny court in Henan pays attention to it. Who knows when to appoint a new official? Why don’t you go to the magistrate’s office?
When people arrived at the magistrate’s yamen, the magistrate in Xi ‘an took the initiative to warmly receive them, and then said that they would check it out and never tolerate it. "This is outrageous. How can you assign your land to someone else’s name? This is a serious dereliction of duty. This is a serious work error. I will give you justice. Please go home and wait. "
But there is no more Wen Nai, who went to the governor’s Douchayuan to patrol the yamen, and the same is true of this result. Without Wen, this dry day is used to similar activities. The only difference is that the government is not on its own side.
Zheng Guobao, the yamen of mineral tax supervision, was laid back by the plush chair. Those guys were bought or brought to darling daughter by Xu Yun. He beat his legs and rubbed his shoulders, while others peeled grapes and sent them to him and Xu Yun.
Although most of these ladies don’t touch the spring water on weekdays, since they were caught or bought, they have long been frightened out of temper by the female soldier of fortune and the group of peak sexually gray-headed troops. It is better than ordinary maids to be at ease when they are afraid that a poor waiter will be sent to work as a camp discipline.
Especially one by one, fine-boned and fair-skinned, or thin-skinned, deliberately picking beautiful women. Looking at it, it’s also beautiful. Zheng Guobao opened his mouth and swallowed a grape. The female soldier of fortune saw her as if she had smoked a muscle. The whole person collapsed her chair with two long legs and no manners. Her hands rested on the armrest, her head rested on the back of the chair and her mouth was open, waiting for the girl to put grapes in her mouth. Zheng Guobao had eaten for more than six times.
Zheng Guobao said, "What? Sleepy? "
Xu Yun said lazily, "Didn’t you toss me up again last night? Can you not be sleepy?"
"Isn’t that your own choice?" Before the words were finished, the female soldier of fortune threw grapes on his forehead-he added, "What about the old father-in-law?"
"Nothing," Xu Yun yawned. "He’s not the ordinary old man who is also a military commander for nothing. Sooner or later, he will be much tougher than you think, but his old man swore that all the tribes in Hetao would die if they were taller than the axle, so that they could pay for my eldest brother."
Zheng Guobao nodded, "You should rest assured that if someone makes a fuss about it, my old man’s house will cover it. By the way, you can consider making the axle shorter."
Xu Yun laughed after hearing it. "I knew you had a lot of salt in your mouth, as expected. Don’t worry, my dad has a lot of salt in his mouth. It’s not so easy to revive the Hetao after this time. It’s because we have limited money that we can take the former set and the latter set, even if it doesn’t come for a short time. I don’t know if the mine is good or not. If there is nothing there, I think Xi ‘an government will have to be chaotic, but it’s better to catch so many little girls for you this time."
Zheng Guobao also got a report that this World War I, even if it wasn’t the death of Xu Chengzhong, was a terrible defeat. The casualties of Cang Tou Army were especially great, and the old man was old, and he was really not as refined and sad as he used to be, and he even had the idea of genocide. This is the best.
Originally, I was worried that he would recruit young and strong troops from various tribes after playing Hetao. This time, since he took the initiative to slaughter and destroy the ministries, Zheng Guobao will naturally make great efforts to promote it, just waiting for him and the Mongols to lose both sides, and no one can fall back and become a blood feud. Let’s see what strength he has to fight against each other.
Listening to Xu Yun talking about mining, he made a haha "What are you afraid of? If I say yes, there will be. Besides, if the old father-in-law is white, he will definitely say yes and he will tell everyone that the mine has been found and it is a big mine. You can rest assured that what the old father-in-law has to do now is to speed up his March and be robbed by poor relatives. In case they break through their brothers and compatriots first, we won’t be able to grab anything. "
Xu Yun well a "know this, you can rest assured that killing people, setting fires and robbing things are all experts in our family and have never lost to others. You see these little girls are hiding in boudoir on weekdays. What do you mean, three steps are not the same as boudoir? I caught them? But why don’t you see that you favor them? Are you afraid they won’t? " As she spoke, a pair of wonderful eyes swept over the maids. Who hasn’t been whipped by a female soldier of fortune? As soon as she saw it, she felt as if she had been whipped by the whip, and she quickly knelt down and said, "We dare not ask the big lady to let us do whatever we want."
