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"The proportion will be discussed again."

"I can find people and do my best. You show up as bait, and the harvest is not low." Zhou Jia frowned.
"This one is almost the same."
"Can’t do that" Qian Xiaoyun shook his head.
"I can chase and run with flying skill, and Zhou Xiong can’t catch anyone without me, otherwise you will find me again?"
"It’s still seven or three points!"
"No" Zhoujiakou
"I can do it without you, maybe I get less, so I can’t get more points!"
"The source stone and the source crystal are divided into two parts, and the other is flat … 64 points". See Zhou Jia’s eyes are pan-unhappy and Qian Xiaoyun’s consciousness is changed.
A woman in the strip is wrapped in a bulging bag and chased by a group of walkers. She runs away from time to time and looks back.
When the advantage is about to be chased, it will stimulate some kind of hermetic speed to suddenly increase.
Look, the situation is in jeopardy
Fortunately, the corpse-wise woman stopped the corpse group behind by various things in the ruins and finally escaped to safety.
"Shout …"
The woman gasped desperately and her charming body trembled lightly.
"Fortunately, fortunately, I escaped."
Just then, a group of people appeared nearby, and one of them was wearing a soft armor, smiling with a machete and stepping close to the road.
"Girl, you are too happy."
Said the machete in his hand and pointed forward
"Hand over the things and spare you!"
"Well …" The original woman with a face of panic looked up and it seemed that her eyes were full of fear, but she looked at several people with great interest.
"There are really people hiding around here."
"What do you mean?" The woman’s expression made the rogue feel bad, and before he recovered, something heavy landed behind him.
Ground tremor
Zhou Jia, wearing heavy armor and holding a giant sword, appeared behind several people, and the armor sounded dull.
"Hand over your source crystal and spare you from death!"
A man and a woman …
Such a dress?
"Not good!" A man roared with horror.
"It’s both male and female!"
Before saying his word, a group of people had swarmed and fled in all directions, even without any resistance.
Zhou Jia stupidly at the same time, strode after the sword and swept several people away.
the other side
Qian Xiaoyun also chased others, and her identity was swift and her strength was extraordinary, but she ransacked all the people in the field in a moment.
"Male and female?"
The two men spit out their own things while dividing them up.
"Who gives nicknames? It’s too ugly."