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Yang night raised my hand to signal the five thousand soldiers behind him to stop riding. Looking at the past, I couldn’t help but be shocked by the tragic scene in front of me. Although I am not a Datang citizen, I also felt great anger when I saw my compatriots being killed by Japanese dog thieves.

And visually, there are more and more Japanese people rushing out of the North Gate, and there are almost 50,000 to 60,000 people. Yang Yi reported that the defense of the North Gate was empty and Li Ze attacked the North Gate. It was Xiao Lai. Oh, no! Long Xiao is just a conspiracy! At the moment, although Tang Jun has more than 400,000 giants, it doesn’t matter that Long Xiao and Furong, who are cultivating officials, can take these scales to Japan, and the dog thief can already kill the Tang Jun soldiers and upset them.
It turns out that the people in the east of Anshi City have almost joined the North Gate! This Li Ze! Why don’t you listen to my advice?
Yang Ye angrily thought about turning his head and saying "Look for Li Ze!" to the south glory illusion and the scorching sun on the left and right sides around him.
South glory illusion and the scorching sun looked over and nodded gently, and at the same time looked in the direction of fighting in the battlefield.
Five thousand soldiers behind them were shocked by the tragic scene in front of them, and then they were all red in the face with anger.
The lieutenant behind fuels shouted "general! Lead us to rush! If we delay for one second, our soldiers will be killed! "
Yang night didn’t turn around and shook his head and said, "No, it’s a melee ahead. We won’t move for the time being."
"General!" Lieutenant excitedly shouted don’t know what Yang night don’t let them rushed forward to join the fight at this time.
Yang night looked back at the lieutenant and looked back at the men with angry expressions and expectant eyes. "Believe me! That’s right! "
All the soldiers saw General Zhenyuan’s firm eyes and nodded tightly with their lips. Of course, they chose to believe that Yang Ye hoped to win the battle!
Yang night is naturally inconvenient to tell the truth with all the soldiers behind him, but he knows in his heart that he can’t lead these five thousand military forces to join the battle at the moment. Accidents are difficult to control in the first melee. Second, although the strength of these five thousand soldiers is greatly enhanced, it should be beyond those Japanese dog thieves. But don’t forget that there are hundreds of thousands of Tang Jun battlefields ahead. Even if those Japanese dog thieves are not Yang night’s opponents, they are surrounded by energy. They can always grab a Tang army to supplement their physical strength and strength. If those tens of thousands of Japanese dog thieves’ physical strength and strength continue, I am afraid that these five thousand soldiers will
We must find Li Ze and let hundreds of thousands of troops in Tang Jun withdraw from the battlefield, otherwise a large number of military forces will continue to supply energy to those Japanese people, but there is no half-day lethality at all.
At this moment, Nan Rong Phantom suddenly reached out and shouted, "Yang Ye Li Ze that! The east side of the north gate is surrounded by a few Japanese people riding horses! "
Yang night along the south glory magic refers to the direction of looking at the past indeed as expected Li Ze and a lieutenant are being surrounded by several riding Japanese lieutenant fighting each other to repair official vision and hearing are unusual behind five thousand soldiers can’t see clearly, but Yang night and south glory magic and the scorching sun can see clearly.
Yang night saw Li Ze’s side, and the lieutenant had been stabbed several times and almost became a bloody man, but throwing a knife at the surrounding Japanese people desperately protected Li Ze’s mouth, shouting that the general should go quickly, and Li Ze’s temper would be to lose the lieutenant and flee for his life. He was also injured, but he kept fighting and shouting that he would die of old age and die in the battlefield. His face was spattered with blood and his eyes were wide open.
As for Li Ze and his lieutenants, those Japanese people fought together, not far from the Tang Dynasty military chess. The soldiers who raised the flag were already killed, but their hands were still firmly holding the flagpole and inserting the flag into the ground. The dead body leaned on supporting the eyes, but kept the military chess alive.
Yang Yexin bit a tooth with a tight nose and an acid in his heart, and said to the left and right south glory illusion and the scorching sun, "Look after our five thousand soldiers and I’ll save Li Ze!"