Xu Yun laughed. "? I told you, they were all whipped by me. Who dares to disobey? I’ll give her a whip first, and then I’ll reward her to the idlers, and then they’ll suffer. "
"How others are trying to keep a man you pour also take the initiative to find me a woman? Is it because you began to read those stupid words and believed what’ you have to be willing to rain and dew and find as many sisters as you want’ stupid words? "
Xu Yun Cui said, "That’s for you men. I don’t want to watch it. I think it’s all a woman who has found a bunch of men as wives. Yin and Yang are reversed, and men and men are paired as husband and wife. What kind of sisters are they if they are not people?" It can be regarded as your meat pillow and meat screen. I know that you won’t stay long anyway. I’m afraid you’ll have to leave again. First, these little girls have squeezed you dry. But you really don’t want to go with me and Cangtoujun when you go to Henan this time? "
Chapter one hundred and thirty-three Is an old friend to (a)
Guo-bao zheng reached her head a chisel "what are you talking about? Huashan is in a special situation now, so you can’t joke around. Be careful not to be listened to and made a fuss. You and your Cangtou Army have to stay and watch for me. How can you move? You know, these gentry families are not adults, and they are deeply rooted. This time, they were hit by a surprise attack, and they dug up a large area of land from their hands. Can these people blame it? Of course, there are many imperial soldiers here, and they dare not die, but we must also guard against someone who is desperate to make a desperate move. If someone dares to rebel, refuse to pay taxes, refuse to pay rent or seize land, you will kill me and cut me down. Don’t be afraid of the dead. Don’t be afraid of bloodshed. I’ll find an old company for you. I won’t
Xu Yun said, "What about Henan? I think the Tang newspaper said that it was a mutiny, but it was a bad accident, but the imperial envoy called Gu was chopped. "
Guo-Bao Zheng swallowed a grape "that unlucky guy named Gu Yuncheng deserved to die, and wanted to benefit Gu Xiancheng, As a result, Qian Yi’s gang made a good meal, but it was not easy to pursue his death. It was cheap for nothing. This Sun ruined his reputation. The mutiny in the camp was caused by him. Don’t worry, my sister will never cheat me. Since she knows that I won’t fight, let’s say that the overall situation in Henan is very good. I went there to pick peaches and grab credit. In other words, 6,000 elite soldiers have already entered Henan in advance, and even if there are any residual bandits, they can’t help me. That is to write a war report, collect money, and
Xu Yun said, "I don’t care about you. Anyway, I can’t see you at a glance. You don’t know what kind of woman will come out. But I tell you, if the fox wants to ride my head, don’t blame me for cutting people with a knife. When will you pick me up in Beijing?"
Zheng Guobao hesitated for a moment. "Soon, I’ll have to go to Beijing when I’ve taken care of Henan affairs. I’ll send someone to pick you up after Miss Shen and I worship the church. But you have to make way for her in the future. She’s a girl from the records family. She has no knowledge. She’s more knowledgeable than Miss za, and she’s vulnerable. Don’t start work with her."
With a wave of his hand, Xu Yun said impatiently, "I’m tired of knowing and knowing. I’m not the one who likes to bully people. Ignore her when she’s in a hurry. I’ll talk about that. You little hooves listen." She pointed to the maids and said, "Your master will go outside in a few days. The girl is merciful and allows you and your master to do whatever you want, but anyone who hasn’t climbed the master’s bed in the past few days will prove to be too ugly. The master can’t look back and wash himself."
Seeing those girls desperately trying to please Zheng Guobao, Xu Yun’s heart andao, since the young lady was born in the army, she couldn’t beat Huashan’s mother and daughter’s flowers, and you couldn’t beat the daughter of Xiang Fu in the capital, so more people bully more than less. Then let’s see who wins.
For six or seven days in a row, Zheng Guobao was in an absurd life. These noble families did not fall into a rut. Fate scrambled to spoil him and invited him to be pampered. The women who were out of position were responsible for trying their best to coax Qu Fei cigarettes into breaking everyone’s good deeds. Finally, the prince’s uncle was kind enough to let each of them complete their goals without having to be a camp. However, the price of doing good deeds was that Zheng Guobao stayed in Xi’ an for two more days to recuperate.
