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On New Year’s Eve, the family had a family reunion dinner at midnight with a few girls and a small place. After setting off firecrackers and fireworks in two dog, the elder brother spoke to the parents of Yang Zhongren, Kedatian, Qin Zhonghao, and Zhao Lan in the distant capital, and paid homage to them in their early years. There is also Dad Zhang Xiaoyan. These are all potential candidates for the future father-in-law and mother-in-law. Otherwise, they will know that they are eating a pot and drinking a bowl without slapping him!

"The old man, what do you call this the whole thing? I was afraid that Xiaotian couldn’t find a daughter-in-law to entrust the matchmaker. Now it’s so good to have so many upside down … what a good girl. It’s a pity that I can marry a tut …" Dry elder brother and mother sat on the kang and sighed.
The master smoked a cigarette and knocked the edge of the pipe on the kang. "Come on, let him solve the problem of his wife and children by himself. Don’t mess with it. Besides, you still want to marry as a daughter-in-law. That’s illegal!"
"Oh, what do you know? Can’t you see that these girls are all interested in our son? I’m afraid it’s difficult for you to call him. We talked to him. He will be twenty-five tonight and it’s time to do something important in his life!" The old lady is a little worried about the arrangement
I can’t help it. My mother is always in charge of the house, and the master has the responsibility to obey orders. So I went to the outhouse and called the dry brother in. Because the dry brother was installed at home, he casually put on a coat and came in to see my mother sitting on the edge of the kang and yawned and asked, "Ah … What’s the matter, mom?" You don’t rest so late … "
"Come and sit down and ask you something!" The old lady patted the kang around her and motioned for the elder brother to go over and wait for the old lady’s instructions.
"Xiaotian, now it’s the first day, and you’ll be twenty-five tonight. Our village, like your age, can make soy sauce. You give mom an approval letter …" The old lady chattered on and on.
Brother Gan is most afraid of this trick. Anyway, he has promised Zhao Lan’s mother that he will do it before Zhao Lan gets pregnant at the latest, so he won’t hide it from her and interrupted with a wave of his hand. "Stop … I promise you that my mother will get married in two or three months!"
"ah? !” The old lady obviously didn’t expect her to be so frank. He would find all kinds of excuses to refuse, so his face lit up. But when he thought that he wasn’t asking about this, he continued to ask, "That’s good … then tell mom which one you really want to marry?
Just marry Xiao Xuan? Where are his nieces? "
Brother Gan smiled and didn’t expect the old lady to see it early, so she struggled and asked, "What do you say, Mom? I listen to you … "
"Hum me? I’d like to say it, but I say it’s okay! " The old lady replied angrily that she was also humbled. So good a girl is just anxious to get married and go home as a daughter-in-law. This is not beating Yuanyang. What a sin!
"Ha ha, you always say of course. Anyway, I listen to you!" Brother gan continued to laugh at the old lady’s mind, but he couldn’t say anything about being sleeping together, or he would have to surprise the old lady.
The old lady looked cheeky and snorted angrily. "You don’t listen to my law, my country doesn’t listen to me. It’s not what it used to be. It’s monogamy!"
Dry elder brother really didn’t see his mother’s legal concept is still so strong that the old ladies are so worried that they can’t bear to hide it from the showdown. "Mom, I’ll tell you the truth. There are two or three of them in the harbor. Chapter 67 Two stubborn old men.
Chapter 67 Two stubborn old men "What? ! The old lady didn’t know whether she was excited or surprised when she heard it, but the master reacted more strongly. She stared at the dry brother and unconsciously dropped the pipe with his mouth. She deliberately teased the old couple and said, "What are you doing? You can’t talk nonsense …"
"Oh, dad, I didn’t talk nonsense. It’s all true …" Brother Gan is now a family. How can I explain it to parents? Their thoughts are very conservative.
"No … not all the girls in Xiaotian agreed to join you?" Master puzzled and stared at brother gan, wondering, now girls are crazy and wish they could find two men together willingly. He wouldn’t believe it if he killed him.
Dry elder brother nodded "should be no problem, anyway, I things they all know that they didn’t object to …" "Oh, my son to you is so embarrassed for mom, married girls are willing to why not! These four plus three, a total of seven, one gave birth to two children, that is fourteen grandchildren … "The old lady has a happy face and wants to have grandchildren now.
