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Chapter 98 Road to retreat

Chapter 98 Road to retreat
Since the decolouring is omitted, we can go directly to the stage of "hundred trials" in the second base. This is an extremely important step in casting swords. What the final shape of the sword body will be and whether it can become a magic weapon depends on this step.
Wear an iron hand to put the sword blank in the hot fire, and then pick up a hammer to light up the mid-point of the body and calm down. Linghu Purple was given to his military strategist. The last three steps before the furnace were omitted, and everything had to be understood by him.
In Molin Heavenly Craft, I have seen a Mohist forbidden casting method, and he has made up his mind to try one tonight.
Taking a deep breath, Molin took the sword blank out of the fire, put the anvil body muscles in perfect coordination and struck the first hammer.
"Ding … when … Ding …" Hammer down the sword blank, each of them changes the shape of the sword blank, and Lin Bo and the coolie each add some strange color solutions and powder to the sword blank from time to time. These are the whimsy they explored in ten days. What kind of freak they will eventually create is not very clear in their hearts.
In this way, the three bold guys sweated and pounded the sword blank for three hours and hit the base for more than 160 times. If Mo Lin hadn’t awakened the source of strength, the root wheel would have been tired, and it was precisely because of his very stable strength and frequency that the cotton and iron textures were closely integrated to show the most perfect state.
The red texture of the sword body, if the dragon scales are mixed with stars and flashes, is the mineral powder that is integrated into the essence of sponge iron, which ensures the strange properties of the sword body after casting.
"It’s coming out soon!" Lin Bo saw that the sword body had been basically completed, and now the last and most important process was released. Whether a sword can become an artifact key was released at this moment.
And how to make the sword have a soul and become an artifact? People have different opinions throughout the ages, and there has never been a unified caliber.
Mo Lin doesn’t know how the soldier’s family made the weapon integrate with the master’s mind, and he has his own soul, but he learned from the heavenly craft that he wanted to take a risk.
Seeing that the blade has reached the perfect state, it’s time to come out.
Mo Lin took off an iron hand, reached out and pulled out a dagger from his waist, cut his arm hard, and then spilled blood on his arm like a note.
"Zi!" A blood and a sword seemed to blend together. As Lin Bo and the coolie exclaimed, a flame roared out of the fire.
"Not good!"
The flame turned into a fire dragon, and the sound roared wildly through Mohe Village, almost shattering the eardrums of three people.
Mo Lin grabbed the Excalibur and didn’t let it go. He could feel the blade changing. It was such a powerful force that it seemed to tear the sky apart and smash the earth. The world was like blood and fire, and the melting pot could no longer withstand this huge impact and crashed to pieces.
Lin Bo and the coolie covered their faces and fell back. Several pieces of rubble splashed out with flames and almost injured them.
"Molin, be careful!" Lin Boche gave a cry but saw Mo Lin’s face show surprise.
He couldn’t help but follow Molin’s eyes, and he saw a dazzling red sword in the blazing flame of the crushing furnace, which was sending out everything in the world.
The sword was cast
Xiangyun machinery shop seems to be hit by a meteorite, and the center of the furnace is almost falling apart.
On a sunny night, suddenly, there are dark clouds, and the village of Mohist gathers like a mountain stretching for thousands of miles.
Many people in the village were disturbed. They didn’t know what had happened, and another meteorite fell from the sky.
I can’t tell you how excited I am when I stare at the cast sword before the Molin three-person furnace.
The crimson blade is like a lotus flower, which makes people blind. What’s even more strange is that there are black lines on the blade, which is like dark clouds in the rosy clouds.
At first glance, Molin felt that these black lines destroyed the overall beauty of the sword body, but somehow he looked at it carefully and felt that it was these lines that gave the sword its soul.
"Molin, what did you just do to stab yourself?" Limbaugh gawk asked
"That’s the forbidden art of blood casting in heavenly things …" Mo Lin said, "I’m the lowest drop of blood. I heard that there was once a master craftsman who built a magic weapon with a real soul and threw his own flesh and blood into the fire. That’s the highest blood casting."
"Blood casting …" Lin Bo murmured. "I seem to feel the rage of the sword. Is this the effect of blood casting?"
"Me, too. I feel cold in my spine," said the coolie.
Mo Lin’s answer was because he also felt the murder and rage from the blade. The craftsman personally created this sword. The three of them felt that it was certainly more sensitive than others, which made people uncomfortable. They felt that the temperature of the blade dissipated and gradually drifted away. The three people woke up from their consternation and turned their attention back to the blade.
"Throw that feeling just now. No, it’s really a good sword." Low Limbo broke the silence.
The coolie nodded and tried to touch the blade "not hot and warm"
Everyone touches the blade with their hands, and the blade is still hot, and the surface is covered with Long Lin-like texture. When you touch it with your fingers, you can detect a slight bulge.
But when Mo Lin’s fingertips came to those silly black lines, she felt slightly cool.
"What is this?" Lin Bo also found this problem.
"It’s probably a trace of blood …" Mo Lin is not sure.
"These … blood is good, too. It looks like a dragon." The coolie suddenly said.
"The dragon? It’s a bit like maybe it can be a symbol of this sword. "Lin Bo looked at it carefully.
Molin lifted the blade and turned the black lines, although it seemed a little abrupt, but it was self-contained, and the lines with clear shapes were sketched out. The picture really looked like a looming black dragon.
Mo Lin could feel the qualitative change brought by the black dragon to the sword, and he suddenly thought of the dragon soul once born.
"Will there still be dragon veins in my blood? If so, maybe this black dragon is attached to the sword and dragon soul." Mo Lin looked at those Long Lin-like textures and hid the secret in his heart.
"Well, now we have to install the hilt and try the scabbard again." Lin Bo carefully built a brand-new and exquisite hilt and scabbard, of course, without installing those weird machines.
"There is one more important thing," coolie said seriously.
"You mean the blade?" Limbaugh merrily put the hilt into the body and asked casually.
"The mistake is to name a good sword, so you have to have a peerless name, otherwise you will hear it silently," said the coolie. "So I suggest naming this sword Tiangong."
"What want to call tying is because there is a I in your name? I think it’s better to call Yang Bo, "said Lin Bo angrily.