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Xiao yue’s little face is flushed, and it seems quite excited. The monsters are fading away. The shadow root of the long-term fix-true people dare not fight with people. I didn’t expect that the first time to make a move was the top expert in the fix-true world, and I didn’t expect that this pair of discoveries had a great fighting power. This great sense of accomplishment made Fox reach the best fighting state directly, especially when she was praised by her master on the spot. She was absolutely magnificent and had a breakthrough trend.

Changsheng was a little angry. He flew out with a big brush and swept over xiao yue. He rushed over and scolded, "Stop looking!"
Xiao yue got such a fright that he took a step backwards in a hurry. His feet were soft and he just fell into his small arms and smiled and hugged the fox’s waist carefully. "Don’t be afraid."
Skyfire flew halfway and was directly stopped by the light rainbow and the fragrant orb. On both sides, it hit a thumping sound, and Skyfire was hit to ashes.
Immortality took a deep breath and finally found something was wrong.
Ningxiang orb is very strong, and immortality knows it, but this skyfire is immortal, and it contains great power. For example, it should not be smashed by Ningxiang orb so easily, but look at the light of the orb as if there is no change at all.
He couldn’t help but look up at the rainbow, which made him so angry that he wanted to vomit blood. It turned out that my little girl was smiling like a flower and looked at the little girl. She was a girl in love waiting for her right man to praise her.
Flirting is fine with us, but … but you can’t look at me while fighting, can you? How do you say that we are also holding Skyfire Xuan Bing, who is known as the closest to the soaring young wizard in today’s fix-up world? This shame is unbearable for the immortal.
The immortal jumped out with one step, and the wind was rustling and the water was cold and tragic, shouting, "Miss Rainbow wants me to fight?"
This words say that finish the original xi xi ha ha small Mo quiet to a strange eyes looked at him.
As soon as Changsheng bowed his head, he found that the foot Lingshan ground was full. Everyone in the National People’s Congress was watching with their necks raised. Some of them could fly. They had already stepped on a magic weapon and were looking far here. If Tian Heng and the Millennium were not strictly bound, it is estimated that this group of people would have flown.
I have to admit that the posture and expression of longevity challenge are very stylish. An avant-garde word in the secular world is "cool", but everyone looks at his expression with some funny, contemptuous and weird.
"What are you looking at!" Immortal confused but not to be outdone flew into a rage and said, "Who dares to fight me?"
Huang Bei whispered behind him, "Immortality … you should … challenge Yan Xiao to challenge a girl … not so good …"
"Uh …" Changsheng blinked and felt a little white. "Well, I …"
Before he finished, Xiao Hong jumped out in a graceful manner. "Come on, I’m not afraid of you!"
Bottom immediately burst into laughter.
Lingshan sent this group of younger brothers to see the minor transformation with their own eyes. Recently, Lingshan has seen more demons and scattered fairies, and their awe of the masters has naturally faded a lot. In their eyes, Lingshan’s boss is strict and small, which is the enemy. Although it seems that there are two brushes, since the boss is here, there is nothing to be afraid of. Everyone laughs but does not give immortality and is not afraid of offending him. There will be trouble.
Immortal face some red a grind also jumped out "well, since you are not afraid of death, don’t say I bully you".
The Millennium stamped her foot and complained, "Younger is really crazy. Where is the skyfire Xuan Bing opponent? No, I can’t let them fight." She was about to rush out. Tian Hao had a pull on her and laughed. "Don’t worry."
The Millennium said urgently, "You don’t understand the power of Skyfire and Xuan Bing. I have seen it with my own eyes. No one can stop Younger from being in danger except the chosen one."
Tian Heng didn’t let go and laughed. "Now Younger is not Younger half a month ago. Can’t you see that Miss xiao yue can stop the skyfire?"
The Millennium is for nothing.
Chapter 145 Each shows his magical powers
Chapter 145 Each shows his magical powers
The two men Bai Changsheng is not white. His face is murderous. With a wave of his left hand, hundreds of skyfires swept out of his right hand, and hundreds of Xuan Bing poured down on the light rainbow. Suddenly, the six directions were completely blocked. This power is stronger than being trapped in the island at that time, which fully proves that Changsheng students have also made progress
The light rainbow is not afraid of the fragrant orb hanging overhead, emitting a golden light, which seems to be tangible and has a quality that has actually expanded into a radius of ten feet. A big ball of light just keeps the skyfire Xuan Bing out. It looks like a magical enchantment often appears in fantasy novel, and it is calm outside and raging inside.
Immortal drinking repeatedly waved his hands more and more urgently, just like a blacksmith’s blast box while the iron was hot. On that day, the fire roared and licked the golden light for a while, and his face became more serious than a violent light rainbow. He sat cross-legged and sat in the virtual, holding a formula with his hands. A faint white gas came from his fingers directly to the fragrant orb, and the fragrant orb suddenly shone with great strength, and it actually rose again. Zhang Xu Fiona Fang.
The Millennium gasped with disbelief and sighed, "Younger has actually … actually entered the innate realm from the day after tomorrow. Look at that white gas … it is pure weather. The more the fairy gas shows the realm, the more profound it is. If it can be condensed into essence, it is the real fairy realm."
If the Millennium knew that the small meridians with similar weather had already been filled up, they had all condensed to a thick ratio and just turned into a solid, the elder brother of the Liuyun Shuixie didn’t know what he would be surprised.
Immortal face flushed bright red "poof" one mouthful blood spray Xuan Bing mouth repeatedly drink a way that day "disease! Disease! Disease! " Immediately pressed the golden light of Ningxiang orb back again.
Small can’t help but shook his head and sighed "this guy mentality is a little problem!"