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"It’s me, Yang Yeyang’s gentleman." Yang Yeqing answered that he had the conversation with his father. Yang Yeqing’s impression of Zhang Tianshou changed a lot. At this time, Zhang Tianshou was completely hostile to this state.

Zhang Tianshou’s eyes slightly flashed a trace of regent’s color, and he looked at the person in front of him in the dark. When he saw that it was really Yang night, he couldn’t help but ask hoarsely, "Yang night, you really came! You really came! What … What brings you here? Go, go, go, run for your life … "
Yang night simply Zhang Tianshou squatted down and looked up at him and said, "I can’t go, Zhang Bobo. I’m here to solve things here." Said Zhang Tianshou, who stretched out his hand and pressed his leg, and asked, "Zhang Bobo, how did this happen? Who did all this? "
Yang night is a little mean, but he really wants to find out whether Zhang Tianshou knows these things. After all, from the present situation, Zhang Tianshou has also become a victim.
"You’re really here, Yang Ye, you’re really here …" Zhang Tianshou said and suddenly held out his hand. "You’d better go. Now it’s hell here. I caused it!" Zhang Tianshou zheng big eyes nasty to Yang night high volume.
"Uncle Zhang, I’m here to save you and the Zhang family. Tell me what’s going on!" Yang Ye asked in a low voice
Zhang Tianshou took a look at Yang Night and slowly closed his eyes and lifted up his head with a painful sigh and said, "It’s my fault! It’s all my fault! I killed my son and I killed the Zhang family! "
Yang night one leng it seems that Zhang Tianshou knows something and quickly asks "Zhang Bobo, you have to believe me! ! Tell me what’s going on or the Zhang family will be finished! "
Zhang Tianshou didn’t open his eyes and continued to sigh and said slowly, "The Zhang family is finished …"
Found around strange blue demon cut pulled Yang night a pair of two people took a step back at the same time carefully looked around.
The figures and sounds around are strange, and there is a little scarlet light, which is a pair of eyes in pairs
"Be careful," Yang said to Lan Yao in a low night.
Lan Yao nodded and slowly pulled out the cloud needle. Yang Ye also shook his left wrist, and the red seal rose and stretched out the hidden blade.
The red seal spread to Yang Yelan, and the demon chop gathered the ability to cultivate officials and saw everything around him.
That one is a servant of Zhang’s mansion, but each one is slowly shaking his body, his eyes are shining scarlet and he hisses and growls, his face is strange, his veins are vertical and horizontal, his expression is ferocious and terrible.
"What’s the matter?" Yang night said in surprise
"Little blood" Lan Yaojian gently replied, "It hasn’t mutated into a true blood."
Yang night leng a horse stared eyes "mom! Evil energy Weiner! I actually made the Zhang family look like this! "
"Blood smell" Lan Yao looked around and looked at his eyes. "Be careful around there may be formed blood species."
Saying that from behind those swaying figures in the darkness, "wooshing" jumped out of several huge shadows, and the speed was extremely fast, and it descended directly in the direction of Yang Yelan Demon Chopping.
Blue demon chop YunZhen cross cheek jump will begin Yang night next to a pull blue demon chop "can’t kill! They’re just mutated by witchcraft. They’re all Zhang Jiading! "
Lan Yao took a cold look at Yang night and said in a low voice, "You can’t restore human nature when you become a blood species." He said, throwing his hand at Yang night and rushing out.
A few white lights flashed through the silence and darkness, and strange screams came from those monster-like figures, which leaned back and burst into pieces in a flash around the blue demon.
Yang night bullet also stretched out the hidden blade red smelting rushed into the more and more jumped out from everywhere in the shadow after several red lights flashed, the forming blood species were divided in the air spread a burning stench.
Yang night has seen those monsters jumping up and down at Mu’s house. The monsters sent by Peng Tian are exactly the same. One by one, the clothes are torn and covered in blood, and the facial features are twisted. There is no one. The mouth is full of sharp twisted teeth, growling and waving arms that have become thick claws.
It’s all turned into eating human flesh and drinking human blood! Yang Ye is annoyed and wants to start dancing with hidden blades, which is even worse. Every time a red light is danced, three or four blood species are cut off or their heads are cut off.
Dealing with these kinds of blood is as easy as stepping on an ant for Yang Ye and Lan Yao. They don’t toss and turn at all, but they move forward steadily step by step, waving the cloud needle around and drinking the hidden blade, slashing and killing the blood seeds that burst and rushed.
In the darkness, red and white light alternate, and the blood that rushed at me has been lying all over the place, but I don’t know how many of the hundreds of people in the Zhang family mansion have mutated into blood. Perhaps they heard the sound here or smelled the bloody smell here. The blood has appeared one after another from all directions, and Yang Yelan demon chopped and killed it and rushed to the main house, but it was always blocked by several blood figures.
"mom! Lan! Stop procrastinating! ~ looking for evil can be Weiner! " Yang night dancing with hidden blade red refining forward a split rushed to a few blood.
Lan Yao nodded and kicked his foot and jumped out far away, then quickly ran to the main house. Yang Ye also rose up and flew low all the way, followed closely.
Along the way, they met three or five kinds of blood that were in the way, and both of them shot at the same time. Those unlucky blood kinds were chopped up first and then burst into pieces.