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"What conditions do I need to pay?"
"first loyalty"
Zi Xuan heard that he could say, "I won’t warm your handmaiden’s bed."
"I don’t want you to be loyal to me, but to your awakened group. Of course, because your group is tied to the same camp as me, you can also regard this as loyalty to me."
Su Wei said, "You can understand that you don’t have to promise me now, but you can wait until you see the actual situation. Of course, I won’t force you to do something you don’t want to do."
"What about the second?"
"Your blood"
"It’s not a very important thing. I need the blood of the descendants of Nuwa … it may cost you some repairs, but it’s great for me that you can repair it."
Zi Xuan smell speech gently relieved.
It’s almost that kind of blood. If it’s just Jingxue, it will cost her a lot, but as he said, it’s irreparable
These two conditions seem excessive, but the actual loss to her is not too great.
In front of the Sue owners look young is not that kind of scumbag.
She nodded and said, "When do you want my blood?"
"Now give me your hand."
Su Wei took out a large syringe with a sharp needle emitting cold light.
With a smile on his face, he said, "Don’t worry, it’s just an injection. The slight pain will soon pass."
"You come in."
Zi Xuan saw the long needle and seemed to realize something. She raised her arm and handed it to Su Wei.
Su Wei held her wrist.
The cool tentacles may be the nature of snakes … The body temperatures of Medusa and butterflies are also a little low, and sometimes they don’t even have to be adjusted in summer.
I didn’t expect Zi Xuan to be like this.
Su Wei doesn’t have any feeling of mind swinging.
I’m also an old prostitute, and naturally I won’t react differently because of mere physical contact.
Carefully put the needle into her body and say, "You should cooperate a little, or it won’t be your jingxie."
"I know how to fix things and force them out."
Zi Xuan felt those slight stings.
Feeling the needle Su Wei getting deeper and deeper … She pressed her lips tightly, but the pain felt less.
As he said, it was time for a pain.
She asked, "Is that enough?"
"I’ll take you back to reality when you pull it out later."
"Reality? !”
Zi Xuan hesitated and asked, "Can Xiaotian and Xue Jian wake up?"
"Are you asking for them?"
Su Wei turned to look at the tent next to it … Just being secretly lifted the gap and disappeared, accompanied by a faint exclamation.
He smiled and said, "Without you, even if you tell them the truth, they will completely forget it after this reincarnation cycle unless they wake up. Remembering what happened in the past is an important indicator of awakening … You can finish so quickly because Li Xiaoyao acted as your catalyst, but they are not so fast."
Zi Xuan asked, "That is to say, it will be slower, but there is still the possibility of awakening?"
"That … long qing he …"
"At least for now, he has no possibility of awakening."
Su Wei said, "Although there is no evidence to point to it, according to my experience, awakening needs to meet two elements: one is the need to have contact with reincarnation, and the other is that one’s mind is tough enough. There is no doubt that Xu Changqing is not satisfied with one of these two elements."
"That is to say, I can’t see him again after I wake up …"
"Maybe you can see him in the future, but it will only be so fleeting. If he can’t wake up, I personally recommend that you forget him, because theoretically, even Xu Changqing will not wake up in the future."
Su Wei said this with confidence.
Although Xu Changqing is the protagonist … But it’s a pity that Zhang Ji is also the protagonist. He appeared in samsara at the earliest, but now he doesn’t sink in the samsara world.
The protagonist’s fate can’t help in this respect.