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"Good poetry, good poetry, good life, don’t care about it."

Rogge Li Bai drank several cups. Rogge looked at the brilliant ne Yang and looked at the limited flowers, feeling refreshed.
Rogge involuntarily picked up the big iron sword.
Rogge waved again.
"Glowing glass of grape wine" Rogge rose with the wind when his sword sank into the trunk and quickly withdrew.
"Yu, drink the pipa and urge the horse" Luo Geling rose up and slammed the sword into the mud, suddenly withdrawing the iron sword and blasting out a light and shadow.
"Drunk lying in the sand, don’t laugh." Rogge suddenly stepped on the branches of peach trees, tapped a few steps, and danced with a long sword, making a peach blossom.
"How many people have fought in ancient times?" Whew, Rogge’s double pedals and a towering tree hung upside down, holding a sword and descending directly from high.
With the bright light of the sword exploding ten meters, a big pit was blown up.
Rogge closed his sword and stood slightly satisfied. There seems to be some progress this time.
In the distance, Li Bai approached and saw Rogge. He clapped his hands and applauded, "Good, good, but not smart enough, but the momentum is very strong and explosive. It seems that Brother Luo is still suitable for strength."
Rogge also felt that it was really a powerful explosive force just now. Rogge didn’t expect that he would have such a strong strength. It seems that he has been depressed for a long time and needs a spillway urgently.
"Then how many swords did I have just now?" Rogge looked at Li Baidao
Li Baiwei caressed his beard and said, "It’s very good to have a sword. Your own understanding is really good, but you still need to go further. Now you are looking forward to it. It’s a good material for practicing martial arts."
Li Bai praised Rogge’s ability, and Rogge also smiled "I will redouble my efforts."
Outside Qingzhou, there is a village with a very elegant environment. In Qingyan village, people have been living a diligent and happy life. The folk customs here are simple and the neighbors live in harmony.
Recently, however, a strange incident happened in the village, which is simply very strange, and it continues to be played.
I don’t know from what day a girl disappeared in the village. First, a girl who picked lotus flowers never came back. The village chief moved the village to find a strong man, but he still failed. A few days later, another girl who went out to farm didn’t come home, and it was still a trace after looking for a day.
This incident has become more and more strange. There have been six such incidents since today. Six young girls have been lost in the village for no reason, which has to be frightening. Recently, young girls in the village are almost afraid to go out, and the family is looking after the people.
The village head also called several village meetings to discuss countermeasures for this strange incident.
"We must not just give up. Maybe those girls are somewhere now. We must find that place."
"I agree with this view, too. I believe my sister is still alive and I must find her somewhere."
The elderly village head leaned on crutches and Se said sternly, "Have any suspicious outsiders been to the village recently?"
"Village head, are you worried that foreigners have abducted these girls?"
"It’s not impossible," the old village head said hoarsely.
"Is there any outsider in the village?"
"I haven’t seen it."
"Me neither."
"Me neither."
After some answers from the villagers, it was finally confirmed that there were no outsiders entering the village these days.
"That’s strange. How could someone disappear for no reason?"
Chapter 31 Rebirth
Rogge walked all the way, wandering around looking for a unified figure. However, it is really difficult to find a unified figure of his own in this world. Rogge also walked around with a chance mentality, but Suong took a lot of gold and silver from the bottom of Jinghu Lake before he came out without money. Now he is wandering around, but he is also handsome and hungry. He can just find a restaurant and have a full meal, then go back to his room and sleep until dawn. I have to say that life is good.
"It’s just a little lonely." A person and a cat didn’t have a speaker, and Li was a little depressed.
Rogge doesn’t know where he has gone. He has stopped and looked around. There are some beautiful scenery here, mixed with some colorful flowers and a faint fragrance.
Rogge was tired at this moment, so he sat down on the grass and took out a few big meat buns from his bosom.
There are many butterflies flying around beside me, which looks good. Blackie jumped up from Rogge’s shoulder and chased the butterflies.
"Ah, I can talk to a beast all day. Damn it, I’m miserable …"
"You say who is a beast? Watch your mouth or I’ll bite you, you evil beast! " Blackie is a cat’s ear or a sharp Roger. He’s in prison by himself. It’s a good thing he heard it from a distance.
Anyway, Rogge and Xiaohei are too familiar with each other. It is always okay. Rogge likes to make fun of Xiaohei. If he can’t find anyone to talk to, he will find Xiaohei. Rogge annoys Xiaoheile.