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[Xiao Jian returns the rice. Some of our friends will come to the ruins.]

№8 Hoshigaki Kisame ()
Whoosh-whoosh, the beating shadow not far away quickly caught the attention of the ghost shark, who was already ready to rush to the figure and then decided to take a closer look. Isn’t it the owner ninja who kept in touch with him a few days ago? "What’s the matter? Today is the last day. Is there any change in him?" The shark once asked this man, and they are equally capable of fighting this. Why do you need to find him?
Before the other party just laughed and didn’t answer, the deep face was a bit mysterious, but today it’s a little white to see where he came from. If you want to kill the general, it’s none other than the one who sings and dances all day …
Perhaps it was the general’s rudeness and frankness that made Daming fail again and again, and Daming was cruel enough to kill this.
Smile and shake your head. "It’s good news for you. Our goal has changed. This time, it’s not the general, but his son’s reward. How about it? Is it a good deal?" The general is surrounded by a patient guardian, but they will always stay around him …
The grimace revealed a little smile that he who sees through the plot. "Hehe, it’s really a deal for me, but it’s not for Daming. The general always regards his son as a palm bead … If his son dies, the general will naturally … I really doubt why Daming killed him."
Two people are on such a 9-degree cliff, but no one finds them interesting to shake hands. "It is often not good to know more, so you can finish your job well. The reward will never be less." The lighter you jump, the lighter you fall into the jungle and flash through a few shadows, and then you quickly leave.
"Hey, it’s really boring …" Will have pulled out a broadsword and sent it back to deal with an ordinary person who has no fighting ability. The shark also disdains his mighty popsicle to cut the other person into a stick.
After several consecutive stealthies, the tall figure evaded several patrol units and finally landed in a dark place. Although it is relatively simple, it can’t be careless. This experience is the only way for all rebellious people to survive.
On the other hand, after the mackerel lurked into the general’s office, the Sai surveillance forces discovered his whereabouts. According to the clear image analysis, the three people have identified this person as Shui Guoxing, Fengbo, who attempted to assassinate the famous man. Hoshigaki Kisame Deidara finally regretted what he promised to do.
Similarly, he quietly went out of the door and slowly hooked himself in the direction of the mackerel lurking. It was a dark corner, and once he was ambushed, there would be no room for retreat. Three pairs of eyes quickly blinked at each other, and everything was self-evident.
I was just about to bend over the heavy encirclement line and reach the general directly. Suddenly, the shark felt a little hard to detect kl fluctuation, but he was greatly surprised, but at the same time, he drew his own knife and effectively stopped it.
Boom … This bomb doesn’t have any high-explosive effect, but its effect is … The fluorescent powder heightens the flash effect. When the shark breaks the bomb, it finds itself shining, and the target has already been exposed …
"Damn ….." Low thoughtfully mako has pulled out the knife that has been with him for many years to rush toward the two figures rushing in the night.
One person is holding a bitter one with soft sword Bai zai, feeling the painstaking efforts and constantly rushing up at each other. Such a strong attack is beyond the strength of a ninja. If it weren’t for him and Sai, I’m afraid it’s already unbearable to be in the jaws of death.
Good-natured white zai didn’t go soft because of such an attack, and drew a few strange seals in one hand. "Fire Dunhao Fireball …" Although the one-handed seal must consume double chakra, it can’t consider so much when facing such an enemy.
The fireball with the size of a washbasin is only one meter away from the heat, and of course it won’t be careless. If it wasn’t for two people to resist the tip of the knife, he would never easily lift the knife, and it was another sweeping the broadsword and devouring the fireball alive.
"Hey, hey, three little ones are not bad, but they are still tender." Hey, hey, a smile got rid of the mess. The mackerel didn’t feel nervous because of his failed sneak attack. Enriching chakra can let him release a situation where he can endure surgery but can’t do it. Several waterfalls can drown the whole general’s house into an ocean.
Maybe it’s white if I don’t cut my life for a long time, and I’m not in a hurry. The shark began to look at this person in front of me carefully …
When the fighting stopped outside, the general was anxious. He didn’t know that the clash of weapons stopped outside anyway, so the outcome was divided. "What happened to Mr. Gong? Who won?" The general was calm and didn’t forget that there was a forbearance around him.
