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Because there is something wrong with Wang Haidong, and it is really something that can make Shanjiro feel happy.

Although it is said that Yamajiro is a bit of an asshole in fact, this guy has that kind of defect and must report his personality, which is also well-known in the Yamanaka family, and it is said that in the eyes of outsiders, such as Matsumoto Fukuda, Yamajiro is the kind of hatred that people will remember in their hearts, which is annoying no matter what happens.
This guy Yamajiro bears a grudge and will find the right opportunity to retaliate, so generally speaking, if there is no sufficient reason, no one will be willing to offend Yama easily.
But speaking of it, although Yamajiro said that this kind of defect will be reported to the people, he really has great admiration for someone who has something to do.
This can be seen from the whole ghost people. Although there are some things that are not funny, even things like the Nanjing Massacre are unwilling to admit that this is a bloody fact.
However, at this time, the Japanese even have no sophistry to apologize.
It can be said that such a thing is very bad for Japanese people, but they are really the same as Shanjiro, and they are quite admired for that kind of people who have something to do.
Not only is it said that Yamajiro is such a person, but it is also said that almost all Japanese people are like this, and Yamajiro just inherited this point.
Therefore, although it is said that at this time, Yamajiro can be said to hate Wang Haidong and itch at all, at such a time, no matter what happens, he will admire Wang Haidong very much.
It is such a thing to hate someone but admire someone at the same time, no matter what happens.
No matter what, this matter is caused by Yamajiro’s personal character.
Wang Haidong is really embarrassing him, whether it’s saying that tangdao directly hits the door or that Jubaoge provokes alienation from reality, which makes Yamajiro very angry.
And it’s not generally annoying. You know, the Japanese have always been very United, but at such a time, a guy like Wang Haidong was forced to provoke a dissension. Such a thing is something that Yamajiro doesn’t want to see
This time, Jubaoge was a disgrace, and it was all thrown abroad.
Therefore, at this time, a guy like Yamajiro will be very angry anyway, but he is still very admired by Wang Haidong.
This point is impossible to change in any case. No matter what, someone who has something will be worthy of others’ admiration. At this time, that is to say, because Wang Haidong himself is just a businessman, that is, a pure businessman, this point is also the place where Yamajiro admires Wang Haidong.
If Wang Haidong is a public official and dares to do so, at that time, no matter what, Yamajiro will come out to protest. Therefore, no matter what, this matter will have such a change, and this matter will have such an impact.
When a public official does something, he must consider what the consequences are. Once it is said that the consequences are unpredictable, it is necessary to carefully consider whether this matter can be done at this time.
And that is to say, this matter will have such a change no matter what.
This is a fact. No matter what happens, Wang Haidong took the initiative. At this time, what Wang Haidong said took the initiative. That is to say, Wang Haidong himself has such a thing. He deserves the respect of Yamajiro.
Although it is said that Jiro Yamamoto hates Wang Haidong at this time, it is the kind of itching at all, but such a situation is true. No matter what happens, this guy Yamamoto should go to see Su Dongpo’s inkstone.
This is also the character of this guy Yamajiro. He really likes antiques. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been invited to Jubaoge by Wang Haidong in a few words. At this time, although he said that he hated Wang Haidong, it doesn’t mean that he didn’t want to come to see Su Dongpo’s inkstone since he installed it. If it is said that such a situation will become like this, then this thing will have such a result. If it is said that there are good antiques, then this will be angry. When the sample is installed, Jiro Yamamoto will not miss this point. Wang Haidong himself is very clear. He said that he invited Jiro Yamamoto to be such a character, so he was very relieved when he did it. It means that he will not be afraid of Jiro Yamamoto when he installed the sample. At this time, the river city still needs such a delegation to keep up appearances.
Even if Yamajiro says he wants to leave, such a situation is that he will not leave until he sees this inkstone, and does it mean that the river city is suitable for investment? No matter what, it is worth noting.
Moreover, it is true that this situation is the result no matter how it is said. This situation was deliberately caused by Wang Haidong, and it was also caused by Yamajiro’s own personality.
His calculation of people’s face is really not as far as Wang Haidong thinks. This fact is also Wang Haidong’s own business
If it had been before, it would have been better for Yamajiro to calculate people than Wang Haidong, but now Wang Haidong is different from former Wang Haidong, so at this time, Wang Haidong will definitely eat Yamajiro anyway.
Does Yamajiro mean that the investment here depends on the conditions? If it means that the conditions are sufficient, then this point will be realized at this time. No matter what happens, Yamajiro will come here to invest.
But if it is said that the conditions are not good enough, then at this time, Yamajiro will definitely not pay a penny, that is to say, just to see it.
This is the fact that businessmen are businessmen, that is to say, if there are enough interests, then such a situation is not true. In any case, there will be such a thing. This is especially good for Yamajiro to do.
And that is to say, no matter what the matter is, the result is due to Wang Haidong’s own identity. Wang Haidong is just an antique dealer at this time, so when he does things, it means that he doesn’t consider what influence will not affect him. If he says that he feels happy, then this situation is no big deal.
It is also very clear that Wang Haidong always does things after he has not entered the officialdom, but it is impossible for Wang Haidong to do things at this time if he is entering the officialdom, and it is said that he should be careful.
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