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Aren’t there enough traitors in the rose family?
Not to mention before
Temas alone is enough.
Even if’ the other party didn’t volunteer’, it’s not so important in front of the facts-it wakes up that Faber VII’s’ Rose Family’ is sometimes too conspicuous.
So he made another choice.
It is …
It’s over!
It’s all over!
A storm destroyed everything!
Anger made Faber VII gasp like thunder, and a pair of golden red vertical children were looming behind the young king.
Khodier trembled.
That’s from the soul trembling.
That’s a biological threat.
The new court official fell to his knees without strong support.
This time it’s not a disguise
But really suppressed by Rowen.
It’s like the essence. Rowen Khodier just fell to his knees, and his body clung to the floor like a toad, as if it were going to be squashed.
"Hey, hey!"
Trembling sound sounded from outside the palace.
A palace guard knelt on his knees and lowered his head, afraid to look directly at everything in the palace.
"say it!"
Faber VII sink a way
"Major Shaqi asks for an audience."
The palace guards immediately replied
Although there is no specific position in Shaqi Faber’s fleet, it has a rank.
For Shaqifabol VII, it is natural to remember.
Not only because the other side is from the Holy Grail family, but also because the other side is sixty-six lucky ones.
The other party asks for an audience?
Faber VII was one leng.
Look very surprised.
But I didn’t think too much.
"Let him in."
Faber VII said that he also converged Rowen.
After more than ten seconds, Xia Qi quickly came in and saw his uncle’s head broken. The horse showed concern and took the initiative to bend over to help Khodier.
Khodier grabbed his nephew’s eyes full of inquiries.
He couldn’t understand why his nephew would appear.
Just leave it to him here
It’s really unimaginable if there are complications.
You know, Faber VII was not a benevolent king.
Pat the back of an uncle’s hand gently, Shaggy bent down to salute Faber VII-
Said the original bow salute Xia Ji suddenly knelt down.
"please forgive my sin!"
Faber VII has been watching this young man since Shaqi appeared.
Everything he said and did was watched by Faber VII.
He is a family man.
Faber VII was sure of this.
He thinks he can’t be wrong.
So when the other person shows up …