Face is still grim without any slack. "It’s not over yet. The two sides have carried out exploratory attacks. Their chakra energy is not a trace of dissipation …"
The general’s heart can beat so fiercely that he dare not relax his fist tightly. Once upon a time, the general was able to rely on others’ help to protect his family. Once upon a time, the court official actually fell into this field …
Once upon a time … the world has changed … to facilitate access, please remember that your support is our greatest motivation!
№9 The road is facing the sky
№9 The road is facing the sky
"Do you know never to cut again?" The mako knife was just about to cut it out, so it was a waste of time to stop his manual work.
It seems a little unpleasant to frown a little. "What’s wrong with knowing kids? Don’t befriend him. I won’t take you for this. I’m going to attack." Ignoring Bai Zai’s meaning, the shark immediately turned into a simple-minded person with developed limbs in their eyes.
"Sai tied him up", but he did not panic because of the sudden attack of the mackerel. On the one hand, he commanded Sai to bind the mackerel strategically. On the other hand, he also drew out soft sword’s constant attention to the movement of the mackerel. Once the mackerel was contained, it was time for him to attack.
I’m surprised how I can attack myself when I’m so far away. Suddenly, I feel that my feet are light, and I seem to have stepped on a banana peel and slipped out. Take a closer look. It turned out to be a black rope tied to my feet, but it also smashed it.
"Hey, big guy, look where? You can’t be distracted when fighting." Just when the shark was concerned about Bai Zai, he was already high and high, aiming at the deadly head and ruthlessly beheading it.
Hastily raised his broadsword to stop this fierce attack, and the mackerel felt a little lost.
A strange twist of the body turned to another direction like a rubber rope, and the cold face was a little bloody. "Hey, what’s the matter? Do you want to kill us? Then point to real strength."
Dang … The metal explosion dragged up a series of sparks, which reflected the gloomy eyes of Bai Zai. "You lost the big one." A high-explosive bomb exploded behind the mackerel, and the white figure disappeared in an instant. Instead, it turned into a dark net like the night. When it came over, it was bombed, and the mackerel was immediately snared.
"Not bad, this cooperation." The three people’s high-five faces are filled with victory smiles.
Struggling hard for a few times, I found that my festival had been tied tightly, and it was impossible for the shark to finally get a clear look at these three faces. "Hey, hey, three little ones are not bad, but they can make me Hoshigaki Kisame suffer such a big loss for a long time without losing such a big face."
"People will go uphill as soon as they reach the peak, because we are children, and you will be careless." There is no hurry to start again. White clothes stand at a distance and dance with the slight wind.
Corners of the mouth hung up an appreciative smile. "It will definitely go a long way after it’s not bad. Since you are here today, it’s an act of god. Although it may not be completed, I still sell it to you and never cut a face again." Behind the broadsword, there was a sudden burst of light, and the seemingly broken net was so loose that it became a drop of ink.
Pat the dust on the back. "Although it is possible to kill you today, don’t come after me after you remember. My name has just been said." I twisted my body and disappeared into this vast darkness again.
"oh? This person is really good at wishful thinking? "Deidara corners of the mouth vaguely hung with a satisfied smile.
Bai Zai nodded undeniably. "Yes, if he stays and finishes, he may not be able to get it alive. It is better to leave like this. Although he offended the client, he could not get the reward, but he might get us one."
Although the ghost shark is not a wise man, he is also a white man. Anyway, it is the best choice to retreat. He does not cherish talent but cherishes his life.
"So should we owe him this favor?" Sai smile with a somewhat ironic seems to have no meaning at all.
"Of course not. We fight on each side of the road, but it’s not our surrender that will end him. What do you say? Di "white zai looked at the distant dark clouds gently and said
Nodding with a smile, the answer is self-evident
"It’s over …" The words suddenly popped out of the palace mouth and made the general nervous again.
Didn’t see the palace is what expression general heart tense up again "who? Won "
"Let’s draw, but the assassin has left and neither side has contributed."
"So can …"