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In fact, she didn’t do anything wrong to him. If he said that he wanted her to devote herself to the investigation of the truth of that year and the Yunjia revenge, but she didn’t agree, even if it was wrong, she could say that she couldn’t talk, so don’t talk nonsense.

It is true that she is selfish, putting her dreams and wants to do first and her original things behind. This arrangement is biased, but what about it? She never denies the world. She loves herself more than her physical identity.
The two men stared at each other for half a ring, but Feng Jin let off steam first. He simply gnashed his teeth and said, "I knew you were the most ruthless woman."
Especially for him, it’s always a stab in the heart. In the past six months, even though he has been out of town, he has taken a special risk and left someone in Kyoto just thinking that she has something to contact him or worried about him, so he can get the news as soon as possible.
As a result, the words also
"You don’t say that." Su Lingling finally laughed when he saw the words. "Be careful, I’m really malicious. I won’t give you a penny for your more than a year’s income plus investment."
"It’s the same for you to keep it." Feng Jin muttered vaguely. Su Linggen didn’t hear him clearly, but he said it with a joke. "I also hurt my face and lost my money. How can I live this day?"
"… you had a bad year, didn’t you? Did I have anything to do with it?"
Feng Jin thought a little that she was going to drag her out of this comfortable life many times a year ago without hands, and thought of the present situation with a sigh and said as gently as possible, "Your carefree days are over."
78 changes in wealth
Feng Jin met Su Lingling early the next morning and took a carriage back to peace village.
I arrived at the village at noon.
On the way into the village, all the villagers greeted her, and their faces were filled with simplicity and passion.
Looking around, peace village is not what it looked like a year ago. Many families have rebuilt or expanded their houses. Rows of houses look so imposing that other villages are envious.
The crops in the fields are growing well, especially in many fields, where the same things are planted in pieces, and sheds are set up beside them, and people keep vigil at night
Many of these things are raw materials needed by Su Ji pastry shop, which is Su Ling cold pastry shop. She didn’t have this idea at the same time. Later, this shop can be said to be in line with public opinion.
The reason why the selection and evaluation of the top ten cakes has not been done is to talk about the case of corrupt officials who made Kangping County famous. I don’t know who reported Zhang Yan, saying that he took advantage of the selection and evaluation of the top ten cakes to force the pastry chef to send him silver.
To say that Zhang Yan is greedy for ink and silver, even if it is not a big deal, he must collect money by holding things in the palace, and the plot is very different. It just happens that there is a judge who will report the emperor’s anger and scrutiny.
Zhang Yan’s greed was caught out. His greed was much less than that of other corrupt officials. On the whole, he also did a few things to see. Some people were willing to talk to him. The judge finally sentenced him to a poor place in southwest China, Lianzhou, where no property was confiscated and no other people were involved.
This incident made the imperial order cancel the election of the top ten cakes, but it made her live in the cake county-Lai Zhangting announced that many people went to the Fulai Inn and directly said, "I want the little girl from the Su family to make cakes."
So more and more people, Chen shopkeeper directly said, "Miss Su, set up your own pastry shop."
So Suji pastry shop came into being.
Besides, Zhangyan sent his daughter Zhanglou to Jiangzhou relatives before he went to Lianzhou, and Zhangting didn’t go with him to stay in Kangping County.
Zhang Ting is now the shopkeeper of Suji pastry shop, who has devoted his love for food to the development of the shop. Now Suji pastry shop has three branches throughout Qizhou City.
To agree with Zhang Ting to be her shopkeeper, that’s because Zhang Yan lost 40 pounds two months after she was sent away. Zhang Ting said in front of her, "I want to make money. I checked the place in Lianzhou, into the badlands, but my father loves money. If he wants to live in Shuri, he must have money. I spent my father’s money for more than ten years. Now it’s my turn to make money for my father."
Fact also prove that he is a good shopkeeper.
Finally, I went with Zhang Yan, and there was an official, Shi nao, who became an orphan when he was very young. Zhang Yan had to enjoy a meal to live, so he was very loyal.
Shi nao … She looked at the blue gem on her left wrist with a slight sigh.
Shi nao gave it to her.
He said, "The first time I saw a girl, I felt that the girl was different from other girls, but she was especially beautiful when she smiled. Later, I found that the girl was more powerful than I thought, so I could look at you from a distance. Don’t be afraid that I will say this because I won’t have a chance to be true. I just want to say that I think you are a very good girl. I .. I have something to give you."
"This sapphire was left to me by my mother. She said that it represents happiness and longevity and can protect the people I want to protect." He said, "Maybe we will never meet again in this life, but I hope the girl will be happy and live long. You must accept it."
She can’t remember what she will accept. Maybe she was moved by the pure blessing in his eyes, or maybe she didn’t always accept it.
He smiled so brightly that he didn’t look at all like Fang’s descriptions.
Shi nao followed Zhang Yan away from the touts to check arrogance … Su Lingling walked slowly and looked at peace village’s thoughts of coming to this world with a bit of disappointment in his eyes.
Cha Jiao is gone, too. He’s not alone. Follow him, and there are three people, Yan Jiafu.
Before leaving without saying goodbye, Yan’s father returned all the drawings of the crossbow to her and promised never to say anything to anyone.
They didn’t say why Yu left, and she didn’t ask. Isn’t she also a secret person?
They left, returned the land and real estate, and even gave the rabbit raising department at home to the village head’s house, that is, Su Jialiang also paid attention to the matters needing attention in rabbit raising, bound him into a thick paper with different sizes and handed it to Su Lingling.
Their family is clean and tidy
Those rabbits still keep this job, and many people are rushing to grab it.
The village and the county have become prosperous, and she has become busy, but it is getting colder and colder when it comes to it.