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No, it’s impossible.

Not far from being a kind uncle Zhuang, I really want to touch his head and say, "Boy, actually, this monkey in my family, let alone a professional player, can even blow up …"
"I admit that your skills are very good, but the game depends on whether you dare to cooperate with it!" Shi Xiaolei gritted his teeth.
Then he called his two partners to form a team.
After thinking about it, I called two more monkeys.
These two monkeys are bigger than him. It is his two brothers.
Three monkeys sit in rows in the corridor.
"I don’t believe that three against three will lose!" Shi Xiaolei boldly said, "It’s time to show real technology!"
in ten minutes
Shi Xiaolei walked into the ward with his head drooping, put his mobile phone on his great-grandfather pillow and sat down on the sofa.
"What’s the matter, Xiao Lei?" Shi Haiteng pushed the door and came in and asked a little anxiously.
"I see through the world of mortals …" Shi Xiaolei lifted her little face. "Dad, I want to become a monk …"
Chapter 59 Best Snake Head
Outside Lanshiye Manor, Xu Jianfei’s deputy armed forces drove a large terrain vehicle with several stupid goods such as Dahu to patrol and prevent upgrading.
Because of the manor defense virtual place, the whole patrol range has shrunk from tens of kilometers in Fiona Fang to more than ten kilometers.
Even so, it is very hard to patrol. Xu Jianfei thought of a compromise to set up a modern alert and security system
I don’t know why all the machines in Lanshiye Manor patrol from high places by flying, but there are still many things that can be sent to the field in modern society.
Such as all kinds of cameras, sensors and automatic weapons.
Before this, the manor investigation mainly relied on three pupils.
However, during this period, Xu Jianfei also discovered the shortcomings of the third pupil.
Although their vision is almost limited, their eyes are like a pair of zoom telescopes with limited vision. Their vision is almost poor, but they always have attention and focus. They can’t stare at all directions and all focal spots in a 360-degree dead angle.
After installing a sensor and a camera in a tall tree protruding from the bush, Xu Jianfei overlooked the surrounding forest in the tree.
I don’t know where this dense forest extends at first sight.
Since the manor lost its manager, the whole manor has grown wildly.
This forest should be spread from the outer defensive belt of Lanshiye Manor-miscellaneous forest.
Several trees have spread over the whole manor in hundreds of millions of years, making the manor look like the original jungle.
And all kinds of broken buildings highlight the jungle like Mayan ruins in the original jungle.
In the face of this bush, Xu Jianfei has a sense of oppression in his heart.
I wonder how many intruders lurk in this dense forest.
I don’t know when a big dog raid will come.
This feeling of knowing nothing and being completely blind is really terrible.
You never know what to do as a precaution and what to do.
How to change this situation?
Xu Jianfei frown thinking.
Just then his com rang.
"The intruders in C3 area are a group of adventurers with low threat level"
"Roger that!" Xu Jianfei turned with a wave and roared away.
I can find that the intruders are not a threat to Xu Jianfei, and I am even looking forward to more intruders.
I don’t know whether it is lucky or not that there are no more intruders since the invasion of the giant dogs in the last war, or there are other intruders who have not entered their patrol range.
Now someone is finally here!
Xu Jian’s flying car is in the top four, and the goods are running behind with four legs.
But the fools are not slow at all. To some extent, they should be regarded as cavalry.
Ride your own kind of …
Besides, it seems a little inappropriate to call Dahu a few stupid goods now.
Not to mention that their intelligence has approached human beings, and their body size is much larger than before, and their body length has approached tigers.
When you add an upright posture, it is almost as tall as humans. Although it is much shorter than the fallen dragon, it also weighs hundreds of kilograms.
What makes Xu Jianfei happy is that they inherit the two biological attributes of dog and blood servant (six-armed dragon variant), which are loyal, reliable and highly disciplined.
It’s simple training. They’re ready for simple team warfare.
Unfortunately, their arms are still short. If they can aim at the angle with both hands, they will have a 30-degree angle ahead, and their combat effectiveness is still quite limited.
Xu Jianfei has placed an order with the Forging Institute for them to study a new and smaller time-consuming blood paintball gun.
Once the research is successful, arming the four fools will greatly enhance their combat effectiveness.
Xu Jianfei decided not far from Zhuang to discuss making more Wang Xingren, which will be the first characteristic arms in the manor.