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It’s getting late after dinner. Tell the children to go back to Su Mian and Yan Gui and lie on the couch after washing and grooming.

"Want to say? If you don’t want to say it, don’t say it. If you are afraid, just tell me that I am not afraid of anything. "Yan Gui gently touched her belly.
"Did I tell you that I dreamed of SEAO in the northwest with Ming ‘an meeting, and she asked me to take care of Shen Er?" Su Mian asked.
"Well said" Yan to listen to the way.
"Back to the poisoning coma, I dreamed that Jane’s father and daughter Jane Jade were dead, and Jane Assistant Minister beheaded in the exile place. I dreamed that Jane Assistant Minister was holding her head …" I was still a little scared in retrospect.
"Hum, I want to level the ancestral graves of Jane’s family!" Yan Gui became angry when he heard it.
"Well, if they didn’t hurt me … if there were ghosts who said that they really wanted to take the opportunity to hurt me, but they failed. I remember Assistant Minister Jane said that my golden protector couldn’t hurt anything. It seems that I hurt them." Su Mian said, "Jane’s family is already like this. What if you flatten my mother’s ancestral grave? She is also a Jane family. My father didn’t investigate Jane’s responsibility for marrying a woman at that time. What are you still investigating? "
"Hum" Yan to cold hum a obviously also default.
"This time I dreamed of my dad. I can’t remember whether he came here or when he was young. I said that Shen Er was also ordered by the queen to help her." Su Mian simply talked about the dream and ignored the different world.
"Mianmian … I wanted to ask you to be the queen from the day I took you to the northwest, and I was determined to ask you to do it." Obviously, Yan belongs to the key point here.
At that time, he made Mu Wanting stay behind her.
"I didn’t doubt you, of course. If you don’t want me, I can’t do it. My dad means that it’s not easy for you to be afraid if there is no Shouan City, right? Of course, I don’t believe it. "Su Miandao
"Ghosts and gods naturally have something to do, but Mianmian’s good people don’t have to be afraid." Yan belongs to an authentic ancient people and naturally believes in these things.
"It’s strange to say that I saw a ghost, but I didn’t see it. Don’t … I did." The first one was that she wouldn’t say this.
"Mianmian Hongfu monkey well, don’t think about it today … even if it’s true, it’s a good thing." Yan is afraid that how much she thinks is not good for her children.
Then the relatives always return … People and ghosts go by different routes,
"Are you afraid of me? Have you seen … those? " Su Mian is bored, even if she comes across, who wants to see those relatives?
"Nonsense, you are practicing fox in the mountains. I won’t be afraid of you. Don’t mull it over. Remember that story you told me before? Carp essence and health, "Yan Gui said," I am not as good as a health? "
Su Mian was stunned when she realized that this was the story of baili Dongting Lake carp essence and human life.
In the end, life triumphs over everything …
I don’t remember the source, and I don’t know which unofficial history story it was. I didn’t tell it to him at first, but I told it to Ming ‘an, but he also scolded her for telling these stories to the children.
She’s been taught, too. It’s really not suitable for children to tell …
Unexpectedly, he remembered …
"Then I’m relieved. Are you tired?" Sue cotton laughed
"Well, I’m a little tired to sleep." It’s raining outside, but it’s all Xiao Swift holding Su Mian and patting her back.
Each is thinking about his heart, and each knows that the other is thinking about his heart.
Lying quietly but not embarrassed.
Su Mian is still habitually pulling Yan to a wisp of long hair and gently winding her fingers.
Yan Gui patted her back one by one. Although she didn’t talk, she had a kind of peace of mind.
I don’t know how long it took before they both fell asleep.
It rained early the next morning … but it was a while.
Su Mian doesn’t like this kind of rain. It’s either pleasant or a little smaller. It’s raining in Mao Mao. This kind of moderate rain is really unpleasant
"The main position said that lunch can’t come back today, and he went out of town. He kept it, saying that he listened to the main deployment." Smoke way
"Well, Ann Shouer followed?" Su Mian wondered if it was too late. Where are the children?
"It is with the pursuit that the loyal generals and loyal generals also accompany the Lord to wash their meals first." Smoke way
"Send someone to ask if there was a disaster in a place because of the heavy rain yesterday." Su Mian thought about yesterday’s dream, Su Zhan said, "God accepts people’s words.
"Handmaiden asked early in the morning that there is no distance in the city and she won’t come back for a while, but it must be all right. We feel that the rain was very heavy in the north all the year round, and we are all used to building houses here, and we are all thinking about it." Smoke way
"You are clever, then wait and see. There will always be news at noon." Su Miandao
"The Lord is really the best queen!" Smoke laughed
Sue cotton didn’t pick up the words is "what’s delicious today? I didn’t eat well last night. I’m hungry. "
"The Lord is not want to eat fish porridge? The fish here is much fresher than the capital. Early in the morning, I called people to bring slippery porridge and fish fillets, as well as the main rice steamed bread. Several side dishes are extremely fresh. "Qingyan Road
"Say my mouth is watering. Let’s put it away quickly." Su Mian was really hungry yesterday, and she didn’t eat well because she was hungry because of her dream.
After a while, Su Mian had breakfast and drank two bowls of fish porridge before being stopped. She also ate a lot of rice steamed bread. Not much.
Su Mian is still unfinished. "Ask the kitchen to make bass at noon. I want to eat shrimp."
"I caught fresh fish and shrimp early in the morning, and I have everything I want to eat. It’s good to have a fish hot pot." Green finch laughed.
"That’s good. Have I gained weight recently?" Su Mian looked at her waist, which has become a bucket.