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The police have entered the building and rushed to the rooftop.

"Evening son …" Evening shouted about three meters above their heads, and the king climbed the ladder with one hand and still clung to the evening with the other.
It’s going to be separated again. This separation may really be forever.
Unfortunately, this will never be missed.
My perfect love has turned into a deep hatred. How will you live with this hatred?
Will you be happy?
Will you be happy?
Should I really let you go?
In a few seconds, Qian Fan passed in the mind of Zunwang.
And Xi has tried to think that her head is about to explode, and she feels that her mind is going to fall.
"Let her come, you can’t take her away." How afraid that the king would take the evening away.
Xia Han and Mo stayed up and looked deeply at the words of the King’s heart.
Hesitated for a few seconds, the statue of the king suddenly held the evening and jumped down. Wang Huaizhong was shocked once. The statue of the king had put her in the ground and surrounded Xia Han and his party, but he didn’t know what to say.
"Xi Er, come here." Xia Feng pulled Xi to come here. Now he feels that he and Xi have been cheated by Zun Wang, who is so well-connected that it is so easy to cheat a woman’s heart.
In fact, he didn’t lose, but he got Xi Er late. Now Xia Feng has more pity and sympathy for Xi Er. Scientific research shows that most women will fall in love with the first man who gets himself. Even if the man adopts improper means, he will be infatuated with Zun Wang after he loses his memory. It is a real human response, not that she is a showy person.
"Let her go." The king stared at Xia Feng with a chilling tone.
"You don’t deserve to have Xi Er. I’m so blind that I gave Xi Er to you, the devil." Xia Feng was unwilling in his heart. If he had known it was the statue of the king who raped Xi, he wouldn’t have let Xi go.
The statue of the king was ferocious and easily grabbed Xia Feng’s throat, which made him unable to make a sound, pain, suffocation, fear …
Everyone is very dismayed Xia Han drink "what are you doing? Put it quickly. "
"Don’t" Don’t move to hold the hand of Zun Wang and stop Zun Wang from killing Xia Feng as he did twenty years ago.
"It’s like this again." The lips of Zun Wang Dianpu evoke a cold smile. "It was like this twenty years ago, and it was like this twenty years later."
"Ink son, we don’t want you to kill koo …" Summer cold sad low shout there is no stranger helicopter boom will block ghosts, their hearing will not be heard.
"Is he koo?" The statue of the king raised his eyebrows and looked at Xia Feng’s hand and put his throat on his shoulder. He "coughed" a broken bone.
"ah!" Xia Feng screams in pain.
"Don’t" Don’t cry sadly. "Mo Er, don’t hurt him. You can’t put all the blame on him. Your pain is our fault."
Zun Wang again dint Xia Feng gritted his teeth to prevent himself from screaming that he wanted to resist but could not resist Wang Lidao.
"Tell them you are koo?" Zun Wang Yin is cold as the wind.
There was a ray of panic in Xia Feng’s eyes. He promised to cooperate with Yi Sen, so he told Yi Sen the password of Xia Jia Bao Tong. Yi Sen’s hand would enter Xia Jia so easily, seize Xi He and blow up Xia Jia.
Twenty years ago, Xia Han, where Xiajia had repeated accidents, installed the highest-end security system for Xiajia. If a stranger enters Xiajia clause, Xiajia alarm will sound and immediately send an alarm to the police station.
At that time, Zun Wang Gang walked around crying and fainted, and sent him to his room to rest. At that time, although Xia Feng regretted trying to connect with Yi Sen, he could not, but Yi Sen had already begun to lead Xia Han, Lang and Xia Feng out first, and then arrested people and set off bombs.
Xia Feng can’t escape the king’s eyes from all the seams.
"What do you want?" Xi suddenly shouted that her mental state was very poor and she was almost tottering. If she hadn’t cared for Yan to hold her, she would have fallen.
King Zun looked at the evening and asked coldly, "Do you want to stop me from killing him like them?"
"I don’t want to see you again …" Evening was weak and said this sentence, but I felt black at the moment and felt sorry for Yan Huaizhong.
"Xi Er Xi Er" Gu Xi Yan was in a hurry and turned to the statue of the king and shouted angrily, "That’s enough. Your appearance made us very calm and happy when you didn’t come back for more than ten years on Yongning Day. You hurt Xi Er deeply enough. We don’t care about you. I beg you to go. Chapter 194 Memory confusion.
"You’ve had enough. Your appearance has made us very calm and happy when you didn’t come back for more than ten years on Yongning Day. You have hurt Xi ‘er deeply enough. We don’t care about you. I beg you to go. You go."
"Yan Yan" frowned to stop Gu Xi Yan.
"Did I say something wrong? Twenty years ago, he broke your hamstring, and now he hurts Xi ‘er so deeply. What do we owe him? Look what he’s done to Xi ‘er. You see … "
"Stop it." King Zun suddenly roared and shoved Xia Feng to jump the ladder.
The ladder quickly raised the statue of Wang Fei to the sky, away from this right and wrong city, and the king never looked back.
Don’t be displaced, cover your mouth, cry bitterly, cherish your face, hold the evening and cry silently. Xia Han looks at the statue of the king and stays away from his back, and his mind is full of thoughts.
Have a post staring at Xia Feng deeply.
Three days later, Xia Shihao was buried. The funeral was very low-key.
Rebuild a new villa at the original site of Xia Jia, because that place is the foundation of Xia Jia for a hundred years. Xia Shihao once said that even if Xia Jia’s industry is big and rich, Xia Jia’s family will live in that place and inherit Xia Jia’s inheritance.
Xia Jia moved into another villa in Nancheng and stayed in Xia Han. He was exhausted and exhausted. He had not gone to the company for a long time. The company handed it over to Xia Feng and Xu Yang to take care of Mo’s serious illness. He had never been well. Xia’s family was immersed in sadness and silence every day, and the atmosphere was gloomy and sad.
Evening is lying in bed every day, unwilling to go out or talk, caring for Yan and spending time with her, while Lang is busy dealing with media and political doubts.