After listening to it, Brother Gan is called a bad cold. What’s this all about? I just want to have grandchildren. Can I be considerate of your son’s difficulties? Women are good to say, but their parents? It’s strange that so many parents-in-law don’t eat themselves!
"Don’t follow your wife’s blind participation, and your fourteen grandchildren are all entangled in your body. Let the children make up their own minds about children, but don’t betray their daughters and don’t do anything illegal!" Key moment or master independent white daughter-in-law to dry elder brother seriously told a way
"Well, don’t worry, Dad, I know what to do!" Brother Gan nodded his head heavily, and he planned to conquer these old husbands and mothers-in-law as soon as possible. Now Loyalty Hall has completely dominated Dongshan and established itself in China, and things in the village have been planned and implemented after the year. The main reason is that Zhao Lan’s belly is getting bigger and bigger every day. At first, he promised her mother that this belly will wait for no one.
At this time, the old lady also put the grandson’s affairs behind her and looked at her without worrying. "You have to take it easy, son, but you can’t mess around if you break the law!"
"Oh, mom, I’ve thought about it. Our country doesn’t allow big deal to immigrate first. Just get an Arab nationality and register and come back!" Dry elder brother explained to the old lady
"What? Arab nationality? They are allowed to marry so many wives there? " Master picked up the fallen pipe and relight it, then took a drag and stared at the dry elder brother with a puzzled face.
Brother Gan nodded his head. "Well, it’s popular there now. The richer and more important people are, the more wives they have. Even ordinary people have more than one wife …"
"That’s good … that’s good … I knew God shuts one door and shuts another … By the way, have all your grandparents met?" The old lady rejoiced in divination
"Most of them have met, but I haven’t chosen … but I’m going to visit them one by one after the New Year and try to set the date for your parents to see as soon as possible?" Brother gan reports to the parents about the progress of things. Getting married is a big deal, but how can it be done without parents?
As soon as the old lady heard it, she clapped her hands and applauded. "Come on, set the date … by the way, do you think we should meet our in-laws?"
"You’re a bad wife. It’s all city dwellers. Don’t give a shame to me by messing around! "Before dry elder brother said? Master firmly rejected.
Gan Ge Nai smiled and righteously corrected, "What are you talking about, Dad? What city people are calling me a disgrace? You are always my father and my mother. I have never abandoned anyone who dares to abandon such a big deal as marriage. How can you do it if your parents don’t meet? Don’t worry, Mom, I will arrange it then!"
"Uh-huh … see, old man, our son is the kind of person who doesn’t like his parents!" The old lady replied with relief.
He, Wang Xiaogan, is not a snob. He is poor and rich. It is not easy for Dad and Lao Niang to raise themselves so much. Anyone who dares to dismiss their first flaw, if even their married parents have to hide, then they will mix a hair ball and directly hit the wall and die. Forget it. They all despise themselves.
"By the way, my parents have to tell you something. Don’t get excited when you listen to it …" Brother Gan thought of Zhao Lan’s story and hesitated. An old lady said that if she doesn’t confess now, she can’t be pregnant and have a baby soon. Let’s talk about it. It’s strange that the old lady doesn’t tidy up herself then!
"What … what is it?" The old couple looked puzzled for fear of any more surprising news.
"One of them is pregnant … for three months …" Brother Gan confessed.
The old lady went to beat her son with one punch and said with great joy, "Oh, why didn’t you say so earlier when my son came to this great event? Did you hear the old man? We are going to be grandparents! ""Ha ha, I haven’t come yet … "Brother Gan smiled and explained that I’d like to say that I’m afraid you’re angry!
"What is it? Xiao wan? Xiao Yan? " The old lady’s face lit up and inquired, while the master was very happy, but his face was still calm and smoking a cigarette.
"Don’t guess mom, she is now in the harbor. You’ve never seen a name called Zhao Lan …" Brother Gan smiled and said with a yawn. "Come on, parents, it’s getting late. Please go to sleep quickly. I’ll meet you in two days …" He said and walked out of the house to his room.
"Oh, it’s so small …" The old lady still wants to know something, staring at the distant son and muttering with a bright face. I’m afraid she won’t be able to sleep tonight and the master won’t want to sleep either.
What’s more, the little witch has been pestering herself to finish her plan of making babies these days, and she almost didn’t toss herself to death. Fortunately, she also tasted the fresh Qin Xiaowan’s bud.