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"The God of the Lake has shown mercy to the God of the Lake …" The old lady whispered while recording beside her.

Then whoosh, I sent it to a group that I don’t know, and shouted at my cell phone, "Look, look, Jiahu Lake has appeared!"
Old man Jia, look at the people next to him. They are all making videos.
When I go to play with friends, you people look like a modern old man!
"You … hey! Just broadcast feudal superstitions there! " Old man Jia shook his head. "I dare say that this thing may be a monster, a big fish or a water snake, but it is definitely not a lake god!" "
A group of people wandered around for a few minutes before they saw another patrol elderly squad.
After seeing each other, they couldn’t wait to cry, "We just met a strange thing …"
"Wait, have you met something strange?"
"No, don’t you also …"
"I also took a video!"
"I also took a look!"
A group of modern elderly people are holding each other’s mobile phones and staring at presbyopia.
After reading it, the old lady held two mobile phones in front of old Jia like a victorious general. "Look, look!" "
"This was taken by Lao Li just five minutes ago," the old lady said. "Just when the lake god appeared, if it is a monster, it can’t be in two places at the same time."
"Even the lake god can’t be in two places at the same time. Isn’t the lake god a dragon?" Jialaotou avenue
"Maybe this is a double-headed dumpling?" The old lady said
Old man Jia has nothing to say.
The two teams crossed briefly and then patrolled separately.
After walking for a few minutes, a group of people saw a young man smoking by the lake and threw his cigarette butt into the lake.
You!’ The old lady angrily rushed to "pick up the cigarette butts"
"What eyes did you see me smoking!" The young man vomited the last cigarette in his mouth and turned his eyes. "Can you prove it?"
"If you don’t pick it up, you’ll be in trouble."
"Hey also curse me? What can you do to me? " The young man is very impatient
Suddenly the guy felt something was wrong.
A group of old people looked at him as if waiting for a good show.
The eyes made him uncomfortable.
"Let me go!" The young man wanted to go, and suddenly a shadow stuck out of the water and dragged him into the water.
"I told you you were going to have bad luck, young man." The old lady did ideological work for the young man on the shore.
Jia Lao tou shou Jia e
After another half hour, they met another team and exchanged information.
Mom, where is this double-headed dumpling? This is a hydra!
The old lady has a theory again. "You think it’s a lake god. It can definitely appear in different places at the same time!"
Old man Jia has refuted it.
Dozens of strange things happened in one afternoon.
Besides, all the accident victims either threw garbage into the lake or did something bad.