Nan Rong Magic and the scorching sun nodded their heads, and their expressions were also angry and distressed, especially when they saw that the pole was not high enough for the Tang Dynasty military chess.
Yang night and turned to pull out a life behind the lieutenant waist sabre at all the soldiers behind shouting "listen, brothers! Without my command! Nobody is allowed to move forward half a step! Stand by for me! "
After shouting, Yang Ye’s feet glared at the horse’s ankles on both sides, and he jumped out more than ten meters away and hesitated at the thought of not flying! Will frighten the soldiers and brothers behind them and then fall on the ground and rush to the battlefield at a flash speed, in the direction of Li Ze.
Behind all the soldiers to see Zhenyuan general unexpectedly a man with a knife rushed out a leng there followed by anxious shouting "general! General! "
Cried, there have been more than a dozen soldiers irrepressible raised his weapon and rushed out a few steps.
South glory magic riding twist a head shouted "give me back! Didn’t you hear what the general just said! "
The five thousand soldiers to the night Lord and the Japanese Lord are also awed to listen to the night Lord shout froze in place and then one by one low Shouting angrily returned to the original place.
Yang night has jumped out at this time and almost rushed into the battlefield. The soldiers behind him were surprised to see that General Zhenyuan had such an amazing running speed.
"Not the kui is a general! It’s really fast! "
"well! What a move * *! "
"no! I think it’s Gankun’s big move! "
"I think it’s a limp step. Watch the general’s step!"
"Don’t talk nonsense, this is teleport! Definitely! I read it in Dragon Ball. "
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Generals, soldiers and brothers
I’ve finished my first battle as a general today, thanks to the love of the emperor. I also led my brothers to fight the first battle together. We were clean and beautiful, and our first battle ended successfully. On behalf of myself, the Lord of the Sun and the Lord of the Night, I would like to express my sincere congratulations and heartfelt thanks to you!
In the battle that took place a few hours ago, our officers and men overcame many difficulties such as tight time, strong opponents, high standards, poor marching and equipment conditions, studied hard and actively adapted to strict requirements, and successfully completed the first battle. This is the result of the joint efforts of the officers and men, which fully demonstrated the elegance of Peng Jiajun, who is composed of our 5,000 officers and men.
At the same time, the just-concluded battle is a process of learning from each other. Through the battle, not only did the brothers have a preliminary understanding of our people and the strength of the wind, but I also learned the opportunity from all the soldiers and brothers. Your spirit of unity and longing for victory is worthy of my serious study and will surely take root in our future fighting life.
I hope that the brothers will transform their first battle victory into hard training and strong spiritual motivation as soon as possible, carry forward the spirit of courage, perseverance, rigor and tenacious struggle, and strive to cultivate themselves into a truly qualified talent who can develop morally, intellectually and physically and face the invasion of the main battlefield by powerful enemies.
Fighting together has made us form a profound friendship. Let’s work together and work hard to produce more fruitful results in the years to come!
But what I want to say here is that the victory of sending troops for the first time has become a thing of the past. The brilliant achievements do not mean that there are more victories and greater glories waiting for us now!
After General Huoyun’s retreat led us to the East Gate, the remaining 400,000 troops have gone to attack the East Gate of Anshi, but the situation is not optimistic, and there may be a crisis. So I decided to go to the battle. General Huoyun’s retreat together to fight the second battle today! If possible, kill all the Japanese dog thieves and take back Anshi city!
Brothers, if the situation is critical, then our expedition is bound to be dangerous. Our 5,000 soldiers are likely to face tens of thousands of Japanese dogs and thieves, and it is difficult to get killed or injured. I can’t say that I can guarantee the safety of all my brothers. What I can do is to attack first in front of you! Still that sentence, I’ll take it when I’m in trouble!
What I mean is that I don’t want to go to the camp, but I’m willing to go to the camp. Brother, take up arms and go with me to kill those sons of bitches and thieves!
"willing! ! ! !” Shout loudly and cheer up the crowd.
After a battle at the east gate of Anshi City, five thousand Datang soldiers who have been dead set on Yang Night are gearing up for the camp, one by one solemn and uplifting, rubbing their hands and listening to their admiration for General Zhenyuan’s speech.