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Not far in front of Cesar, the back of a player wearing No.13 was followed by a group of Napoli players who celebrated his goal.

It’s Dominika! ! ! !
Cesar was so depressed that he wanted to scold his mother. It would be like this for a goalkeeper to watch the opposing player shoot a clever shot into his goal after making a world-class save.
Cesar’s chagrin is that Napoli’s most threatening player, Domenica, didn’t have a player of his own team with him when he made up the shot.
Cesar is depressed. He specializes in guarding Zenan Vieira and Satibi. He is even more depressed than the first reaction and instantaneous explosive force. Vieira and Sadie are far younger and more talented than they are. Just now, when Lavezzi shot, Domenica dumped them without waiting for them to react, and then just appeared at the ball landing point. When they wanted to chase after the past, Domenica had a standard push to break the square goal. Just now, Domenica’s reaction speed and accurate judgment on the first landing point of the ball made Vieira and Sadie stunned. ! !
"boom! ! ! ! !”
After scoring an equaliser in Qinan Naples, the Sao Paulo Stadium was suddenly depressed like a bomb. The passion of Naples fans ignited the Sao Paulo Stadium at this moment for almost a whole half.
However, after Qinan scored the goal, he didn’t run to the fans’ stands to celebrate or assist his teammates as usual. He ran straight to the back of Naples and ran to the captain who was running towards him to celebrate his goal. Because what Qinan wants to do now is to dedicate this goal to the team and finally let his teammates recover their calmness and sobriety, captain of Naples.
When the captain and vice captain of Naples embraced, the stadium in Sao Paulo sounded deafening. In this way, Naples fans expressed their heartfelt feelings.
One, two, ran to the big Cannavaro and Qinan and hugged each other tightly.
Looking at the brothers huddled together tightly, Rhea smiled with relief on the sidelines. Gradually, he never easily shed tears in front of others, and the eyes of the coach became moist. He was glad that he could meet a group of such perfect brothers during his teaching career.
He has never been so confident in the back since the game. He has Cannavaro in the frontcourt. He has Domenica, who is invincible. More importantly, Naples is more like a whole at this time.
With the best team spirit in Serie A, Domonica, who Rhea thinks is the best player in the world, and other younger brothers with excellent talents, Rhea has no doubt that he can reach the top of the world with such a group of talents, even if he can’t finish this dream in the next season.
With more than ten minutes left in the half-time, Naples gradually occupied the advantage of the venue.
In the thirty-fifth minute, Marjorie’s unstoppable right-wing raid caused chaos in Inter Milan’s defense line. He wiped into the penalty area and shot over the crossbar sadly.
In the thirty-ninth minute, Lavezzi made a comeback on the left. The Argentine broke through Sadie and Mai Kong in a row. Finally, Chivu had to foul to stop Lavezzi from taking stimulants. This foul undoubtedly brought a yellow card to the Romanian.
In the 43rd minute, Qinan pulled to the right. He picked up St. Crauser on the flank. The backcourt was accurate. With his skillful and almost artistic stopping technique, Qinan easily escaped Maxwell+and still managed to send the ball to Dennis’s head near the baseline. Unfortunately, Dennis’s header was saved again by Cesar.
I have to say that in the football field, momentum is really a very important thing. When momentum rises, everyone’s ability seems to be stimulated in an instant. Similarly, when momentum is suppressed by the other side, everyone seems to become unable to play football. An ordinary stop may not stop well, and a shot may be shot at close range.
Gun! ! !
At this time, Napoli attacked fiercely, but Inter Milan were not defeated by a wave of Napoli attacks. Their defense was still stable, and sometimes Napoli fans were surprised in a cold sweat during the attack.
Jet Li once had a wonderful interpretation of martial arts. One is that you are here and my martial arts beat you to prove that I am strong; The other is to make me strong, even if I’m sitting here, you don’t dare to hit me easily. I’m talking about the advanced point, that is, the so-called "superior temperament" in martial arts novels. The same is true of football. Generally speaking, we often get domineering and profound knowledge. If we want to reach the latter level, the former must be laid. When a team reaches this level, it will really be called a giant. In this way, when it is in a passive situation, the team will not be easily disrupted by several attacks from the other team, and then it will be a thousand miles away.
Now, the suspicion of Inter Milan has reached such a level. In the eyes of many small and medium-sized teams in Serie A, now Inter Milan can shock them by their name alone. They often lose their fighting spirit easily in the confrontation with Inter Milan. Those small and medium-sized teams are like women in boudoir, who are reluctant to give up, and soon they become "men" of Inter Milan. For many small and medium-sized teams, it is better to concentrate on dealing with teams similar to themselves.
