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"Are you going to lose me?" Tang Ning asked eagerly, there are still tears left in the corner of his eyes after he just cried. It looks quite pitiful, and I still feel pity.

"I’ll help you attract these people and get rid of them, and I’ll come back for you." Feng Yang said eagerly, looking back from time to time.
Even if the eagle eye pupil is turned on, the distance you can see in the dark is quite amazing, and there is not much difference between what you see in the dark and what you don’t see in the daytime, so you can find the dark pit in the dark.
Tang Ning crouched in that pothole and found some hazelnuts to cover the pothole. Tang Ning showed his little head and looked at the wind and said, "You must come back and find me. You can’t cheat the little girl!"
"Don’t worry," Feng Yang laughed.
"Well," Downing nodded cleverly once in a while. She was also very worried about Fengyang in her heart, and told Fengyang to come back to find her. On the one hand, she was afraid of being alone, on the other hand, she was afraid of what happened to Fengyang to make sure that she would come back safely.
Hazel Mang made a tour of the pit to make sure that there was no flaw that would not be easily discovered. After that, he quickly turned around and flew away. Just staying has brought the people behind him a lot closer. Now he must get to a place quickly, which may resolve the crisis.
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Hand-written novels
Chapter one hundred and fifty You are surrounded [Chapter one]
Welcome you to come.
At present, it seems that Fan Li’s suspicion is to catch turtles in a jar.
Soul cliff is the only way out on three sides of the cliff, and it has also been set up with an enchantment. Until the end, the enchantment will never start to flourish. Now it is equal to being trapped in Soul cliff, and there is no possibility of escape unless he chooses to jump off the cliff.
While pursuing, I detected the location of several yuan soul marks in Li Jun’s communication jade note, and I found that those yuan soul marks actually stopped. Does this mean that those people are stopping to have a rest?
"Step up the pursuit of Feng Yang, the number of people stopped inside and outside." Fan Li was as excited as if he had eaten expired Explosicum Niuwan, yelling as if he had seen Feng Yang’s horrified eyes when he saw himself.
"Brother Li is mighty, and the wind will never run away this time."
Follow Fan Li to chase dozens of people and flatter them against their will. At the same time, speed up the flight of dozens of tones in the dark. In the dark, the figure is like a ghost crying and howling. It is like a ghost passing by a big tree. Some boys and girls who are in the dark are surprised.
"Don’t they, I won’t find out where they are, and they still don’t leave?" Fan Li once again found out the location of those yuan soul marks in Li Jun’s communication jade notes and found that those yuan soul marks still stayed in one position and did not move.
At the moment, Fan Li is no more than ten feet away from the location of the soul mark. The ability to see things in the dark is poor. Seeing that it is so far away, Fan Li quickly accelerated and flew past.
Ten feet away, Fan Li was confused when he came to that position with his feet flying over in an instant.
Your sister! Anyone here?
Fan Li continued to explore the location of those yuan soul marks and found that these yuan soul marks are impressively in this position. Yes, but where are people?
"Brother Li, here are some communication jade notes."
Suddenly a man picked up several communication jade notes from the ground and handed them to Fan Li.
"Fuck" Fan Li suddenly realized that he had been played, and his face turned green again.
"Feng Yang, you are really cunning" followed Shenyang, squinting and mumbling that he didn’t have much hope when he chased him. At this moment, genius doctor didn’t show how surprised he was.