A large number of fields in Shaanxi have become a small part of the fields in the Wanli Emperor’s Manor, and the cash has become a reward for the troops. You should know that it is not the fact that campers do not want land. In many places, land has been given to campers instead of military salaries. In the past, these gentry in Shaanxi were not under the control of the court, and they could give them even if they wanted to.
This time, since Zheng Guobao has turned the local tyrants into his own, it is naturally convenient, and these landlords have become fierce border troops. If there is a layer to support them, it is not afraid that the local gentry will counterattack and recycle the land.
The biggest beneficiary of Hetao shares’ purchase of salt from Huamachi was Zheng Guobao, who accumulated a large number of Hetao shares during the rescue period. This time, they were all replaced by salt from Huamachi. The imperial edict is to make his uncle reasonably and legally wash the salt from Hetao shares into decent salt.
When the prince’s maternal uncle is naturally not in charge of selling salt himself, he will ask Lian Delu to take charge of it. In addition, the local government has registered a Zheng salt firm owner in Xi ‘an, and naturally it is Zheng Guobao’s treasurer’s office. Then, after refining Qingfeng and the mine tax supervision yamen, he will transfer his brother from Huashan School to take charge of salt protection, nursing home and warehouse management.
Wait until things here are properly handled. Zheng Guobao lit up the horses. Ning Zhongze returned to Huashan all the way. This time, Xi’ an is considered to enjoy a lot of people’s happiness. One more time, I can’t tell people that Yue Buqun left and Hugh let Zheng Guobao have a different mind. Ning Zhongze’s yamen has always lived in seclusion, which is not convenient. This didn’t start work.
Zheng Guobao stole a look and saw Ning Zhongze’s face laughing as usual. He didn’t see any sad expression. He secretly admired her character, and her husband Ning Zhongze, a female middle school student, and other big teams sent Yue Lingshan Mountain to inform his brothers to meet him after Huayin. However, Yue Lingshan’s visit was as heavy as a stone and he would reply again.
Ning Zhongze seems to be very worried about Zheng Guobao’s encouragement. "Sister-in-law doesn’t have to worry. This is already the sphere of influence of Huashan Sect. Lingshan should not be a problem. Besides, after the event, I left behind the mountain people and stepped up my vigilance. Even if those six weirdos appear, there should be a fighting force that won’t let them easily seize Lingshan."
Ning Zhongze said, "I’m afraid that Lingshan has met six monsters, and those six people are far from martial arts. How many people can’t guess crazily? In case of a narrow encounter, I’m afraid Lingshan has been killed by their national treasure brothers. Please wait for me and leave first."
Zheng Guobao said, "Sister-in-law, are you alone against those six demons? Come on, I ordered the brigade to March rapidly. "These royal guards are all specially selected war horses. If they are put in rivers and lakes, they will be called BMW Liangju. The speed is far faster than that of Ningzhong. Zheng Guobao ordered some people to walk slowly with this battle. He chose ten royal guards and Ningzhong, who were able to speed up their horses to Huashan. Although they were pouting, there was nothing they could do.
When this riding team came to the foot of Huashan Mountain, they saw that all the brothers in Huashan Mountain were lined up waiting for Ningzhong, but their hearts were slightly fixed. When they bridled the reins, there was no trace of Lingshan, and then they looked at their faces with strange expressions. When they looked carefully, they were all dressed in Songshan Mountain, and their hearts sank again. They quickly asked, "Have you ever seen Shanshan?"
The words sound just fell but listen to a sharp voice behind the Huashan brother team. "Ning Ning Frost, you bitch! My daughter, is it your turn to pretend to be a good person? "
Huashan disciples left and right to see a woman with goose skin as white as snow, limping along with Yue Lingshan in one hand and crutches in the other.
Seeing that the old woman’s fingers are slender like talons holding Yue Lingshan like a bird of prey catching chickens, she looks ugly and looks ferocious. I don’t know which way the evil school demon Royal Guards are afraid of Yue Lingshan’s safety, but it’s not good to pull out a gun and draw a knife to protect the prince’s maternal uncle.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-four Like an old friend to (2)