However, Napoli obviously don’t belong to those teams that are intimidated by the name of Inter Milan. Although they are still far from the real giants, they are not much worse than Inter Milan in terms of strength.
With the referee’s three long whistles, the half-time match between Naples and Inter Milan also ended, and the two sides walked into the dressing room with a score of one to one.
Mourinho danced in the dressing room as usual to explain half-time tactics and encourage the team. At the same time, his old rival, Rhea, was not idle, but Rhea didn’t explain any tactical coordination in these ten minutes because he knew that tactics have lost its meaning for Naples now. What he needs to do now is just to consider how to keep Napoli players at the last moment of half-time. It may be better than skills and tactics to beat Inter Milan and keep that momentum forward.
Leia raised her hand and looked at her watch at half-time, and finally added a few words: "Remember to keep our momentum and don’t think about anything else at this time. I think you also want to hear the song" We are champions "playing in 45 minutes and: Far from walking alone! ! !”
Leia paused, and then explained the last few words to Nanji: "Domonica, I hope you can get more balls at half time and break through alone. It doesn’t matter. At this time, we need you to be" alone ".You have to pierce the heart of Inter Milan like a" cone "to disable him, and then your teammates can throw the" giant "fist of Inter Milan to the ground?" Rhea’s right hand made a "cone"-shaped punch in the left palm, and his face was still in the past, but at this time it was a little fanatical and cruel.
"Well, half-time is coming. Remember that we must firmly believe that we are champions! ! ! Now let’s shout this sentence three times! !” Rhea clapped her hands and called on the players to get up to encourage themselves.
"We are champions! ! ! ! ! ! !”
"We are champions! ! ! ! ! !”
"We are champions! ! ! ! !”
In the roar of Naples players, Rhea suddenly pulled the Sao Paulo Stadium outside the locker room, and the blood-boiling noise came on our face.
Rhea’s eyes glowed and pointed at the Sao Paulo stadium outside the door and shouted at the Naples team for 45 minutes. Now you have 45 minutes. Now you go out and tell those Naples fans who love you deeply with your feet. Tell them that we are champions and that we are fucking champions! ! ! ! ! "
Listening to the deafening noise outside the door, the last passion of the players in Leia Naples was aroused in their hearts. They "screamed" like a group of beasts who wanted to choose people and ran to the Sao Paulo stadium because there was their prey-Inter Milan! ! ! ! !
Volume III
Chapter two hundred and thirty
At half-time, Napoli players pressed for the position of Inter-Milan in the dressing room according to Rhea. As Rhea said, now Naples needs to maintain the excitement at the last moment of the half-time so that the momentum will not sink because of a halftime.
In the process of Leia deliberately arranging Naples to raise the game rhythm to a very fast pace, because Leia knows that the only place where Naples has an advantage over Inter Milan is that it is young. Although Inter Milan also has young people, most of these players are old. Thirty-seven-year-old Satie, 34-year-old Vieira and 32-year-old Samuel have been running with the energetic Qinan for 45 minutes at half-time, but they are a little tired. Leia specifically told Qinan to deliberately create a breakthrough. In Leia’s mind, if Qinan can make these two "heart protectors" for Inter Milan
After half time, his teammates in Naples gave fire support. At this time, Qinan seemed to be a "blaster" carrying explosives to destroy enemy bunkers. He took the ball more than half time. At that time, Qinan became the most popular player in the scene, and the number of times he appeared in the camera made the fans watch the "Domenica Breakthrough Show".
Vieira panted slightly and aimed at the south with a dignified expression. It has only been less than ten minutes since the first half of the assault. This is the fifth time that he has had a one-on-one direct conversation with Domenica. In the previous four times, he successfully stabbed the ball once and lost his temper in the other three times.
Vieira vaguely remembers the scene when he first played against Domenica, which was near the end of the season and the venue, but today Domenica is the same as then.
In that game, the Riviera completely froze Domenica for a while, and finally forced Rhea to transfer Domenica’s position to the side to avoid his own defense. However, in today’s game, Domenica didn’t meet for only one year, but she completely dominated the confrontation with herself. Is Domenica progressing too fast or is she really old? Vieira thought blankly at heart.
Watching Domenica’s handsome face gradually enlarge under his eyes, Vieira left his heart at a loss for a while, because he needed his own attention to deal with another breakthrough of Domenica. Compared with defending Domenica in the season, he was more comfortable. Now his performance is simply flustered.
When he is about to face Vieira’s defense again, Qinan is better than walking around controlling the ball with his feet. A strange rhythm is jumping like a living elf.
When Vieira was fiercely close to him, Qinan suddenly started. When Vieira was suddenly started by him and took away the center of gravity, he made another incredible change of direction and completely left the French on the other side.
Perfect straight line propulsion and change direction breakthrough! ! ! !