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"In other words, the prophet is right … if he is wrong, he is not a prophet."

"It’s good to prove that a person is not a prophet. If someone comes out to question them, they will be eager to prove that they will expose themselves."
Here Joseph seems to have found confidence again. He strode forward and stopped Zhuang not far away.
Now, not far from Zhuang is the image of Olion, a middle-aged man with a height of more than 1.9 meters. If it weren’t for Zhuang’s not far away, even this murderous man would have scared the baby to cry.
Yesefa is shorter than most of his head in front of him, and his figure is not in the same class.
However, Yesefa’s eyes are shining like two small light bulbs staring at Zhuang not far away.
"Prophet, what kind of mission did you come with?"
Zhuang blinked not far away. How to answer this?
He consciously felt in his pocket. Why isn’t there a "prophet’s handbook" in his pocket at this time?
What should he do at this time when he doesn’t know religion and he doesn’t know how to play tricks?
Fortunately, Yesefa was coaxing him, and he quietly winked at the reporter to signal him to record it, and then he was scared.
"Did you bring the emperor’s will? Did we do something wrong? Is there any disaster coming? "
Hearing his words, the believers next to him trembled with fear.
"Is there any disaster coming?"
"It must be those who betray the emperor angered the emperor! The emperor should punish them! "
"The emperor will not abandon us devout believers …"
"It must be that the emperor hated us for starting the war and sent prophets to take away our land …"
Anyway, say everything.
Zhuang is not far from blinking. Is that all right?
Gee, that’s a good idea
Zhuang can’t wait to give medals to these people.
He straightened up, raised his head, stretched out his hands and looked at the sky.
Yesefa winked at the reporter next to him, which means "see!"
I knew these swindlers couldn’t stand the shock.
At this time, of course, you have to make a sensational statement to show your identity.
As the saying goes, if you talk too much, you will lose. The more you tell these lies, the faster you break through.
Zhuang put out Pse not far away to see if there was no light coming to his novel and said, "Light!"
"Shua" a ray of sunshine shone from the sky and gathered in his body, sacred and warm.
"Oh …"
"Emperor …"
The believers knelt down again.
Zhuang is not far from feeling that these people are so gullible. If they arrive in the state, they may not be cheated into ruin by various health care and original stocks.
Yesefa’s eyes are exploding. How is that possible?
What the hell is going on here?
It’s wet and rainy in winter in Liumangzhou. It’s always cloudy in the vicinity these two days, but at this time, the clouds have cracked a gap, and the sun shines directly in the village.
Yesefa had a hunch that …
I met my opponent.
This guy is definitely not a prophet, but … it’s hard to see such a tough guy, so well prepared and cheated!
"I …" Not far from Zhuang, a voice suddenly felt that it was wrong to predict the prophet. It should be more grand, right?
"Manor is me and I am manor …" Not far from Zhuang, he silently read a figure and suddenly swelled up a few minutes, and then a deafening sound came out of his mouth.
The sound is getting louder and louder
"I’m furious! I promised that milk and honey flowed, but now it is soaked with blood! "
"I’m furious! My people used to be simple and pious, but now they are greedy! "