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Shao Xuewu smiled and looked at the waves and gently clapped his hands to express his appreciation of the waves, which was cruel enough.

Shao Xuewu was even more proud of enjoying the waves, and the boxing ring gently danced the steps-waltz danced alone!
The aesthetic violence of killing and dancing makes the waves play to the extreme!
It was not until then that Lan Tianxing and Zhuang got their wish to applaud, and Gerhard and another bodyguard followed suit.
Shao Xuewu corners of the mouth smile more thick and colder.
Huang Husheng’s face was livid, and his black face rose to pig liver color.
Shao Xuewu Huang Husheng whispered a few words in his ear. Huang Husheng’s face changed, and his fierce eyes stared at Lanting Star.
After the waves danced, there was another gorgeous ending, and then they strutted out of the ring.
The worker came forward and asked the waves if they were going to take a bath in the back. The waves said no, and the workers presented their clothes. The waves dressed calmly and methodically.
Lan Tianxing came over and laughed. "You are so cruel in Xiaohai. Just now, I almost felt queasy."
The waves smiled and said, "If I don’t be cruel, it will be me."
Shao Xuewu and Huang Husheng are coming to this side.
Shao Xuewu smiled faintly. "You did a good job today. I hope you can keep it so that I can play well!"
The waves put on their last clothes and shook their suits and smiled. "There will be times when you will be satisfied. Let’s have a good time. I always come to the net to ensure your satisfaction!"
Shao Xuewu took a look at the blue sky star and said, "Manager Lan, it’s fierce to feed such a dog. Be careful not to be bitten by him."
Tianxing smiled, "Thank you for waking up."
Xuewu said, "We still have a chance to play slowly later. Let’s go first."
Say that finish never look at all should walk.
Huang Husheng mercilessly stared Lanting Star and the waves with Shao Xuewu behind him and went out.
The waves said, "Sure! We’ll be fine in this courtyard tonight. I’m afraid Shao Xuewu will arrange people to go back to the road to deal with us. It’s best to let Brother Zhuang make a message and send some brothers to meet us. "
Lan Tianxing said, "I also thought of it! Xiaozhuang, you immediately called a hundred brothers and asked them to wait two miles away to meet us. At the same time, we sent people to check the vicinity. If suspicious people and vehicles were found before, they would rather kill them wrong than let them go! "
Zhuang ruyuan is slightly behind, so he teamed up with his brothers and guys to take twenty cars to meet him.
Blue Star and the waves are currently traveling, and Harder and another bodyguard are behind the house.
The same lights, the same venue, the same ring, there is no noisy audience, but the atmosphere is more tense.
Both sides didn’t go to the VIP box upstairs and sat in the audience closest to the stands.
Waves and Croft took the ring successively.
Two other workers came to the stage.
Both the waves and Croft left a pair of shorts for dressing, and the two workers carefully checked whether there were any hidden shorts in them. hidden weapons was sure that he didn’t take the two clothes to the ring.
There is no referee in the ring, there are waves and croft facing each other quietly.
The lights outside the ring are dimmed, and the lights in the ring are still on
The waves and Croft face each other and stare at each other with four cold eyes, just like two hungry wolves are cruel, vicious and tyrannical!
The bell rings and the game is official!
As the bell rang, the two men shot at each other like arrows, and the two bodies collided in the great earthquake, and then they fell into the cold ring, twisted, rolled and beat!
There is a boxing ring in the stands, and the sound of muscle beating is dull but stinging, which makes people excited and scared.
The waves calmly responded to the challenge and transported all the transportable parts to attack Croft.
Since coming out of Siberian training camp, Kroff has played several black market boxing, and he has rich experience in actual combat, but not much experience in actual combat in waves. This game is even more dangerous than that of the mountain chair Fengsong Island Apricot. Because Kroff is not a martial arts master, he is a killer to kill his opponent’s eyes. No matter what methods, he must be able to kill his opponent, including twisting his throat, cutting his crotch, hitting his head and hitting his nose, and he must have the opportunity to kill the waves.
Compared with Yamazaki Maple, the waves are despicable, but compared with Croft, the waves are almost a monarch, because experts like Yamazaki Maple disdain to make the attack method not only natural but also handy for Croft.
As soon as the waves hit, although he was alert, he knew that Croft would attack himself in every way, but when he really wrestled together, he realized that his vision was far from enough. Croft was more sinister and fierce than he thought.
Although the waves are in the wind for the time being, he will protect himself from the attack on his eyes and crotch, and he can support these three important places for the time being.
Croft, though a little dominant, stormed several times, but he didn’t give a fatal blow to the waves, which aroused his ferocity. He suddenly hugged the waves and bit them in the calf.
The waves endured the pain and punched Krogh’s nose with blood. The horse gushed from Krogh’s nostrils like a fountain, and his eyes and nose flowed together.
Croft still wouldn’t let go, biting a piece of meat in the waves like tearing it with his teeth.
After the waves punched Krogh, it was like a storm, and then the fist fell to the ground until the meat was bloody. At the same time, the other hand grabbed Krogh’s neck and the thumb tightly buckled Krogh’s fingers, making Krogh’s mouth and teeth unable to tear this muscle.
Krogh freed one hand to hit the waves.
The waves retracted and hit Croft’s face with an iron fist. One punch hit Croft’s wrist lattice bone. Croft’s wrist bone was broken and fell. The waves didn’t stop after one punch broke Croft’s wrist bone, but they punched Croft’s face again.
Croft’s face was covered with waves, and his face was so bloody that he couldn’t tell where it was his nose and where it was his mouth. His whole face was almost flat, but Croft felt dizzy and almost fainted, which aroused his fierceness. He still bit the calf muscles of the waves, even if he couldn’t tear it, he would bite it.
The waves endured the terrible pain in the calf and bit Kouga tightly. He still punched Krogh’s face, and every punch was bloody. He punched Krogh’s face with an iron fist, and it was like a rotten eggplant, green, red and purple, with all colors but no living colors.
There was a cold light in the eyes of the waves, and the blood spattered on Krogh’s face made him look like a bloodthirsty demon. He punched and punched to see the meaning. If he didn’t kill Krogh alive, he would never stop. Some people suspected that even if he beat Krogh out of breath, he might continue to fight until he beat Krogh to a pulp.