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When the sword light changes, I realize that something is not good, and then I see a pair of fairy swords strangling with ""and "matter". The sword meaning actually contains a final meaning of destroying all the heavens!

The murder is even worse!
Although there is no law behind the four swords of the Jade Palace, they are obviously deduced to a certain level by the four Jin Xian of the Jade Palace, and the artistic conception is natural and extraordinary in the basic part of the Sword Sutra.
Bai Hua, the lung god, has not been eating rice for decades, and Li Daoyun has been pondering and digesting after receiving feedback, and it is not without progress.
It is naturally easy to deduce that the characteristics of Jue Xian Jian are not clear and subtle.
Poke the fairy sword, the material changes, the sword just fits the five elements, and it is not difficult to study it in detail.
Although the four swords of Zhu Xian are the most terrifying time, no one dares to say that a single sword is weak!
Although the four swords of Jade Palace can be said to be "stolen", it also depends on who "stole" them.
Jade Palace Twelve Jinxian, but the weakest in the peak is Jin Xian, and it is said that it is complete and powerful!
In qingwei’s eyes, the divine light moves slightly, and the artistic conception is completely different. The sword light kills the pearl of Taiyang and the inflammation.
It’s not copper, iron or steel. Zeng Xumi Mountain is hidden.
Don’t temper yin and yang upside down?
Killing immortals for profit, killing immortals, and falling into immortals, red light shines everywhere.
The immortal changes, and the fairy is bloody!
"Being original today is naturally not a spiritual treasure and a four-door Jin Xian, but what are you?"
With a hint of the end of the road, the end of all things, and the material sword hanging over the sun, the orb seems to be covered with a layer of doomsday brilliance and feels a bit threatened.
"It’s a pity that behind the sword sutra, Bai Hua and I borrowed Taoist rhymes to deduce it. There will be four Jin Xiancheng sword sutras, or the male and female fairy swords will not exert their power as they are now."
There seems to be something wrong with the unique immortal sword. The sun orb and the dying inflammation are facing the awe-inspiring sword light at the same time, and they are afraid to be careless, and they seem to be going to destroy all substances, which makes them feel threatened.
"This is not good at fencing …"
Cheat people, a Godsworn in Shenzhou, is too deep and full of lies!
"Elder …"
"Don’t ask, I don’t know. I was rescued from the seal only in recent years, and my knowledge is limited. It seems that the Taoist has never stopped."
Yan Yan felt quite stuffy, and his own means were enough to sweep away all the immortals, but the immortals could draw some strokes and recede.
"I am a born divine descendant, how can I be weaker than the Terran fairy!"
The eyebrows are like golden streamers floating in the universe, and more powerful starlight arches come together.
Yan Yan raised his hand and folded his arms. The three-legged sun in the sun orb crowed and flew out, pulling the big sun behind him and defying death with two swords.
Welcome the fairy sword at birth on the big day!
The broken magic array has long since flashed away, and the Yellow Scarf Lux has also suffered losses, but they have just been temporarily endowed with spirituality and have been dispersed.
an instant
Several meteorites and stars exploded, and the sun was full of fire. Violent energy storms ravaged the stars everywhere.
The four goddesses who died outside the body quickly evolved the divine light barrier to protect peace in the chaos, but it also seemed somewhat precarious.
When everything is gone, Yan Yan will see Qingwei dancing with a canopy outside the Xianjian as if there were no embarrassment and dark hatred.
Is it really not as good as him?
"No, he escaped. It’s fake!"
When he was ready to continue to attack, the old man’s voice came to his ear and I stood on the spot.
"This world is not blocked by you?"
The old man’s tone was dignified. "I said that although the trait blessing is not strong, it is also an irresistible and breakthrough at different levels."