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Looking at the glass of wine and the stack of documents, Banyuan Zhixin finally put his hand into the wine and slowly put it on his mouth, hesitating and hesitating, and finally drank it at once.

After drinking, his face suddenly flushed and calmed down a lot. Looking at Xie Cun’s official road, "Can you go out and let me go quietly!"
"no!" Xie Cunguan shook his head and said, "I must watch you die!"
Banyuan Zhixin laughed bitterly and said, "You are a devil!" When he was talking, he suddenly grabbed his chest tightly, and his body trembled violently, but almost instantly he jerked it and then slowly fell on the table and overturned the glass. The remaining red wine was poured on him. The document was not blood, but it was better than blood.
Xie Cunguan stretched out his hand and felt a pulse on his neck side, so he got up and walked out. Zhang turned in and got up at this time to eliminate Xie Cunguan and his traces one by one. He also gently wiped the place where Xie Cunguan passed by.
At the same time, in the building of Japan Union Co., Ltd., the soil and fertilizer walls have lost a lot of weight, and Chen Hu and Wang Qiang used to go out of the window, screaming and passing through the layers of windows, and finally slamming blood on the streets of Tokyo. To be continued.
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Chapter 24 Li Daitao’s rigid tactics
? ?
_; The news that Risheng Co., Ltd. and the chairman of Rimeng Venture Capital Co., Ltd. committed suicide on the same night quickly made headlines. The difference was that a drug committed suicide and a violent means such as jumping off a building were adopted.
This is the final conclusion reached by the police after careful investigation.
A special military secret technology was used to build a communication line, and the directors of more than a dozen investment companies controlled by Daiwa Co., Ltd. were called to enter Tokyo, but they did not enter Tokyo. Bulletproof cars took them from the airport to a private castle in the suburbs of Tokyo.
The castle is the place where the Chinese named Wu Zhaochang watched Mu Shengnan. It is still the pale young man named Ji Lijun by Mu Shengnan. His name is Tojo Geely, the security manager of Nikko Bank, and the chairman of Nikko Bank is his brother.
This private castle is said to be the site of a barracks in the Jiangqi period, and was later bought by Nikko Bank with huge sums of money, and the surrounding mountains were also bought together. Although people are not forbidden to enter, there are also many places under supervision.
The barracks came from a hill on all sides and was later built into a huge castle, which was different from the surrounding loosely managed mountains in the Jiang Dynasty. Private people were not allowed to approach this castle.
The whole hill is surrounded by barbed wire, and there is a wooden sentry every 100 meters. There are two sentries on the tower with two vicious dogs, a police dog and a tosa. It is said that the security department here is retired from the Self-Defense Forces, and everyone has a gun license and a large number of people.
The whole castle has a straight mountain road leading to the front highway of Shanbao.
Another bullet-proof car arrived at the gate of the castle, and a security guard pulled the door. Two young women came from the car, one with two little boys in her hand and one with a size of one and a half.
Involving two little boys, the female is the widow of Banyuan Zhixin, and the two boys, one is his nephew and the other is his son, who represent Risheng Co., Ltd.
With half a size, it’s the widow of Tufeiyuan, followed by his son * * *, and they naturally represent the Japanese alliance venture capital. The headquarters of the two companies are both in Tokyo, and Tufeiyui is the sister of Tufeiyuan and the * * * is the sister of Banyuyuan Zhixin, so they are taken together.
Five people were connected to the castle.
This is the reason why the Imperial Renaissance Association called the meeting temporarily. In the investigation of the suicides of Tufeiyuan and Banyuyuan Zhixin, it was found that in the past six months, the investment assets of Risheng and Nishimura have been taken overseas to operate, and these companies have not invested in the application project after obtaining the investment, but transferred the funds. The company has become a shell.
This is a big event, which is more serious than two reads.
Reminiscent of the bizarre deaths of their father and brother more than half a year ago, both their widows and daughters were invited to see what happened.
