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Chapter 19 Express your chest directly

Original, however, the more the ship goes, the more I get rid of this emotion. Naturally, he also knows that good and bad fists can be divided into high and low points. (5) A talented person who is willing to suffer can achieve a boxing skill.
It’s as if Mr. Tomoyoshi, his ancestral boat, promoted the boxing of Songtao Pavilion to the world, just as the very real society, Bigelow Yamada, pushed the very real society to the world, just as the better this picture is, the better his boxing will be recognized by the martial arts community.
At this time, Takeo Kusano has been helped back to the table, and Xie Cunguan has also sat back to his position, and many angry eyes around him are full of amazing expressions at the moment.
However, Xie Cunguan didn’t mean that when he inherited the Mind Boxing, he imagined this scene several times. But when this scene really appeared today, he didn’t feel proud, but he gave birth to a deep sadness because he knew that such an art would eventually be submerged in the long history after firearms.
Moreover, with the gradual loss of the style of play, it will be known to those who will never suffer from martial arts again that everything that was once brilliant will change into meaning, and the hard work of Yin and the odd and numerous predecessors will eventually return to dust.
After the banquet, the people of the Black Dragon Club had a meeting on a small scale. At this meeting, I sent an invitation to Xie Cunguan and invited him to join the Black Dragon Club as the instructor of the warhead of the Nagasaki branch of the Black Dragon Club, and the Nagasaki Black Dragon Club also formally established the warhead.
Through this conflict, the headquarters of the Tokyo Black Dragon Club has realized that all black dragon clubs need to set up warheads to deal with other underworld forces. This time, it has set up warheads not only in Nagasaki, but also in Shikoku Island, which is separated from Nagasaki by water.
However, the second minister of the ship said that the Shikoku warhead was sent by another instructor from the Tokyo headquarters.
I didn’t think about bringing Xie Cunguan back to Tokyo, because it would threaten his position in the Tokyo Black Dragon Club. All threats must be resolved before. This is the concept of I.
And thank inch officer listened to the heart is zheng! In his plan, Kyushu Island and Shikoku Island were originally intended to be included in his own plan to form a force to compete and enter the top of the Black Dragon Club, but at this time he realized that his excessive sharpness caused the suspicion of the ship.
This is not that there is any doubt about him, but that people can effectively resist the strong who may threaten their position.
However, on second thought, Xie Cunguan’s attitude of not being jealous is not another kind of affirmation to himself, but he has no intention of giving up easily, but he said frankly, "Mr. Chuanyue, Kyushu and Shikoku are in perfect harmony with each other. I hope the instructors in Shikoku can be borne by our Kyushu people!"
In fact, he set up Kyushu Warhead to send another instructor, which means that he doesn’t want Xie Cunguan to be too powerful to master, but Xie Cunguan is frankly expressing his feelings at the moment, and he is included in the body. I don’t know how to refuse him at the moment.
Xie inch officer but bright-eyed moment not instantaneous looked at him to reveal a strong.
This momentum makes the ship more and more I have no doubt that if I don’t promise to thank the official, I will either quit the Black Dragon Club or ignore my own arrangement and directly intervene in the Black Dragon Club of Shikoku Island.
Neither of these two things is what he wants to see.
Moreover, people like Xie Cunguan need to make friends rather than make friends. After all, there is a Tian Shengji in Beihai Island. The news that those members of the warhead fire group came back a few days ago will report Shibata Hiroshi’s attitude and Tian Shengji’s strong hand, and let him regret it.
Shibata Hiroshi didn’t turn against him directly, but he has shown his dissatisfaction with himself and Toushan Xiong pushing him out of Tokyo’s power core. It seems that there are already signs of Ji He in Tongtian Province. He and Toushan Xiong mean to make Shibata Hiroshi unwilling to pull Tian Province’s hind legs. Now it seems that a bad thing is to send a helper to people.
So he immediately chose a man with profound skill from his brother in the name of Shibata Hiroshi’s cheering. A few people used to compete against Tian Shengji, but the force shown by Tian Shengji over there has made him a little fearful.
Now, there’s another picture here, the better. If one of them doesn’t handle it well and then he becomes hostile himself, then besides the state road, there are Beihai Island in the north, Kyushu and one in the south, and it’s hard to say that Shikoku Island is really under siege.
And Xie Cunguan’s amazing force is a terrible place.
In modern society, although it is said to be a firearms day, I am obsessed with Wushu, but in Ri country, gun management is still relatively strict, and gangsters are not willing to move guns easily, because in that case, it will attract the deep attention of jǐng, which is almost a disaster for a mafia force.
