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"It seems that they are really uncompromising in dealing with me." Gu Jinxi closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She has been able to think of how the Queen Mother and Chen Guifei will deal with her.

Lanfei is unwell. If she goes to Danqingshan midway or Danqingshan Royal Farewell Hospital, her condition suddenly increases, then she will naturally be ashamed to become a doctor. If Lanfei can be cured, then everything will be fine. But if it can’t be cured … She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Isn’t the dispute between Lanfei and Shengchong obstructing Chenguifei Road? If LanFei dies by then, it’s killing two birds with one stone. No! You have to get rid of the thorn in your side at one stroke. Empress Lanfei pulled out the thorn in her flesh and flattered the Queen Mother herself.
People die like lights, and everything disappears, including Qin Rui and her marriage.
Xie Yi thin lips slightly sip sip looked at the same expression Qin Rui "that … LanFei empress?" It’s so obvious that the conspiracy can hold the position of a favorite princess, and it’s not so simple to linger in the harem for many years. Is she at the mercy of others?
"What qualifications does the empress dowager hand-picked her to resist?" Qin Rui looked at Qin Rui with light eyes and tail.
"Not being qualified to resist doesn’t mean that you won’t resist." Xie Yi bowed her head and slightly hooked the corners of her mouth. "Chen Guifei’s eyes show that you shouldn’t have thought of this layer long ago."
Qin Rui eyebrow corners of the mouth oblique tone not salty not light not urgent not slow "oh? See? "
"Why else would you be here?" Xie Yi face smile shallow Qin Rui four eyes relatively not afraid.
"If you can see LanFei, that’s what she can discuss." Gu Jinxi lowered her head and lowered her eyes and her thin lips slightly sipped Chen Guifei’s desire to get rid of LanFei and her way at the same time. It’s not too much, but if she can collude with LanFei before, she can be caught off guard.
On weekdays, there is naturally nothing, but on what occasion is it? Even if the emperor wants to be partial, he can’t even break the law. Although the common people have been talking on paper for many years, they always have to set an example when there are other countries at home.
Gu Qian grumpily stared Gu Jin sunseeker one eye "you also don’t think too simple harem woman hum! How do you know that LanFei not colluded with Chen Guifei? "
"Huh?" Gu Jinxi turned to look at Qin Rui.
"Lanfei’s origin is simple and there is no background, and all the information is too perfect." Qin Rui bowed his head and looked so gloomy, but it was because it was so perfect that it was the biggest flaw. If someone hadn’t deliberately concealed the root, it would be impossible, but who on earth was behind this Lanfei who knew so much about Qin’s royal family and so much about imperial clan habits
Xie Yi’s eyelids droop. "It’s too perfect. Maybe it’s because it’s perfect. You don’t think things too complicated. If Lanfei is smart enough, you should know what to do." After all, Chen Guifei wanted it, but she didn’t hesitate to live to have a chance.
"Well" Qin Rui tone heavy nodded his head.
At that time, the whole room was dull, and the atmosphere was depressed and condensed to make people feel terrible.
Gu Jinxi reluctantly pulled his face at the corner of his mouth with a slight smile. "Well, what are you doing? The main purpose of that person is not me. Even if Chen Guifei wants to please the queen mother, I will assess the situation. I may not be in danger. You can rest assured that I will improvise."
"That’s right." Gu Qian looked up and smiled slightly at Gu Jinxi. He lowered his eyelids, but he still had some gloom and something that people couldn’t see through.
Xie Yi was silent in a wheelchair.
Until john young appeared, he looked a little ugly and met Qin Rui. Ivylinna Lee’s eyes went to the soft couch and bent down to lower his voice. Qin Rui’s ears had two of them who could hear the sound and said a few words. Qin Rui frowned, and suddenly his eyes narrowed slightly.
"What should I do?" John young lowered his voice and pursed his lips.
"Now that I’m here, let him come in." Qin Rui leaned back and looked at Gu Qian and Xie Yi sitting opposite. "In the summer, the cronies around the Lord of the cool country sang the night songs and visited the night."
"Is it him?" Gu Jin sunseeker smell speech eyes half narrowed tone appearing somewhat confused.
"This nocturne is not a simple sunseeker. You can’t underestimate him." Qin Rui already knew from john young that Xia Yunfeng had visited the family in Hengwu Garden. Naturally, he knew that Gu Jin Sunseeker had seen the nocturne and was not surprised by Gu Jin’s reaction.
Gu Jinxi shrugged his shoulders slightly and made a moknai expression. "What’s he doing in Hengwu Garden at this point?"
"Maybe it’s a good thing." Qin Rui’s face is somewhat meaningful with a faint smile.
When Nocturnal entered the shallow pavilion and saw Gu Jinxi sitting in the same place with Qin Rui, I couldn’t help frowning slightly at the bottom of my eyes and quickly crossed something, but it soon returned to normal and the expression was cold. "Miss Gu Gu Sangong, let’s meet again."
"Uh-huh" Gu Jin sunseeker is a cold hum. Gu Qian is full of eyes at the moment. Where is Gu Jin sunseeker’s trip to Danqing Mountain? Sometimes he takes a reason.
Nocturnal songs are nothing to do with the smile on the face. From looking at Gu Jinxi’s eyes, it seems to be kind and gentle, romantic and kind, but it makes people feel very comfortable and won’t make people feel disgusted. Gu Jinxi noticed that for a moment, he dropped his eyes on Qin Rui’s head again. "King Rui, can we talk alone?"
"…" Qin Rui slightly dazed his thin lips slightly took a sip.
"Now that you have business, go home first. But I don’t know what it is." Gu Jinxi smiled at Qin Rui.
Gu Qian and Xie Yi also nodded at the same time. "It’s getting late. Sunseeker’s body is always bad. It’s time to have a good rest." They have been fidgety about what to say or not to say all those things all afternoon.