The person in charge of meeting security is Tojo Geely, a cold and famous Renaissance youth.
In the past two days, several people who looked less honest after entering the private territory of Tojo was killed. Of course, this situation will definitely take time and energy to settle, but the Imperial Renaissance will have a strong team of lawyers and abundant compensation funds, and there are also many fanatical soldiers who are willing to go to prison, so the roots of several civilian deaths have not turned up at all.
Even so, Tojo was a little worried, and Huashang gathered the enchanting imperial concubine. In the past two days, the conflict between the Yamaguchi group, the Rice Seed Association and the Black Dragon Association in Kyrgyzstan escalated, and both sides moved guns.
A lot of police force is spent on stopping the conflict.
The Yamaguchi group, Inagawa Association and the top officials in the Kyrgyzstan Association have been severely warned by the police, but they still can’t quell the war because their middle level has suffered too many casualties in this conflict. The control of the core of the organization is weakening. After all, the middle level is the bridge between the top and the bottom.
The police department has asked the city hall for help and is discussing whether to dispatch the self-defense forces
All this made Tojo Geely feel a little uneasy, and the security guards of this Council also paid attention to it before. In the castle, 100 guards composed of retired special forces of the Self-Defense Forces were stationed. On weekdays, the guards were in groups of 50, and the security guards were rested for three days.
Every year, when the Council is called, 100 security guards are on duty. However, recent events still make him uneasy and decide to transfer another 100 self-defense forces retired special forces through the Veterans Club.
The Imperial Renaissance Association funded the veterans of the Self-Defense Forces through the Veterans Club, so as to unite these veterans. After careful screening, it controlled thousands of the best veterans to be the armed forces of the Renaissance Association.
These people will take time off every year to continue military training in the veterans club to ensure that their combat effectiveness will not be weakened, and of course, their enterprises will also get some financial compensation.
Of course, the best and most loyal to the empire are club workers who have received long-term military training. These people are scattered in various veterans clubs in China, and the number remains at around 1,200, which is a military force with considerable strength.
The Imperial Renaissance Association also infiltrated the Self-Defense Forces through these people to ensure that the Self-Defense Forces against Japan must control this paramilitary force, which is in the hands of Tojo Geely, who is the military director of the Imperial Renaissance Association.
About 300 people in the Tokyo Veterans Club are the best and most loyal fighting forces among these 1,200 people. Therefore, Tojo Geely mobilized 100 fighters from the Tokyo Club to enrich the security guards of this Council.
It’s already dark. It’s usually dark when the lights are on at the club gate.
The Tokyo Veterans’ Club is closed today. On weekdays, people come and go at the gate. In the club hall, 100 club workers in camouflage clothes are checking their weapons and equipment. Two officers who came to transfer troops to the Baath Guards are handing over the formalities with the club leaders.
Two Sanling 52-seat buses stopped in front of the Tokyo Veterans Club. In front of them was a Sanling off-road vehicle.
The bus driver is a worker of the Tokyo Veterans Club. Usually, the main job is to pick up and drop off the club veterans to participate in military training. The clothes are similar to those of the Japanese Self-Defense Force Army. This is the club’s unified distribution worker.
Two club workers who were also loaded came from the shadow of the gate, each with a box of water in his hand went to the door and raised his hand to signal the driver to hit the door. As a result, they returned to the club gate, but instead of entering the gate, they disappeared into the darkness from the shadow of the gate.
Soon, two guards officers came out with 100 conscripts, each with 50 people, and they got in front of the SUV.
The car started up and went along the street. Behind the second big car, it quietly followed a black commercial car with a hand and brain. Two little red dot were moving Tao Tao on a satellite map of Tokyo.
When the beep alarm sounded, Li Mochi straightened up and there was a T-junction in front of the red dot.
On both sides of the intersection, there is a string of green dots approaching the intersection. Li Mochi pressed his hand on the brain keyboard. When he saw the first red dot approaching the intersection, he suddenly pressed the keyboard intersection, and the green light immediately turned into a yellow light.