The more the ship went, the more I finally said, "Tu Yuejun is very reasonable. I am also afraid that Tu Yuejun will not be able to arrange manpower here! But if Shikoku Island is handed over to Tu Yuejun, who can be an instructor? "
"I’m going to send my brother Guiye Yihu!" Xie Cunguan looked the ship in the eye and said, Guiye Tiger is Guo Tanlu’s name, and Zhu Xianghui’s name is Guiye Wunan’s uncle, who is registered in the management of Ri j ǐ ng Bureau.
"Oh!" The more the ship went, the more I could tell the truth. I was going to send an instructor to Shikoku. Even Sasaki was worse than Guo Ta Lu. At that time, there were some nai tunnels. "Your brother is a good candidate, so I can rest assured! Please also ask Tu Yuejun to do things in the heart club. The Black Dragon Club will never be mistreated! "
"This is natural!" Xie Cunguan nodded to his promise.
In fact, many times people have to have a measure of themselves and make moves when it is time to make moves, but if they have to "carry Mount Tai over the North Sea", they will not only earn themselves to death, but also fall short of being thanked by a good son. At this time, after analyzing the situation of the ship’s second minister, they did not hesitate to tell their thoughts directly, forcing him to express his support.
He naturally doesn’t mind showing an attitude to the other party when he has achieved his goal.
The more the ship, the more painful it is, but it is also done. At that time, after drinking the tea that can help digestion, it sent Xie Cunguan off. When Xie Cunguan’s front foot left, Sasaki angrily said, "Sir, isn’t this naked blackmail?" How can you promise him! "
"What if you don’t promise?" The more the ship, the more I sighed. "If you practice Wushu, I suffer from people everywhere! Think about Hokkaido, can we build a strong enemy again? "
In a word, my brothers got red in the face, but I didn’t know what to say for a while.
The more the ship goes, the less embarrassed my brothers are, and then they go on, "In fact, Kyushu and Shikoku are two places where we have no plans to develop power. It is the Black Dragon that will ensure business needs. Now, the better the picture, the better the soldiers and guards. O This heart, we just make our hands free to deal with Hokkaido Tanaji!"
Speaking of which, he paused and added, "In fact, if the map is better and the soldiers and guards are well managed, what about these two places?" Anyway, for the current opinion of the Black Dragon Club, these two places are places where meat is eaten and taste is abandoned! If he can really do well, it will be good for the black dragon! "
A word made all the brothers nod, even if something was revealed.
There, it was discussed that Tsuda Shinji and Xie Cunguan also discussed things. When Xie Cunguan directly went out to the ship to operate together with the four countries, Tsuda Shinji was still a little worried that the ship would be too ambitious, but later, when the ship was more and more, I promised him that I really felt the weight of Xie Cunguan in the heart of the ship.
This also makes him regard sb with special respect or new views.
To thank the inch officer is the instructor of the Nagasaki branch of the Black Dragon Club, but at the moment, Tsuda Shinji dares to treat him as an instructor but as a person who is the same as himself. The Nagasaki branch of the Black Dragon Club is not a Kyushu branch. After all, Nagasaki is the capital of Kyushu.
But the black dragon club has a branch in Nagasaki all over Kyushu, and there is no power anywhere else
Now that Xie Cunguan has done this, the Nagasaki branch has actually been upgraded to the Kyushu branch, and that step is going to be discussed naturally.
"The more you plan, the more you plan?" Crane Tian Xin said with a tone of consultation that in just a few days, he had dared not pretend to be the proprietor, and he was glad that he had worshipped Xie Cun’s official division and brought them closer.
"One step?" Xie Cunguan mused lightly, "Here, you should first prepare to upgrade Nagasaki Branch to Kyushu Branch. Guiye and I are going to take a trip to Shikoku Island to prepare for Shikoku Branch there!"
"Oh?" Tsuda Shinji replied softly, "Do you have a candidate for the president of the Shikoku branch?" Tone has to thank inch officer the warhead instructor as Kyushu and Shikoku branch is too emperor.
"Mr. Keino Goro, the uncle of a tiger in Guiye, is quite dry. I think both of them run the Shikoku branch!" Xie Cunguan really feels that Zhu Xianghui is calm and has worked as a grassroots cadre in the army. It is just right to arrange a group together.
In this way, when the time comes, the two uncles and nephews will sit on Shikoku Island and bring the two forces of Kyushu Island together. If they develop well, they will be heavy and have words in the Black Dragon Club. When the time comes, Tokyo will definitely be suspicious of themselves. The good solution is to transfer themselves to the power center of Tokyo Black Dragon Club.
When the time comes, you should be able to find out the details of the forces behind the Black Dragon Club when you enter the power center of the Tokyo Black Dragon Club. When the time comes, you will be able to pull up these right-wing consortia and right-wing forces one by one, and you will be able to complete your merits.
However, the man who sits in Kyushu Black Dragon Club after his departure should also think about it.
Because Tsuda Shinji is also an ambitious person, don’t make a wedding dress for yourself and others. Your support is my great motivation to be continued.
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