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Seven leaders looked dignified and raised their weapons together.

Gu Qingshan stepped back and entered them.
"Now it is more than nine" female Asura hold out a bosom way
The female demon stared at Gu Qingshan and gnashed her teeth. "The ego can remember every word you said to me before."
"You don’t have to remember me so much" Gu Qingshan said.
"What? Do you know that you are afraid? " Female magic people interested in way
"Not because you’re going to die."
Suddenly, the female demon disappeared from the nine strong men and appeared in the seven leaders.
I haven’t finished saying a word, and the magic woman is still puzzling. The seven leaders have already moved.
Seven weapons burst out and hit the female demon’s body, chopping and puncturing.
The enchantress died immediately.
Female Asura brandished a knife and cut her head proudly. "I’ll kill you as I told you!"
the other side
Gu Qingshan appeared among the strong.
Layers of black swords burst out from around him.
A moment-
Gu Qingshan brandished a sword.
All sword shadows disappear.
He canceled the painting.
"What’s the matter!" The mountain girl asked rapidly
"Well … I suddenly feel a little fussy."
Gu Qingshan flat with six worlds mountain sword cocked his head mused.
Asura king’s lifetime combat experience has been integrated with all his own combat skills.
His vision and skill are not what they used to be.
"Go to hell! Small! "
The remaining strong react.
Several attacks came at him wrapped in a sharp strong breeze.
Sword out
Several sword shadows passed by.
The impact sound of weapons sounded almost at the same time.
Although the impact strength of each weapon is different, the strong man takes a step back at the same time and moves neatly.
Gu Qingshan figure slightly bent a sword after he hid.
He made himself ready to sprint and run.
"A sword is right and wrong-"
He whispered a word and people suddenly disappeared.
There was a strong wind on the huge ship.
Slight cool wind
Let people hide from the wind
Gu Qingshan shows his figure in the wind.
Wave a sword at will
He seems to have encountered some problems, and his brow is tight.
"It’s a little strange to suddenly return to one sword after being used to two swords."
He said
The mountain girl said with a smile, "I don’t see what you are not used to."
Nothing happened around them.
A strong man stands still.