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qu; Baby has gone to school. Do you want me to take you? qu; Lengli stretched out a long arm and touched her hair.

qu; Don’t! I want to play ^^qu; Cried the kitten
"all right"
"Then I go oh! Bye ~ meow ~ "
The kitten skipped along the road.
Don’t forget to buy a octopus roast and a box of strawberry juice.
Just arrived at the campus gate, it caused boys to scream one after another!
More beautiful than their school flower …
Seeing the kitten fall into the arms of the trace
Hear a heartbreak!
"Uncle Kitty has prepared breakfast for you!"
"Then let’s eat together ~ The more the better ~ Meow ~ ~" cried the kitten.
"Let’s eat at noon, huh?" Then I took the kitten’s hand and walked to the classroom.
Tezuka continued to radiate frozen light and looked up.
The girl didn’t seem to be frightened by the freezing light and looked at him greedily
The beauty of Xingcun leans on the table waiting for the arrival of the kitten …
A group of girls secretly looked at this handsome guy! Mouth very shed saliva …
Baishi played with bandages.
Girls have love bubbles in their eyes.
When the trace came in, it was another sensation!
"wow! The only child of the Trace Consortium! "
"trace saa~~"
"Section physical education class! Please be prepared! " The teacher said, fighting with fat meat
I also shook a ball of "flour" (foundation)!
The kitten just wanted to reach out and taste it when it was caught by Tezuka.
"That can’t be eaten."
"Meow?" The kitten looked doubtfully at Tezuka briefly.
Then I pulled up four people with a octopus burn and ran out!
Meow meow ~ ~ meow ~ ~ ~
The coach has a black face and a black beard! Look serious.
Suddenly reminds the kitten of a burnt apple …
I burst out laughing.
The coach took one look at the kitten and saw that she had so many hands to eat horses. This is physical education class! Not a cooking class! Go and punish me for running! Others dismissed!
The kitten ran in circles in dismay (almost like walking)
The four boys behind followed her slowly and gloomily!
"hey! Run faster! " The teacher suddenly yelled!
"ah!" The kitten was frightened and the horse fell to the ground.
"Woo ~ ~ ~"
Trace horse put her in his arms.