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The civil servant smiled and said, "Fifty thousand spears were forged fifteen days ago, and thirty thousand spears were forged. We also forged ten thousand spears specially! That’s a battlefield weapon! "

Kong Yu nodded and said, "Well, good! Accelerate the recruitment of soldiers and then train them into the army. Xuzhou has recently lost a lot of materials. If you want to take my knife, I won’t be polite! "
Civil servants smile.
After reading it, Kong Yu said, "I’m sleepy when I transport the forged armor and train it!"
Civilian nodded.
If JiFan heard two people talking here, he would definitely look at him with pity and say
"I’m very sorry for your armor. I’ve accepted it. Don’t vomit blood!"
———————————— dividing line—
JiFan rode back to the granary and Lu Xun saw JiFan bring people back and spit out a sigh of relief.
After moving the soldiers’ grain, Lu Xun studied a map and smiled and said, "There are some small villages, but one of them has a small village specializing in bow and arrow hunters. Let’s go there and have a look!"
Ji Fan nodded excitedly. He is addicted to robbery these days.
The more serious the loss in the North Sea, the more he gains and the stronger he becomes.
Ten thousand spears!
Battlefield weapon!
It’s not just those blacksmiths with a hundred advanced skills. The thought of these JiFan Gu Zili is burning with vigor!
Send someone to transport goods to Wen Pin again.
In Linji Port, where Radar Wen Pin is located, he can barely see that there is no red dot along the way. He should be here waiting for the return of the two foot soldiers. He has set off to observe the map the next afternoon and found no red dot, so he can rest assured to run towards a goal.
One thousand pairs of troops carrying goods have returned to the team.
Thousands of double armies ride to the east!
One step closer to Beihai!
Ji Fan and others are in a good mood, but Ji Wu is in a bad mood.
————————— dividing line—
Since Ji Wu moved to the edge of the forest, Wargo has always sent a thousand fine riders to kill for a while.
This is not the most important thing.
The important thing is that Ji Wu vomited blood!
Anger and vomiting blood!
Because every time 1000 Jing rides to him, he is charged aboveboard. Every time he charges, he will have a torch in his hand, which will draw a beautiful arc when he is near the camp for 200 meters.
This arc is beautiful. It’s beautiful! But the key is that he left it in the wrong place!
It’s a coincidence that they are thrown into the camp, which will always cause a kind of chaos. If it is not possible, the bombing camp will break out. Imagine the consequences!
Even several times, two ladders just finished were burned!
Aren’t you forcing people to vomit blood?
How humbled!
Ji Wu is depressed and vomiting blood!
Look more serious and dignified.
He doesn’t know how many times the other party seems to have noticed in advance!
That’s not why Ji Wu vomited blood. It’s just about to vomit blood!
Let his flesh really hurt until he vomits blood.
Dian Wei!
This kills god!
Cold and cruel to the extreme!
The method of killing is another way!
The remaining two warriors and hundreds of others tried to hunt him, but what was the final result?