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I didn’t expect Yuan Lan to be the magic charm of the magic tower town!

"You talk so much nonsense" Yuan Lan’s right hand turned a ball of shura magic flame and immediately jumped out of his palm.
A little girl’s master repaired this shura magic flame, and its power is naturally not comparable to that made by Yuan Lan at ordinary times.
As soon as this shura magic flame is generated, regardless of the specific effect, all the people around Lin Yu immediately feel that the soul has been scalded, and the pain reaches the depths of the soul, which makes them face painful and twisted.
If Yuan Lan wants to kill them, as soon as this flame comes out, all their souls will be burned to nothing!
"How strong!" These * * parts don’t know who Lin Yu’s real master is, but now they finally know.
Why doesn’t Lin Yu walk sideways when he is the master of Cangyu Mainland?
Ouyang Zhen, Zhao Xiongwei several people secretly thought that it is no wonder that Wang Jiahe Cangyu College values Lin Yu so much. It is estimated that they have long known about it.
However, I don’t know who is more powerful than the demon shura necromancer.
"Jie Jie Jie …" Feather Qian Fan strange laugh number and then said, "Yuan Lan, you and your apprentice stay with me to play and beat me, so you can leave others and get out of here first. I’m interested in you."
As soon as I heard that others could go, the family members immediately turned their attention to Lin Yu and Yuan Lan.
From their expectant eyes, we can see that they really want to keep Lin Yu and Yuan Lan and then they will leave.
But this also requires Lin Yu and Yuan Lan to stay, otherwise no one can force Lin Yu and Yuan Lan to stay.
Wang Haoxuan, Yang Luoyun, Cang Xuanfeng, feathermoon and Yan Ruoning said "I won’t go" at the same time.
"Ha ha …" Feather Qian Fan’s smile is like hearing the funniest joke in the world. "If you don’t leave, you will die soon. If you know who this Lin Yu is, he will kill you if I don’t kill you."
Almost everyone doesn’t know what this sentence means by Qian Fan, but feathermoon understands it.
She said firmly to Yu Qian Fan, "He won’t kill me. I know who he is."
"Oh, there is such a person …" Feather Qian Fan suddenly sighed. "Why didn’t I touch anyone who wanted to be with me?"
Feather Qian Fan’s remarks have angered Yuan Lan thoroughly.
"Shut up Yu Qian Fan!" Yuan Lan said savagely, "You don’t have to feel sorry for yourself and hurt yourself here. My apprentice and I will stay with you for the first world war!"
"Okay, I won’t talk about it, then others get out!" Feather Qian Fan a call to drink in addition to Yuan Lan and Lin Yu, others feel that their bodies are light and have been blown by a strange wind and fly directly to the white gate thousands of meters away!
After a dizzy spin, people who flew into the door found that they had returned to Cangyu mainland when they were awake.
Each family has already sent people to the exit, that is, they entered the entrance of the ancient god battlefield, waiting to meet the family members as soon as they came back.
"Why did you come back?"
"What the hell happened?"
People would have waited until the big troops in the family came back, but I didn’t expect one or two people to pass a shadow immediately.
They were very depressed, and told the story about what happened in the ancient God War Field, and heard others’ willies.
It seems that they are lucky to be able to save a life. If it weren’t for Lin Yu and Yuan Lan, they couldn’t even come back.
All the family members are silent. At this moment, Lin Yu’s name is deeply engraved in the hearts of all the family members again.
They already know that Yuan Lan is the magic tower and Lin Yu is her brother, which means that Yuan Lan and Lin Yu must be the absolute core to fight inferno!