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It is …

It was the first time he saw that he was not the owner of his own manor!
Because every time I came, it was another him!
Although the stage, development and strength are different, those people are really him!
He absorbed these manors one by one and gained their strength. Their manors, their servants …
His strength is getting stronger and stronger, his manor is getting stronger and stronger, and he is slowly gathering the strength of the "tidal master" in the theory.
Every time he kills a "self", the end of the era will come and everything will be repeated.
It’s like it’s all meant to be.
He only knows that if he wants to live, he must win and never lose!
But …
The end of this era came very early and very quickly.
It’s so fast that he’s a little caught off guard
Is this weak guy already qualified to challenge himself?
It’s not just a small mistake in the long years …
Devour my manor!
Seeing that the manor is about to fall to the ground and fall into the black fog.
A golden light suddenly lit up.
Old Brown’s almost twisted hand slapped the golden button.
"Open absolute defense!"
Gold and silver light flow!
Chapter 1326 One is not enough, then two!
Manor palace is the most dependent fighting fortress for manor owners, and its fighting capacity can’t be relied on only by manor owners, of course, and its own fighting capacity should be unquestionable.
It is that Yunxing Palace has not been able to show its strength until now.
In fact, the most vulnerable part of the manor house now is the crew. Because of it, it is almost made of Yunjin, the strongest metal in the exile era and the rarest metal in the universe.
Yunjin can get the title of "Destroyer of Zhuang" by building a cannon.
So what kind of power will a cloud gold build a palace?
At the moment when Old Brown pressed the golden button, a soft voice sounded "Absolute defense is being started"
"The energy ring is closing"
"Can be completed under pressure"
"Absolute defense … Kai!"
In the heart of the manor palace, a huge machine runs.
A huge flow is released from the machine and spread along hundreds of wires.
At the beginning, when the manor palace was fighting with the rig factory, there was a drama of magnetic cannon VS destroyer.
One is the great discovery from the earth, and the other is the great achievement of the industrial parties. The collision between the two is simply shocking.
Later, the manor combined the two and became the main gun of Powerby Manor.
It is from entering the shadow manor that the main gun has no chance to play.
Can such a powerful technology really be used as the main gun in the hands of manor engineers?
And even the main gun of the manor fires both the "Destroyer of the Manor" and the "Magnetic Gun" at the same time, but no one has ever thought about how to let the flow flow in the cloud?
I’m afraid there are manors in this universe to do it.
Unfortunately, flow is a very inactive phenomenon in the law of exile era. Although cloud gold is metal, it is not a good conductor and its resistance is great.
The machine built on the ground floor of Yunxing Palace has been tested once since it was built.
Since then, even Zhuang is not far away, so I dare not open it easily.
It really consumes too much!
Even an energy tower can’t feed its appetite!
It’s the effect.
It is also a miracle!
The huge flow spread along the Yunjin wire to the whole Yunxing Palace and formed several closed loops at the same time.
Then the golden light suddenly exploded, like a butterfly flapping its wings and a hen hanging its wings to protect the whole manor house
Without the protection of the manor, the manor palace has once again become a closed, half-empty and half-real, and even the terrible gravity has been isolated.
Servants and soldiers who have been crushed to death on the floor have slowly got up and returned to their posts. The familiar feeling is back!
I was shocked to see this scene.
How is that possible?
What palace is this?