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"Which man is so fierce! ? Our model. "

Lu Chen sighed that he was fully prepared for his trip to the inner world and the two teams of origin dared to come to the Dragon and Tiger Cave.
I didn’t expect that besides him, there are so many fierce people who dare to come to the world. If you come here, don’t say anything. If you dare to make a scene, the world will provoke all the creatures here again. It’s true that it’s a cow.
"Will it be Lu Ao?"
Chuhang mused. He remembered that Liu Chenling’s housekeeper had come to the high world as a virtual hunter, but he went to the surface to find the entrance to the inner world without the permission of the passage.
"It shouldn’t be impossible for Lu Hua to stay that long without a high pass and I said hello. It is supposed that she would have gone back long ago."
Lu Chen shook his head and said, generally speaking, the explorer’s stay in the high world is very short, and they can stay in the high world for 10 thousand years every time, which is a special case
Because when a brush stays, it used to make them in the surface universe, and the velocity of the surface universe is different from that of the high-altitude earth, so the so-called day by day is just that.
If the surface universe stays for 10 thousand years, it may only be a month, which is not a special privilege
The next time they came to the high world, the biggest key was that they found the core of the surface universe, and from there they led to the high land, which became valuable when it was worthless.
In the inner world, the velocity ratio is the same as that in the high-altitude land, and even if Lu Wei found the entrance to the inner world, he should have gone back, unless he stayed for a long time.
"Virtual hunters? I don’t think he traced back through the roots. I saw some sights. It doesn’t feel like a false judge, but it is an explorer. "
The secret warrior said that he looked at the distant land. "In any case, we should explore carefully and slowly. It is not necessarily a bad thing to have him as an explorer, which can help us attract fire. We will observe the situation secretly first."
"Xiao Xiong handles affairs reliably. Listen to you this time. Let’s go to the department for a while and then explore."
Liu Chen nodded with a smile and didn’t want to be aggressive, but he admired the fierce man he had never met before.
On the other side, the ink rain naturally doesn’t know that Lu Chen and they have been low-key. They have been hunted down and run away like a female beggar.
She doesn’t know what happened this time. When she came here, her strength was still weak, and she was able to get along with the surrounding areas. But this time, all the creatures in the world stared at her as if they had taken medicine.
Moreover, judging from the route of encirclement and suppression, it is just to drive her to those Jedi. She may have escaped from being hunted by several powerful creatures, but when those creatures chased her, she broke into the territory of stronger creatures, which led to a new round of hunting.
This feeling is like having a pair of hands behind them to manipulate these creatures in the inner world. They are not ordered to kill themselves, but are ordered by something.
Every time I think of this ink rain, I feel my scalp tingling, knowing that I am afraid I have already been stared at by the taboo in the inner world, but I am playing with myself instead of dealing with myself.
What is forbidden to play with yourself? The taboo in the world should be indifference. Is it necessary to pay so much attention to a small foreign creature?
Ink rain don’t know, but she guessed that I’m afraid the taboo in the world had already smelled an unusual smell and guessed the intention to intervene here.
At this time, it is to let the creatures in the inner world kill themselves to make the situation look chaotic. In fact, they are forbidden to fish for bait.
In the inner world, taboos want to figure out what to send themselves for. This key node sent a pioneer to the inner world, and it is normal for the world taboos to think more.
Although taboos in the world are a little neurotic, they are definitely not retarded and know and have their own attitudes.
In addition, Moyu also knows that there may be violators lurking in the dark. Most of the violators are also thinking about watching the taboo movements when the bait disrupts the world situation.
Both sides regard themselves as bait, but have you ever asked if the bait wants to be eaten? ?
Ink rain very not easy to escape behind the several creatures after breath a sigh of relief to explore their own things found that there is no change of clothes can not help but sadness.
"shadow beast"
She has been running hoarse for thousands of years without even drinking saliva. Of course, she will have a dry voice.
There was no response from the shadow beast, because her shadow beasts were all dead. Finally, a shadow clung to her body, wrapped her wonderful ketone body and flipped with the shadow to fill the hole in her clothes.
This is a temporary repair method, because it is a road-class equipment, and its durability has almost returned. If you want to recover, you can go back to the master for intensive repair or wait for a slow recovery.
In the world, there is no energy needed for this dress to recover, so she can cover it up if it can’t be repaired.
In the real world, there is no one at all. It doesn’t matter whether she wears clothes or not, but Mo Yu is wondering that there is still a lawbreaker giant staring at it. I always feel that it will be awkward to be naked, like being raped.